Dr. Susan Burton and Kelli Britten will provide a 1.5 hour training on 4 leadership topics (as selected by the membership) on each Friday in October.   
Read below for more information about each training:


Leading with Credibility: Building a Constructive Organizational Climate
for Leadership
October 6th, 1:00 - 2:30   |  Location:  Community Action Partnership, Rm. 164
Without a cohesive purpose, clear values and trust of those you lead, it is next to impossible to be successful. Learn the components of organizational climate and ways to build trust, cohesiveness and promote excellence in organizational work.
  • Learn to assess Organizational Climate
  • Identify and prioritize organizational values that support a climate of excellence in pursuing organizational mission.
  • Consider elements that build "trust" and facilitates leadership development and assess current organization.
  • Strategize next steps for mission alignment and building a cohesive team. 
Leading Collaboratively: Utilizing Power and Influence
October 13th, 1:00 - 2:30   |  Location:  Community Action Partnership, Rm. 164
In order to effectively lead a team/organization, you must first figure out how to ensure that your team works seamlessly together. Learn how to build a functional and successful team by considering your leadership approach with power and influence tactics.        
  • Understand basic power "bases" and influence tactics
  • Consider your role in the power dynamic within your organization and/or team
  • Strategize needed changes personally and/or organizationally 
  • Identify personal relationships and organizational structures that compromise collaborative teamwork
Motivating People to Higher Performance
October 20th, 1:00 - 2:30   |  Location:  Community Action Partnership, Rm. 164
This training session answers fundamental questions related to motivation within a job context. How can you tell whether a person is unmotivated or just a poor fit for the job? How can a leader motivate a large group of people at once? And how can middle managers motivate people when there are real obstacles standing in their way?
  • Gain an overview of the needs, desires, and affiliations that prompt motivation
  • Discover ways to assess individual motivation within the work  environment       
  • Identify barriers and organizational structures that compromise individual and group motivation in achieving organizational goals
Develop your Organizational Leadership Brand
October 27th, 1:00 - 2:30   |  Location:  Community Action Partnership, Rm. 164
Create a leadership competency model to summarize the knowledge, skills and perspectives that distinguish superior leadership performance and identify what areas could be developed in leaders within your organization.
  • Clearly develop or state organizational mission, vision and values
  • Identify success factors for organizational areas
  • Consider competency dimensions for employees
  • Develop basic onboarding practices that maintains organizational "leadership brand
Susan Burton, PhD is an assistant professor of practice in Ag Leadership, Education and Communication at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Dr. Burton teaches courses in leadership in the areas of power and influence, motivation, supervision and interpersonal skills.  
Burton is motivated to see good ideas come to fruition and loves to see communities of all sizes "flourish".  She spent several years in grant writing, financial development and non-profit programming in Lincoln and San Diego before working more directly in facilitating community partnerships through federal and statewide grants.  Burton recognizes that the utilized strengths and talents of individuals are more powerful than any program, but that volunteers are at their best when they are led well.  

She earned her undergraduate degree in International Studies and Fine art from University of Nebraska-Kearney, and graduated from UNL in 2000 with a Master's in Human Geography, and a Doctorate in Leadership in 2012.  Burton's two children were the bookends to the Doctorate.
Kelli Britten is an assistant professor of practice at the College of Journalism and Mass Communications teaching advertising campaign strategy.
Most recently, Britten was the head of marketing in the Americas for a global manufacturing company largely focused on branding, event planning and copywriting. Britten spent several years in non-profit programming and marketing as well as working at smaller agencies in Lincoln. Now she is an active community volunteer for TEDxLincoln, Junior Achievement, United Way and the Food Bank BackPack Program.
She earned her undergraduate degree in business administration from Peru State College in Peru, Nebraska, and graduated from UNL in 2013 with a master's in journalism and mass communications. Britten is pursuing a Ph.D. in human sciences with a specialization in leadership studies at UNL.



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