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4 ways to engage young volunteers (The Nonprofit Times)
Peer pressure can be a good thing, when it comes to teen volunteers. The number one revealed motivation for volunteering among high school and college students was that their friends were doing it, according to New York City nonprofit DoSomething.org's data scientist Bob Filbin.

5 elements of successful volunteer programs (Nonprofit Times)
Every successful nonprofit has a volunteer program, but not every volunteer program is successful.

5 ideas for attracting younger volunteers (The Nonprofit Times)
Volunteers help almost any nonprofit to survive, but younger volunteers can be especially beneficial. They are idealistic, they have the strength and energy to perform the tasks older people can’t, and they are more likely to work for free.

5 tips for dealing with difficult volunteers (Nonprofit Times)
There is sure to be some conflict when you work with a group of different personalities. This is as true with volunteers as it is with staff. If only 2 percent of the volunteers you work with are troublemakers, that small percentage is going to take up the most of your time.

8 ideas for keeping youth involved (The Nonprofit Times)
Even if young people can be drawn toward participation in nonprofit organizations, there is no guarantee that they will stay. Youth can be fickle, and with all the alternatives available today, competing for their interest/energy/dollars is no easy task.

9 ways to say thanks (The Nonprofit Times)
There are many different ways to show your volunteers that you appreciate their services. Showing your appreciation is not only polite, but it also will boost the morale of your volunteers.  The standard “thank you” is all well and good, but you should really use your imagination if you really want to make an impact.

14 tips for recruiting youths (The Nonprofit Times)
Whether it’s being tech-savvy or just something in the water, young people are willing to get involved in various endeavors, including nonprofit operations.

Do you really need volunteers?
Your nonprofit probably wants to hire volunteers, but does it actually need -- or worse -- have the capacity to lead them?

How an Olympian Would Manage Your Nonprofit Volunteers
It wouldn’t hurt to infuse your volunteer management strategy with the competitive, results-driven spirit of the summer Olympics. Olympic athletes inspire their countries while representing them—and that’s exactly what volunteers can do for your nonprofit.

How to Spot a Likely Volunteer 
There’s no set qualifications to define a volunteer. They come from all types of backgrounds. But knowing who is willing to volunteer their time (and who isn’t) can help you target people who are more likely to aid you in achieving your mission. So who is most likely to volunteer their time?

How-to: Leverage Volunteer Data
By Shawn Kendrick, Nonprofit Blogger, VolunteerHub
When it comes to obtaining, storing, and using data, volunteer situations are just like any other: the more data you collect, the better off your program will be. Having accurate and meaningful data will give insight into your volunteer base and help you pinpoint demographics to target when launching a new volunteer recruitment campaign.

Managing Spontaneous Volunteers in Times of Disaster: The Synergy of Structure and Good Intentions
An outgrowth of the earlier publication, Preventing a Disaster Within the Disaster: The Effective Use and Management of Unaffiliated Volunteers, this publication offers a basis for developing a national strategy of working with unaffiliated volunteers and is based on an analysis of effective practices and models.

Nonprofit Good Practice Guide: Volunteer Management
Resources such as Volunteer Management, Recognition, Recruitment, Training and Roles.

Preventing a Disaster Within the Disaster: The Effective Use and Management of Unaffiliated Volunteers
Recommendations to help volunteer organizations contribute to the safety, security and well-being of our communities by outlining the challenges in working with unaffiliated volunteers and offering recommendations on how to develop a national strategy

Points of Light Foundation
A large collection of articles, tools, templates, and other resources related to nonprofit organization management, particularly volunteer management. Also includes a tool to calculate the economic impact of volunteer time.

Retaining Old Volunteers is Key to Meeting Future Volunteer Needs
(Urban Institute) Information on a study that examined older adults' decisions to stop or start formal volunteer work. Highlighting the importance of volunteer retention strategies for nonprofit agencies.

Readiness Roadmap
A Nonprofit Collaborative working together to identify, organize and share resources that will help the nonprofit sector be ready to engage in and benefit from pro bono professional services.

Resource Center
(National Service Sources) More than 2500 free downloadable tools and e-courses designed to strengthen national service and volunteer programs.

Sweeten the Honeypot, and Other Ways to Attract Happy Nonprofit Volunteers
Advice for enlisting happily dedicated nonprofit volunteers, and integrate it in your recruitment strategy.

Volunteers - Part I: Why They Stay
(Guide Star) Develop understanding of the motivation behind the reasons volunteers stay or leave an organization, highlighting skill development, challenges, and recognition.

Volunteer Management Practices and Retention of Volunteers
(Urban Institute) Findings from a 2003 survey of volunteer management capacity among charities and congregations.

Volunteer Management Resource Library
(Energize Inc.) A resource library organized by subject with each subject page providing Online Bookstore links, free articles or excerpts, free electronic books or guides, and an annotated list of Web sites with more material on the subject.

Volunteer Recruitment Questions
(National Center for Charitable Statistics) Multiple articles and information on volunteer recruitment.

Volunteer Retention Tip Sheet
(The Volunteer Center) Tips and explanation of volunteer retentions.

Why Don’t People Volunteer?
Why do twenty-first century volunteers not want to raise their hands? Turns out the new breed of volunteer wants to be asked . . . individually. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 41.9% of the 64.3 million people who volunteered in the U.S. last year were asked to volunteer by someone in the organization. Learn why volunteers don’t want to raise their hands and how you can use that to your advantage in this article from Thomas McKee’s Volunteer Power News.

Yes, you can fire a volunteer (Nonprofit Times)
How do you fire someone who isn't an employee? This question, which might strike many in the for-profit world as too ridiculous to contemplate, actually is a concern regarding volunteers, according to Susan J. Ellis, a consultant who specializes in volunteering and volunteer management.



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