Finance Training for Non-Finance Professional Serving on Non-Profit Boards

This training is for new non-profit board members who come from a non-finance profession to provide guidance on how to fulfill your fiscal responsibilities when serving on a non-profit board. Non-profit board members hold the responsibility for the overall financial health of an organization.
Therefore, when your professional area of expertise is in a area not related to Finance, how do you adequately fulfill this responsibility. This training is to show you how to read financial statements, look for items of concern, and how to ask the hard questions that need to be asked.
The training will allow for plenty of time for attendees to ask specific questions related to the Boards they are serving on; as the goal of this training is to have every attendee leave the training with a take a way that they can use to fulfill their fiscal responsibility to the organizations they are serving and care so deeply about.

You may submit your questions ahead of time to with the subject line: Finance Training.



Thursday, May 3rd, 12 - 1:30

Community Action Program, 210 O St.
Rm. 164



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