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The use of radio waves to detect distant or unseen metallic objects was first demonstrated by German scientist Christian Hulsmeyer in 1904. However, it was the British who first used radar for a military advantage, as they built a series of radar stations along the English coast in 1938 to detect approaching aircraft. In a 1943 comedy short called They Stooge to Conga, the Three Stooges are inept handymen who stumble into a nest of German and Japanese agents. Plugging them into the grid allows the energy reserves to flow back to the power stations. Gold and foreign exchange reserves were moved to Canada, and preparations were made for guerrilla activities in any portion of the country occupied by the Germans. Police arrested Cameron Lumpkin-Weremay on a preliminary charge of attempted murder in connection with the shooting near West 10th Street and North Country Club Road. The Denver metropolitan area, which encompasses a population of more than 2 million, also includes the counties of Jefferson, Broomfield, Arapahoe, Adams, and Douglas County, one of the fastest growing communities in the state. Natural capital encompasses the planet, its ecological systems and energy sources — resources that support life as well as hold economic value. The first time was in Tehran, Iran, from November 28 to December 1, 1943. For more than a year, Stalin had demanded the invasion of France to force Nazi Germany to shift resources to the West. It grants Winston Churchill total control of the resources needed to run the nation’s war machine. The Norwegian conflict included the first paratrooper attack (by Germany) in history, and Britain’s first major amphibious landing of the war (at Narvik). Gradually, Allied “boffins” (scientific geniuses) gave the escorts a crucial technological edge in the battle against the U-boats. Others might prefer Christian’s operatic “At Last” theme, but they literally released sixteen different variations of that song until they managed to ruin it completely, while this newer theme, which heralded Christian’s return from exile in TNA, is just as good, if not better. The song has become so integral to the persona of the Rated R Superstar that we’re willing to forget the fact that it’s essentially sung by Creed. It’s always seemed funny that the quiet and assuming Daniel Bryan would get such a loud and bombastic classical theme as his entrance music, until you remember that it came about due to The Miz deriding Bryan’s original theme as boring and generic (which is what), which led to WWE going ridiculously over the top in the other direction. One is personal territory – like a home, or a bedroom. The same strategy was followed in the European Theater. Bad strategy dooms Netherlands in fight against Nazis: The Netherlands was woefully unprepared for Germany’s ground and air Blitzkrieg in May 1940. Dutch strategic planning had been shaped by an underestimation of Germany, strong pacifist influences, appeasement policies, refusal to coordinate with Britain and France, and a dependence upon defensive strong-points (such as this steel-gated bridge over the Maas River) and obstacles — including flooding large areas of Holland. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, when federal air marshals began flying on commercial airlines for protection. Instead of British- and American-style long-range bombings intended to destroy enemy infrastructure and morale, the Red Air Force focused on supporting ground forces against the German invaders. July 21: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania join the Soviet Union under duress. A 1964 El Camino could be loaded with many other factory options, such as power windows, air conditioning, a tachometer, and an attractive simulated-wood-rim steering wheel.

For 1968 came a GTE package with several unique appearance features and a 390-bhp 427. The hottest ’69 Cougar was the Eliminator hardtop, with 428 power and a standard rear-deck spoiler. Things were temporarily sorted out again for 1980, when Cougar really was a Thunderbird, a twin to that year’s new downsized model on a special 108.4-inch version of the “Fox” corporate platform. For 1969, Mercury unleashed the Cyclone CJ with Ford’s 428-cid big-block Cobra Jet engines. Some Chevrolet dealers were disappointed with the El Camino being dropped for 1961. They had liked the extra sales provided by the half car/half truck. Nazi Germany attacks the Allied base on the Arctic whaling island of Spitsbergen, causing considerable damage. This successful German effort to damage France’s economy, reduce its military, and create terror in its population had a devastating psychological effect. November 9: Nazi Germany begins the process of expelling some 180,000 French citizens from Alsace-Lorraine, the partially ethnically German region in southern France. A Picture Post magazine photograph, dated December 18, 1943, showed “What the Well-Dressed German Wears.” Apparently, a Nazi spy could be identified by his shabby, badly worn coat with broken buttons. September 10: In answer to Italy’s surrender, the German army captures Rome, taking control of the Eternal City from its former Axis partner. If your adventurous streak hasn’t run its course, don’t miss the spectacular REI flagship store (1416 Platte St), an outdoor-lover’s paradise that allows visitors to practice their rock-climbing skills, test-drive bikes, and practice their kayaking maneuvers on adjacent Cherry Creek. If you haven’t quite perfected your swing, practice makes perfect at Harvard Gulch Golf Course (660 E. Iliff Ave), a nine-hole, par-3 course in South Denver that only takes about an hour to play. Denver is a city that revels in contrasts. Well-tuned stock models were quicker than V-8 Fords, and were usually capable of turning close to 100 mph. They’ve all enjoyed success as solo artists and have reunited in various configurations to record and tour over the years. At the William Havu Gallery (1040 Cherokee St), prepare to drool over the show-stopping, cutting-edge works from top-drawer artists from around the world. Communication centers are targeted in the first British Royal Air Force (RAF) bombing raid over Germany. Bad Apple man ! The Ford Ranger offered an off-road-flavored High Rider package in 1987 that included a bed-mounted light bar and tubular grille guard. People are booking travel themselves instead of using travel agents, doing their banking online instead of going to the bank, buying stocks online instead of consulting a broker and sending e-mail instead of posting letters. Thousands of troops of the Ninth and 16th Armies assembled and trained in the coastal region, horses were conditioned to travel on barges, and hundreds of troop-carrying vessels were collected in French and Belgian ports. Denver History Tours offer history-themed walking and bus excursions of the city and the Rocky Mountain region, all of which are led by trained historians. FasTracks, a 12-year comprehensive plan to build and operate high-speed rail lines, expand and improve bus service, and increase the number of Park-n-Rides throughout the region, is progressing; but for now, it’s the bus or bust. Take out nuclear waste barrels that serve as bus fuel!

Biological insight — RMI mimics nature and attempts to operate in a “closed loop” with little or no waste. Winning the Oil Endgame: In 2004, RMI published a groundbreaking study detailing how the United States can wean itself off oil, a process that would be led by the country’s businesses. As had been decided at Casablanca, the Western Allies launched an attack on Sicily on July 9-10, 1943. During the capture of the island, Mussolini’s regime was overthrown by the Fascist Grand Council and the monarchy. On June 10, 1940, Benito Mussolini’s Italy declared war on Britain and France. France was now ruled by the authoritarian Marshal Philippe Pétain, who set up a new government center at Vichy, where his regime pursued policies that mimicked those of other Fascist states. The Gustav Line extends across the Italian peninsula: To block the Allied advance, Field Marshal Albert Kesselring, the German commander in Italy, constructed defenses south of Rome. Vichy’s Philippe Pétain weak in face of Nazis: Marshal Philippe Pétain became a French national hero in World War I, primarily because of his defense of Verdun. Now 84, Pétain cut a pathetic figure, apparently unable to raise enthusiasm for anything but minimizing French bloodshed. July 11: Germany installs Philippe Pétain as leader of unoccupied France. They restate their commitment to prepare for Operation Overlord, the invasion of France. Since its launch 32Red report their bingo player base has grown exponentially, proving very popular with players attracted to the Microgaming powered software, player bonuses, support and chat. The BBC “V for Victory” campaign popularized the letter “V,” its hand sign, and its Morse code signal (three dots and a dash). As commander of the Fifth Fleet, he subsequently directed the operations to seize the Gilberts, Marshalls, Marianas, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. Initially, the firefighting response to major fires that involved operations across local authority boundaries was hampered by the fire service’s localized and excessively parochial system of command and control. That’s what e-discovery investigators and computer forensics teams do. Moreover, NASCAR thought the Hemi gave Mopar teams an unfair advantage, so it banned the Hemi for the first half of the ’65 season, then let it back in after protests from all over. Moreover, even the nicest personalities have their tense moments. Tellingly, not even the past tense can save you in Xinjiang. In a tense scene involving two ferries, “We built the dock and the front end of the ferries and extended them with CGI, but the loading platforms and the pier were real,” Crowley reveals. This alternate look at a 1984 XLS Ford Ranger reveals its similarities to the previous model year. Also new that year was a SuperCab version of the Ford Ranger pickup truck. The radio antenna was buried in the windshield, the wipers disappeared beneath the trailing edge of the hood, electrical and vacuum systems were simplified, and the Thunderbirds now shared a sound insulation package with Lincoln’s Continental Mark III personal coupe. While the feature was expanded, it sounds like it would only work with vehicles with the hardware 3.0 computer – also known as the self-driving computer – but it doesn’t sound like drivers need to purchase the expensive self-driving package to activate the feature. The thing is: China doesn’t care. Properly designed and deployed, these robots increase the productivity of a hospital, reduce the overall cost of health care and provide real benefits to the end patient. These technologists may specialize in soil analysis, livestock care or crop yields. Greece defends its soil from Italian invasion: Greek and Italian troops are portrayed in battle during the Greco-Italian War (1940-41). Embarrassed that his Italian forces had not achieved conquests comparable to Nazi Germany’s, Benito Mussolini decided that Greece would be an easy target for invasion. After the Italian defeat, a dismayed Adolf Hitler was forced to invade Greece. Nazi Germany invaded Scandinavia in 1940 due to Germany’s naval war against the British and their American suppliers, and to protect the winter route for iron from Sweden. The Germans not only invaded Soviet territory, but the SS and Wehrmacht committed a litany of atrocities against those who Nazi leadership called Soviet Untermenschen (sub-humans). They even included Russians, Albanians, Hungarians, Ukrainians, and Bosnian Muslims — all of whom the Nazis generally classed as inferior Untermenschen. Nazis kidnap Polish children: A Polish girl is chosen for inclusion in the Nazi Heuaktion (Hay Action) program.

French politician Paul Reynaud stands up to Nazis: Prior to the war, French lawyer and politician Paul Reynaud protested French and British appeasement, calling on France to remain united against the Nazis. Even people who don’t consider themselves fans recognize monster trucks at a mere glance – these aren’t the kind of vehicles that fade into the background or are easily forgotten. Both were powered by Chevrolet’s brand-new 396-cid Mark IV engine otherwise found in full-size cars, the Cor­vette, and a mere 201 Chevelle Z16s. ­The 1969 Yenko Camaro 427 got its name from Chevy dealer Don Yenko and its muscle from a sneaky engine transplant. Revel in the peak period for classic muscle cars, with horsepower, speed, and flamboyance hitting unprecedented heights. The new grille, hood, and front bumper came to a slight peak at the center, replacing the flat-faced 1964 look. Whether you’re working long hours to get ahead or just trying to keep up in a troubled economy, the lack of a work-life balance could prove deadly. November 19: The Fog Investigation Dispersal Operation (FIDO) is employed for the first time by British Royal Air Force (RAF) officials hoping to enable landings in heavy British fog. On July 5, German forces began the attack. They made slow progress over the first week against determined Soviet Union resistance. However, just days after the D-Day landing in June 1944, the first V-1 pilotless planes fell on London. This was a bit longer than the approximately 113-inch wheelbase of the 1958-1966 models, but still handily compact alongside the 119-inch Toronado and Riviera. They must be able to analyze data trends and develop plans of action to protect every kind of digitized asset, whether it’s your online fitness records, smart traffic lights or your power company’s equipment. Crew remembers Nazi Germany’s Prinz Eugen as a “lucky ship”: The German heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen (pictured) helped the Bismarck sink the HMS Hood on May 24, 1941, then managed to escape the British search that led to the Bismarck’s destruction on May 27. From February 11 to 13, 1942, the Prinz Eugen was among the ships that made the “Channel Dash,” a daring retreat through the English Channel to German home bases. Placing such a crucial piece of infrastructure in capitalist hands can be a harrowing proposition. Taking over downtown Chicago for 12 weeks was made easier by cooperation from city agencies, but was a difficult proposition. Still, such surprisingly strong sales convinced product planners all over Detroit that people still craved performance, especially if straight-line speed was balanced by genuine roadability, something mostly unknown in classic muscle cars. PSFK Labs. “How Data from Wearable Tech is Transforming Personal Training and Sport Performance.” iQ Intel. This topless roadster pickup was displayed trailering a correspondingly customized drag boat. Because of their high sales volume, these dealerships were typically the first to sell the latest factory parts, but many also developed their own speed equipment, then built and sponsored race cars to show it off, usually in drag racing. It was finally decided not to stop the offensive momentum. Save time to stop in at the site’s Visitor’s Center. The granny knot, as it turns out, is an unbalanced knot, meaning it’s a type of knot that may lend our shoelaces to easily twisting, coming loose or coming completely undone. In the early 19th century, inventors all over the world were coming up with various versions of small-scale electric vehicles. I get over as soon as I can. In fact, one reason Meteor didn’t sell well is that Comet was comparably sized yet more affordable. As the decade wound to a close, Ford found itself in a rather enviable position. The ’70s were a hugely underrated decade in terms of design and esthetic. A new single-lens taillight design was used. Out back, the trunk lid gently echoed the “dog-bone” theme of 1964-1966, above a single huge taillight that stretched from fender to fender. Sudden slowing can result in fender benders and more serious traffic incidents. The inboard parking lights and two-band fender moldings remained, but the hood was blunted above a new vertical-bar grille carrying a large “Mercury Eight” nameplate. When Chevrolet dropped its original El Camino car-based pickup in 1960, few could have guessed the nameplate was actually only going on hiatus. A chrome block-letter El Camino nameplate appeared on the leading edge of the hood. That year’s Mercurys used more of the raw materials that had been scarce during wartime: mainly aluminum (for pistons and hood ornament) and chrome (interior hardware and grille frame). Smartphones, too, might share some of the blame for reducing in person communication. The victim had been involved in a collision without another vehicle before his gray Acura sedan veered onto a median of the Bronx River Parkway near 177th Street at about 9 p.m., according to cops and sources. For example, smartphones are increasingly common sources of evidence.

Shortly after 2:30 a.m., officers drove to the scene of what they initially thought was a traffic collision near East 7th Street and Park Avenue, where they found evidence of a shooting, including bullet casings, according to the department. While some Dutch citizens formed an effective resistance movement beginning in 1942, anti-Semitism and pro-German collaboration were also in evidence. The Nazis attempt to put a lid on sabotage by the nascent Italian resistance by taking some 2,000 of Milan’s industrial workers hostage. And unlike the invasion of Poland, the attacks on Denmark and Norway launched a permanent state of fighting in Europe that lasted right down to German defeat in May 1945. On April 9, German forces entered Denmark and occupied the peninsula without serious resistance. When the air strikes came in August 1940, German bombers attacked London by day and night. Moreover, from late 1943, the Allies concentrated on destroying the Luftwaffe, targeting German fighters over the Reich, aircraft factories, and oil plants. In short order, the boys impersonate Nazis, kick a few spies in the pants, and successfully foul up an Axis scheme to direct a German U-boat into New York Harbor. British, Canadian, and (beginning in September 1941) United States escorts, at first pitifully few, faced aggressive and persistent U-boat activity. After giving the wreck’s coordinates, Schultze added, “Save the crew, if you please.” Fast, agile, and far-ranging, the U-48 was commissioned on April 22, 1939, and proved herself the most successful German U-boat of the war, sinking more than 50 ships and damaging others during its 12 patrols. German POWs face likely death at Soviet Union POW camps: Captured German troops were transferred to Soviet Union POW camps, many of which were in Siberia. December 25: Having reached a stalemate on the Italian front, the Allies agree to a plan to send an amphibious force onto the beaches south of Rome. In addition, when the cars aren’t in use, their batteries hold a large store of power. The British launched barrage balloons to force bombers to high altitudes, while antiaircraft batteries ringed industrial targets. At lower altitudes, it was considered superior to any of the Luftwaffe’s sophisticated fighters. The Soviet Union’s Red Air Force superior to Luftwaffe: Soviet Union pilot Victor Radkevich animatedly tells fellow fliers of his triumph over a German plane. But they came back in the early ’80s to begin an exciting new high-performance era that’s still going strong, thanks to huge technical progress since the 1964-70 “golden age.” Indeed, many modern muscle cars outgun their revered 1960s ancestors yet are thriftier with fuel, pollute much less, and are far superior for handling and safety. Cabbage Patch Dolls were created in 1978 but gained a lot of attention in the ’80s. But even though today’s technology didn’t exist in its precise form decades, centuries, or even millennia ago, a lot of our new favorite tools and devices have actually been around for much longer than you might think. Netflix actually began as a DVD-by-mail service, then moved to streaming and still provides both services. Our online access allows some of us to telecommute instead of driving to work, leading to changes in traditional workspaces and work practices. Story Mode allows for 40 to 60 unique passenger deliveries, plus seven mini-bonus deliveries. The first three listed Breeze­way two- and four-door hardtops and four-door sedans (Monterey still included a pillared two-door), plus slantback “Marauder” hardtop coupes and sedans. By some accounts, Knudsen did have a substantial role in the Pinto project. However, when Arjay Miller left the post in late 1967 to become Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Henry Ford II surprised nearly everyone in the industry when he went outside the company to General Motors and brought over Semon “Bunkie” Knudsen. Around 600 B.C., ancient Indians had a technique for repairing a person’s ears or nose that involved cutting skin from the cheek or forehead and then sewing it over the damaged areas. Vegetables and fruit also grow inside the greenhouse, which once housed a banana tree so prolific, it nearly took over the ecosystem. December 1943 began with Nazi Germany’s plan to intensify its bombing campaign over Britain. He continues to observe a driver behind him, before opening a locked container in his center console and drawing a pistol, which police said he fired 11 times at the car that was tailgating him as it drove past.

Press the right side to fire your weapon. Army 105mm howitzer, were guns mounted on tracked, turret- less chassis that provided speedy, mobile fire support as required. Three new limited-production line-toppers arrived: Marquis, a two-door hardtop with broad C-pillars and standard vinyl-roof covering, a similar Park Lane Brougham hardtop sedan, and a Park Lane Brougham Breeze­way four-door sedan. But on the Thunderbird, a section of the roof’s broad sail panel extended into what would have been window area and opened with the door, creating an even more close-coupled appearance. The Cat provided a broad torque range that minimized shifting in city traffic. That same year, GM switched its advertised engine ratings from gross figures to more-realistic net numbers, which made the power and torque losses look even worse on paper. Road rage incidents can take a variety of forms including aggressive honking, tailgating, “brake checking” or deliberately braking abruptly in front of another vehicle, shouting or making rude gestures. Avoid making eye contact or being drawn into shouting or gesturing. After he paused to give way to another car, Mr Rheinberger realised he could hear shouting. I understand that this company is, at best, two steps away from a scam, but I still love the idea of cheap electric microvans making their way to the States, so I can’t help but root for the poorly-named ELMS to make it. The Pontiac design promised unit-body strength with near-ideal sound isolation, so Ford enthusiastically adopted this best-of-both-worlds approach for the all-new 1965 full-size Ford and Mercury. July 2: Adolf Hitler orders his generals to draft plans for Operation Sealion — the invasion of Britain. In early December 1940 Adolf Hitler finalized plans for Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the Soviet Union, a decision that he would come to regret. Isolated from the political realities of the Third Reich and the war, Braun was permitted luxuries that Hitler denied to other German women, including makeup and the use of alcohol and tobacco. Hitler and Braun finally married in a civil ceremony on April 29, 1945, the day before they committed suicide together. Adolf Hitler takes a brief, triumphant tour of Paris. November 8: Adolf Hitler’s annual observance of his 1923 coup attempt is interrupted by an RAF air raid on Munich. Mortar combat used in New Britain: Swampy terrain and thick rain forest severely hampered mobility at Cape Gloucester, New Britain. Preceded by an inadequate bombardment, hampered by a disastrously low tide, and lacking sufficient tracked vehicles to negotiate Betio’s wide reef, Marines were shot down by the hundreds as they waded toward the heavily defended landing beaches. U.S. Marines shot down by the hundreds on Tarawa Atoll: Dead Marines litter the beach following the 76-hour battle for Betio (at the southwest corner of Tarawa Atoll) and its strategically important airstrip. The second phase was more deadly and more prolonged. Along with the rest of the 4 Horsewomen, Sasha was one of the first wave of original NXT theme songs that really caught fans’ attention, starting to an absolute renaissance in unique and memorable WWE entrance themes. In the rear, individual taillights, separated by a single large backup light, fit into the nacelles formed by contour of the trunk lid (shades of 1964). The rear side-marker light shrank down to relative inconspicuousness and the rocker molding grew ribs. Take a look at Denver’s weather forecast (sunny, no doubt), put on your shades and make the short 30-minute drive to Evergreen, a tranquil mountain town just west of Denver that touts the virtues of the TallGrass Spa (997 Upper Bear Creek Rd).

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Which of these shades would you go for? The advent of cloud computing gives businesses the potential to quickly increase their processing capabilities without having to buy equipment or hire and train new staff, and often at lower cost than in-house IT expansion would require. With the advent of the IoT, hackers have a lot more devices they can exploit. Emailing is cheaper and easier than hand writing letters in a lot of ways. Routes and Shortcuts. I will try to be as in depth as I can. RMI hopes that one day these 100 miles-per-gallon cars will be the norm. There are heart rate rings and jackets with built-in controls that communicate with your smartphone or music player. In case you ever questioned how much WWE actually valued CM Punk, they not only paid for this Living Color song as his entrance music (Punk had previously used it in Ring of Honor), they continued to pay royalties for using it in archival footage on the WWE Network, instead of replacing it with a soundalike, which is their usual practise with licensed music. At Ford, he questioned the contradiction that the Thunderbird had become: a large but sporty prestige car offered through the company’s mass-market division. The phrase Mercury muscle cars was no contradiction in terms; even this staid marque had a quick-car lineup. Speaking of surprises, Cadillac was the last place one expected to find a muscle machine, yet the 2004 CTS-V was precisely that. Skowronski’s very first assignment: help Chevrolet Truck Sales Manager James Conlon and his product planners research a replacement for the 1960 El Camino. He performed solo in the late 1970s and early ’80s and died in 1987 from a drug and alcohol overdose. Representing Ford’s 1987 medium-duty truck lineup are (left to right) an L-8000 with set-back front axle, a Cargo, and a Ford F-Series. They can track truck fuel consumption to make sure drivers are using optimal speeds for every road surface. The first functional 3D printer prototype was developed by a Japanese-based research institute in 1981 and it made use of photopolymers to create solid models that were built in cross-sectional layers. This leaves us with lots of potential for miscommunication and even willful misrepresentation, which is bad for building solid relationships with people. The Japanese encouraged the formation of the Indian National Army under the leadership of nationalist Subhash Chandra Bose, who recruited 18,000 Indian prisoners of war to the cause in Southeast Asia. By December 1940, the German leadership expected Britain to surrender. Does the Chinese Communist Party leadership in Beijing understand how poorly the idea that religious belief constitutes a form of “infection” is likely to be received by the overwhelming majority of human-beings belonging to one or the other of the world’s great faith communities? Where else could a million human-beings be “re-educated” into sullen obedience? President Franklin Roosevelt approved $25 million in military aid in late 1940, followed by another $145 million in Lend-Lease funds in May 1941. Approval was also granted for an American volunteer group of U.S. After all, that was the whole point of the group in the first place! If sports make you shrug, seize the sights instead. Denver champions the tenth largest downtown in the United States — a dynamic enclave flanked by a mile-long pedestrian promenade chock-a-block with outdoor cafes, upscale restaurants, shops, and cultural sights. Bona fide foodies and Denver insiders flock to the Pearl Street Farmer’s Market (1219 S. Pearl St), held every Sunday (summer months only) on a fetching residential block flanked by one-of-a-kind boutiques, popular restaurants, coffee bars, sweet shops, and gelato stops. The Ellie Caulkins Opera House, completed in 2005, touts superb amenities like seat-back translation title screens, plenty of leg room, and the Chambers Grant Salon, a bar, restaurant, and live jazz venue flanked by original works from Colorado artist Vance Kirkland. Browse the shops in downtown Evergreen and enjoy dinner at SoHo (28215 Hwy 274), where the live jazz is a perfect foil for the contemporary American menu. 2 days: Eat like a local at Dixons Downtown Grill (1610 16th St), a popular hangout for the pancake set to perch on the patio and catch up on street scuttle. All models came with four-wheel drive and a 2.8-liter (171-cubic inch) V-6. And then there was Ford’s Mustang, the smash sales success of the ’60s. Walnut oil penetrates the wood and can be used just as linseed or tung oil to keep wooden furniture and floors from drying out — and as it turns out, if you coat a scratch with it, the scratch will blend back in to the surrounding wood color.

There’s a part of all of us that sometimes just wants to take the easy way out, the chocolate bar way out, especially when it comes to things like figuring out the tip and untying knots. Figuring a 20 percent tip takes only two steps. If you do find yourself sharing the road with an aggressive driver you can take the following steps to avoid or defuse the situation. Many modern smartphones even have sensors now that allow phone apps to perform some of these functions, like tracking your routes or your steps. There was a time when we actually liked John Cena’s current theme song, but now we’re cynical and old and hate John Cena with the fire of a thousand suns. The Fisher-Price Cash Register was a great way to teach children shapes and colors. Estimates of children kidnapped from Eastern countries run as high as 250,000. Only about 25,000 were returned to their families after the war. While the Rocky Mountains may be the first thing you think of when hear the word “Denver,” they are just one beautiful part of the Mile High City. She told CBS Mornings co-host Gayle King in December she didn’t think directing a film was possible for her. Systems thinking — By designing and optimizing entire systems rather than building one piece of a system at a time, it’s possible to reveal interconnections, problems and solutions. June 28: The air war continues in earnest, with Allied planes hitting such targets as Livorno, Italy, and Messina, Sicily. Through the early years of World War II, Nazi Germany’s enemies feared the Luftwaffe, the most advanced and powerful air force in the world. Pete The Tank ✪ Old man reverses into motorbike and then into me! Thanks in large part to that potential, the IoT has created new sectors in the world economy and lot of new jobs, too. This Special High-Performance V-8 cost $425 extra and 3,099 were sold — though how many went into El Caminos is unknown. It’s betting everything China has achieved since 1949 that liberal democratic excess will undermine the social, political and cultural cohesion of Western Capitalism long before it overturns “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”. Learn how the speedy 1949 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 fired the public imagination and ignited a Detroit horsepower race that produced a slew of “factory hot rods.” In the 1950s, Chrysler unveiled its Hemi engine, and Chevrolet its small-block V-8. The muscle car was a mass-market child of 1960s America, when youth was king and Detroit ruled the automotive world. Pontiac’s original muscle car also added an optional 455, though rated horsepower topped out at 360. The hot “Goat” setup still was Pontiac’s Ram Air 400 with automatic and a tight axle ratio, though Car Life managed a best ET of only 14.6 seconds/99.5 mph. Inside, trim changes and improvements included a new two-key locking/ignition system and increased sound-deadening insulation. Inside, both front and rear seats were reportedly improved, and the optional buckets gained integrated head restraints. For the first time, bench seats outsold buckets on all three body styles. Although Meteor actually outsold Monterey, sales were not spectacular. Still, Landaus outsold hardtops more than two-to-one. Landaus sported pretend alligator skin on the roof. The full-size Bronco remained in a rut, as it once again didn’t see any significant changes — and hadn’t since 1980. It retained its removable rear roof section, which allowed the back seat and cargo area to be uncovered. The career of Latin rock guitarist Carlos Santana got a major boost when concert producer Bill Graham convinced Woodstock promoters to book the band, even though they hadn’t yet released an album. English blues-rock band Ten Years After performed five songs at Woodstock, including “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl,” “Hear Me Calling,” and “I’m Going Home.” Between 1967 and 1974, Ten Years After recorded and released ten multimillion-selling albums, before breaking up in 1975. After their entire catalog was digitally remastered and rereleased in 2001, three of the founding members got back together and are again recording and touring. While Mercury would take many years to approach those GM makes in volume, it was successful from the start.

For millions of others in the so-called Great East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, one form of domination had been exchanged for another. To understand why Jericho’s theme deserves to be this high, you should understand that WWE has attempted to change his entrance music multiple times over the years, only to instantly switch back to the original tune almost immediately. When Nakamura was about to make his NXT debut, many were worried that WWE wouldn’t be able to replace his iconic entrance music from his time in NJPW, as they’d be unable or unwilling to acquire the license. Published road tests of the era indicated quarter-mile times of just under 16 seconds with the 325-hp 396. The 375-hp engine would clock about a second faster with stock tires and chassis components. Performance suspension components were included with the larger engine options. We’re getting more and more of our news via links posted on social networks and some stories are even breaking online first. Muscle cars began fading away in the 1970s. Most were gone by mid-decade, victims of a changing market and increasingly strict government regulations. That hard plastic packaging, also known as clamshell, oyster or blister packs, was introduced to deter shoplifting, but as a consequence of its tamper-proof features, it’s also known to cause injuries when consumers try to open their purchases. In fact, around 12,610 injuries and 218 murders have been attributed to road rage in the past 7 years. His injuries were described as non-life-threatening. There’s live music in the casino bar and for a bite to eat, try Cedar Grille, the on-site steakhouse restaurant with appetizers, seafood, and desserts to please everyone in the family. Phone apps let you check email, play games, surf the net, create text documents, access product reviews, find directions and identify music that is playing at your location, among a great many other things. Companies simply pay a host for whatever type of access and services they need. Rental car counters are located in the Jeppesen Terminal, on the fifth level, and all the companies provide courtesy shuttle service to their facilities. July 4: Great Britain and France break off diplomatic relations. Germans sink the Lancastria: The Cunard liner Lancastria, refitted for military transport, helped evacuate British troops and civilians from France. By 1943 the Western Allies supported the Partisans over the Chechniks, despite misgivings about the Communist commitment of Tito’s group. As before, a single series offered four body styles: coupe, four-door Sport Sedan (with “suicide” rear-hinged back doors), convertible, and a new two-door wagon with less structural wood than the superseded four-door style. Monterey also offered a convertible and a four-door sedan (now minus the “suicide” doors). Now looking like something out of a trucking time warp, the tried-and-true C-Series Tilt Cab, which dated from 1957, continued in Ford’s lineup — mostly because it continued to be popular. For 1957, Chevrolet wooed leadfoot buyers with available fuel injection, Ford and Studebaker with supercharging. Buyers were thinking young and craving four-wheel excitement. Anxious to preserve the Thunderbird’s popularity, Ford planners warily eyed General Motors’s moves in the personal-luxury market. That said, it is nonetheless clear that from 1964 on, the product planners responsible for the Thunderbird were carefully watching the General Motors “E-bodies” in their rearview mirror — and perhaps paying a little less attention to the road ahead. I look in the rearview mirror and see some hag of a police officer throwing up her hands.

Spotlamps, outside rearview mirrors, and a tool kit are but a few examples. A precious few managed to hang on longer, but only as meek reminders of their ’60s selves. Since gaining FDA approval in 1971, contact lenses have spared countless people from a lifetime of wearing nerdy glasses. The Riviera snuck past the Thunderbird in 1969, only to be slammed back in its place in 1970. Even as late as 1971, neither the fabulous boattail Riviera nor the new and outlandishly gothic Toronado could out-gun a five-year-old Thunderbird body shell wearing a year-old face lift. At some point during the past few years, the idea of “going green” ceased being a trend and became a standard for living. The slots could be run using the deposit bonuses being allocated towards the new people very easily too. Feeling cultured? Don’t stop here. The least critical items were loaded aboard ship first, stowed deep in the holds. Featuring swept-back front fenders and a form-fitting front bumper — both made possible by the setback front axle — it made for a sleek update to what was essentially an L-Series truck. That’s not to say that the seemingly infinite number of Denver’s bars, theaters, and clubs aren’t packed to the rafters with revelers perfectly willing to perch on a barstool until the lights go dim. Not only is it incredibly important when driving in Canada, red lights mean the same thing in the United States and plenty of other countries. But 3D movies actually have much longer history than that. A $1212 convertible sedan was added for 1940, that year’s heaviest and most-expensive Mercury. Gordon, Michael Caine as Alfred and Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, adding Ledger, Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes (taking over the role from Katie Holmes) and Aaron Eckhart as D.A. New Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards called for adding crash-protection features such as bigger, sturdier bumpers that added performance-sapping weight. Motor Trend clocked 0-60 in just 4.9 seconds and the quarter-mile in 13.3 at 109.58 mph. The latter returned 0-60 mph in about 8.7 seconds. Though that was shy of the Pontiac’s 325 or 348 bhp, critics thought the 4-4-2 handled a bit better, and it proved nearly as fast in the benchmark 0-60 and quarter-mile tests. The 1964 Oldsmobile Cutlass 4-4-2 launched the original muscle car maker into the heart of ’60s high performance. The 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass 4-4-2 with the W-30 induction setup hid its air intakes in the headlamp surrounds. The two-speed Powerglide (air cooled with sixes, water cooled with V-8s) was the only automatic offered. Coors Beer commissioned a custom Courier that featured period-popular hood scoop, spoilers, sunroof, and big-rig-style chrome exhaust stacks. CJs carried a functional hood scoop when equipped with optional Ram-Air induction. Britain’s Avro Lancaster bombers carry the load: Britain’s Avro Lancaster bombers participated in every major night raid on Nazi Germany, and carried bigger loads and heavier bombs than any other aircraft in Europe. Both Sportsmans thus used 1941 sedan delivery fenders and wood shaped to suit. It came standard with many custom touches — both inside and out — and was marked by squared-off grille and fenders that capped an extended-length front end.

Though Detroit had been “downsizing” its fleet to meet fuel-economy targets, it was tough to know how this new crisis would play out. But this song has staying power, it has entire arenas singing along, and it is, without a doubt, one of the most incredibly ostentatious, over-the-top, letter-perfect themes to come out of professional wrestling. As the ’70s rolled along, Mercurys became more like equivalent Fords, while govern­ment mandates and the vagaries of petroleum power-politics conspired to sacrifice performance on the twin altars of safety and fuel economy. Then, in October 1973, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) drastically curtailed oil exports to the United States, touching off a national energy crisis marked by widespread fuel shortages, record gas prices, and long lines at the pumps, among other discomforts. Standard and XR-7 convertibles remained through the end of this generation in 1973, and have become minor collector’s items, primarily by dint of low annual production: fewer than 2000 of each type, except for the 3165 XR-7s in ’73. Your office printer automatically orders more paper when the supply closet gets low. The Built Environment Team’s “whole system” approach analyzes the impact of every component on the entire building, ensuring the structure is not only environmentally sustainable but also aesthetically pleasing with reduced operating costs. Operation Citadel lacked the geographical scope of previous operations, but it became one of the largest set-piece battles of the whole war. The mother threw herself on top of the child to try and smother the flames, but as she did so the whole top floor of the house opposite crashed down on the two of them. Tommy as well as “I Can’t Explain,” “Shakin’ All Over,” and “My Generation.” At the conclusion of their set, Pete Townshend slammed his guitar into the stage and threw it into the crowd. The opening guitar riff is one of the most recognizable stings in wrestling music history, signifying the entrance of the Canadian wrestling legend from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. If that wasn’t enough, there was optional “Seat-O-Matic,” which automatically powered the front seat to one of 49 possible positions at the twist of two dials. Engines remained strictly V-8s: 390s with 250-330 bhp, a new 406-cid enlargement packing 385/405 bhp, and, as a late-season option, a high-performance 427 with 410 bhp. Power companies receive incentives for adopting energy-efficient measures. One was Chrysler Corporation’s Hemi, first offered for 1951 and named for the half-sphere or hemispherical shape of its combustion chambers. By all accounts, Iacocca watched over the birth of this car closer than he had with the Mustang, and was determined that it would not cost a penny more than $2,000, nor weigh an ounce more than 2,000 pounds. Over at Chrysler, the famed Hemi V-8 returned during 1964 as a 426-cid monster built strictly for racing. Then Lovins put the word to work. Dust off your credit card, jump on the light rail, and begin your treasure troving at East Evans Avenue, working your way north to East Ellsworth Avenue. Now you can store all of your documents, pictures and even videos in the cloud, a collection of computer servers that is always connected to the Internet. Once they’re in, counter hackers go to work. And counter hackers have that many more devices to protect. If a computer or physical hard drive fails, the information can be downloaded from your cloud service to new devices. Slots’ recognition is not very low in the Atlantic Area position, as well as within many claims in, however the Nevada, Los Vegas and therefore are regarded as the slot machine game capitals. In what world would Steve Austin ever rank this low on a list of great wrestling achievements? What can we say, Motorhead makes great wrestling theme music.

To be honest, we felt bad dropping Stone Cold down into the ranks, because the sound of breaking glass is guaranteed to garner one of the biggest reactions in wrestling. One day Bordinat brought Lee Iacocca (then general manager of Ford Division) in to see it. Denver has no shortage of things to see and do — but you have to know where you’re going to take advantage of everything the city has to offer. According to the new president, Ford would get by just fine by concentrating on the current full-size, mid-size, and compact offerings. I would be fine with either. The logistics of ship loading explained: Crammed with everything from stretchers to Jeeps, an LST (landing ship tank) brings in materiel for the invasion of New Britain, a Pacific island. The Allied assault on Rabaul, New Britain, begins: Marines push a Jeep ashore from an LST (landing ship tank) at Cape Gloucester, New Britain. Though the Japanese had some 17,000 troops on southern Bougainville alone, they had not considered swampy Cape Torokina a likely target, and the landing was lightly opposed. Part of the effort to neutralize the Japanese base at Rabaul 220 miles away, the landing was spearheaded by the Third Marine Division on November 1, 1943, at Cape Torokina. Japan’s major base at Rabaul was bypassed. And though the Allies’ move through the islands of the southern and central Pacific, code-named Operation Cartwheel, was slow and costly, it proved unstoppable. September 21: Japan leaves the central Solomon Islands to the Allies after losing 600 men in an unsuccessful bid to defend Arundel Island. U.S. Marines would become accustomed to such tenacity in their march through the central Pacific. Made premier in March 1940, Reynaud appointed Charles de Gaulle undersecretary of war. In March 1964, Chevrolet announced that the most powerful carbureted Corvette engine, the 365-bhp L76 version of the 327, would be available in Chevelle and El Camino. Newly standard for the 1985 Ranger was a fuel-injected 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine that was more powerful than the carbureted version it replaced. Ford debuted the fuel-injected truck engine in 1985. Find out how on the next page. The base 4.9-liter six engine gained fuel injection — and a 25 percent increase in horsepower — and rear-wheel anti-lock brakes were added as standard equipment. And though not marketed on muscle at first, Mustangs could be pretty hot with an available small-block V-8, including a new 289-cid version with up to 271 bhp. Postwar inflation boosted prices an average of $450, lifting the range to $1450-$2200. But inflation made these “low-price” Mercs more expensive than 1955 Customs ($2250-$2460) — and not that much cheaper than the better-trimmed ’56 Customs ($2350-$2800). No less significant was the 1955 Chevrolet small-block V-8, a design so right that its basic engineering concepts are still in production. Chrysler led the way with its 1955 C-300, an inspired blend of Hemi power and luxury-car trappings that fast became the new star of NASCAR. Precious places used the power of magnets to move figurines from one castle to the next. However, as U.S. infrastructure grew and improved, more and more people wanted to take their cars on longer road trips that could only be accomplished in a car running on gasoline. A slimmer lower-body molding no longer ran the full length of the car. But with a wheelbase of 120.4 inches and a shipping weight of 4,420 pounds, the “mid-size” Thunderbird was actually longer and a little heavier than its “full-size” predecessor. Side rails were shortened to give the Thunderbird a sportier 114.7-inch wheelbase in two-door form, and 117.2 inches for the four-door. The “Big M” shrunk noticeably in both size and price for 1961. In fact, it was again a “deluxe Ford,” though on an inch-longer, 120-inch wheelbase. The German army had not expected a counterstroke of such size and ferocity. The 1965 El Camino combined the moderate size of a car with the performance of a truck.

As with the original El Camino, the cab and pickup box of the new truck were built into an integrated assembly. El Camino payload capacity ran up to 1,200 pounds when equipped with a six-cylinder engine, or 1,100 pounds with V-8 power. All V-8s returned, as did the faithful “big six” as standard power for base Montereys and Commuter wagons. Social networking sites are allowing us to reconnect with long lost friends, raise money and awareness for charities, get involved in politics (or, maybe more often, get into political arguments), share experiences and widen our real-world network of friends and acquaintances. Here’s one of mine, and unfortunately I don’t come off looking that great, because of what my friends in my car did. Everyday citizens sometimes capture news on their cell phone cameras as it’s happening or post eyewitness accounts of an event, and these get picked up by more traditional media after the fact. The Emily Post Institute. So what differentiates the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) from any other green organization? The TDM Encyclopedia. “Car sharing: Vehicle Rental Services That Substitute for Private Vehicle Ownership.” Victoria Transport Policy Institute. Though Ford made the Crown Victoria for the mass market, it had a specific police interceptor model that was targeted to police departments. Elliott, Victoria Stagg. “Ho ho woes: Wrap rage results in lacerations and bad tempers.” American Medical News. The dash housed more conventional instruments but still swept into a massive center console, and the rear seats continued to wrap around at the outboard edges. From the list below, can you pick the first car to have a dash mounted fuel gauge? Retained from ’52 was a trendy dashboard with big aircraft-type levers flanking a large half-moon gauge cluster. 3 days: Hopefully, you’ve packed light, because you’ll want to spend a day shopping on Antique Row (400 S. Broadway), a cluster of 400 antique shops and dealers hawking everything old and vogue. Nolan explains. “We released that sequence in IMAX theaters six months before the film came out just to give people a taste of what we were trying to do. I wanted to shoot as much of the main of the film in IMAX as I could. I love the idea of creating cinema on the grandest possible scale. We didn’t want it to restrict us,” says Nathan Crowley. Its main goals were to provide reasonable comfort and adequate performance for modern freeways while being economical to buy and maintain. The Falcon Ranchero consistently rang up around 20,000 sales per model year from 1960 to 1963. However, when Chevrolet unveiled a new El Camino in 1964, Ford was immediately put on the defensive. Pony Cars EverThe rebirth of muscle cars depended heavily on revived pony cars. Several factors drove this rebirth. Multiple factors can trigger it – from working long hours, sitting in traffic jams, or dealing with confrontation with other aggressive drivers. Pacific island coastwatchers help Allies: Working on remote Pacific island locations, “coastwatchers” reported enemy activity and guided Allied attacks and guerrilla operations. Other sensors may track milk production and even the nutrient levels of milk from each cow. Mizuna (225 E 7th Ave), an upscale contemporary restaurant, generates raves for its decadent lobster macaroni and cheese, while Vesta Dipping Grill (1822 Blake St) has won both local and national accolades for chef Matt Selby’s globetrotting menu featuring more than 30 dipping sauces paired with dishes like harissa-grilled chicken and venison bathed in coconut milk. Prior to Woodstock, Arlo Guthrie — the son of folksinger and composer Woody Guthrie — was best known for his 18-minute-long song (and subsequent film) “Alice’s Restaurant,” which describes how he avoided the draft. Authorities in North Carolina are weighing up whether to charge a man with a hate crime following a fatal attack against a Black motorcyclist by a father and son. Hit-and-run almost sounds playful, but it’s a serious crime and that’s the legal term for it as well.

However, we reckon every such that often especially this no fair bonus is a bit well perfect for getting unusually little to grips w. Wedge 426s set eight NHRA records right out of the box, and Hot Rod clocked a scorching 12.69-second quarter-mile in a Super Stock Plymouth with automatic and a tight axle ratio. The close-ratio four-speed stickshift could be paired with the 325-horse 327 or the 350-horse 396. An expanded selection of rear axle ratios was offered, including standard, economy, performance, and special-performance gearsets. A four-speed was still available only with V-8 engines; with the 360- and 375-horse mills, the four-speed was a close-ratio gearbox. Aside from a five-speed manual transmission replacing a four-speed as standard, and the newly available four-speed automatic as an option, Bronco II saw few changes for 1985. It could look quite ritzy when dressed up with optional decor packages. Note the similarities between the Ranger and Bronco II, particularly from the cab forward. Four-wheel-drive Rangers got a new “shift-on-the-fly” system in 1986. The V-6 and diesel engines, along with the 4×4 system, were shared with the Ranger’s Bronco II stablemate. In a sequential turbo system, you have one smaller turbo that provides boost earlier. The road to the top is winding and narrow, so allow at least one hour each way. American PT boats effective in night actions: American PT boats were built of wood and only 80 feet long, but had a top speed of more than 41 knots and were heavily armed, with four Mark 8 torpedoes and a variety of automatic weapons. Want the best defensive driving course in Harker Heights TX? The Skuas dove out of the rising sun and dropped their 500-pound bombs from heights ranging from 3,000 feet to as low as 200 feet, proving the effectiveness of dive-bombing to a skeptical RAF establishment. Geography and landscape: As it was during its Gold Rush days, Denver is still the largest metropolis between California and Missouri, situated at the far western tip of North America’s high rolling plains and at the eastern edge of the jagged Rocky Mountains, many of which jet higher than 14,000 feet. The Himan’s hard rock anthem is fast-paced, energetic, and exciting, something that almost seems out of place with the stoic, business-like Hart, but which definitely served to get crowds excited for his appearances. Otherwise, little had changed that the world could see, the most obvious exterior difference being the federally mandated side-marker lights. They may have small screens, LED status lights or no display at all. Internet cameras, video screens, microphones and speakers will all be a part of the system. This news will generate rage and resentment on a scale no rational political regime would willingly countenance. Things like robot vacuum cleaners, video phones and 3D printers that were considered science fiction just 20 years ago are now commonplace in many developed countries. It’s as if most every performance trend of the preceding 15 years had been leading to this one car. On August 14, 2022, at approximately 9:25 pm, patrol officers responded to the 4400 block of St. Barnabas Road for a shooting. Here’s an insider tip: the police rigorously patrol the highway in and out of the airport, so resist the urge to put the pedal to the metal. If you prefer antiquing to forging for the latest fashions, head to South Broadway’s Antique Row, a 14-block stretch of eclectic shops that pedal yesteryear collectables. Removing your foot from the gas pedal and turning into the skid will allow you to gain control gradually. Natural capitalism — RMI’s goal is for businesses to adopt a new style of thinking — learning to profit and gain advantage by adopting environmentally-friendly business practices. What if they could also profit from electricity saved? And the city’s spectacular climate of more than 300 days of sunshine a year packs Denver’s 20,000 acres of parkland with diehard outdoor enthusiasts, even in winter.5 million overnight visitors a year, Denver is booming and embracing its vibrancy with unabashed gusto. Canterberry Golf Course (11400 Canterberry Pkwy) is also a good bet for pros, with the added benefit of Beckett’s Table, a spectacular club restaurant featuring Sunday brunch, an excellent wine list, and innovative New American cuisine with global twists. With the built in calendar, to-do list, dictation and voice activated personal assistant programs, they could begin to reduce the need for live assistants. Chinese units. Finally, Chinese needs ranked well down on the American priority list, after Europe and the Pacific.

America’s entry into World War II limited model-year production to fewer than 23,000 units. Despite the retrenchment, model-year volume failed to top 150,000 units — hardly the hoped-for recovery. Model-year 1966 ushered in rapid, redesigned midsize Fords and Mercurys; a burly midsize Dodge fastback, the Coronet-based Charger; a quartet of smoothly restyled GM intermediates; and even a “rent-a-racer” Mustang, the Hertz-vended Shelby GT-350H. They didn’t: Model-year production was a record 329,000-plus. All wore a slim contrast-color panel outlined in bright metal beneath the side windows. The Allies made propaganda versions of the currency with persuasive messages on the reverse side. It delivered a maximum rate of fire of 900 rpm to 600-800 yards (light role), and 300 rpm to 2,000-2,500 yards when mounted on a tripod in the heavy role. Regional and Express fares vary, and light rail tickets range from $1.50 to $2.75, depending upon the zone. If successful, high-speed rail lines will spread from the Northeast into other sections of the nation. Pino, Isaac. “How the Industrial Internet is Changing Rail Transport.” The Motley Fool. Those opportunities increase exponentially as the Internet of Things continues to evolve. In 1988, Johnny was inducted into the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame, and he continues to record and tour. Next, we’ll take a closer look at RMI’s consulting services. FiberForge in particular is a for-profit venture that grew out of RMI’s Hypercar concept. After a minor ’68 facelift, the big Mercs were fully revised for 1969. Wheelbases grew to 121 inches on wagons and 124 on other models (except Marauder), sizes that would persist until their first downsizing for 1979. Series regrouped around base Monterey, revived Monterey Custom, and a full Marquis line comprising Colony Park wagon, convertible, and base and Brougham sedans, hardtop coupes, and hardtop sedans. While the Allies grew stronger as the war progressed, the Germans and Japanese were steadily weakened. Norwegians refuse to surrender to Nazi Germany: When the Germans occupied Norway in April 1940, they showed off these three experimental tanks (never put into production) in the streets of Oslo. Norwegian Fascist leader Vidkun Quisling quickly moves to create a pro-Nazi government. September 15: Mussolini reorganizes Italy’s National Fascist Party in an effort to regain power and restore ties to Hitler. October 23: Francisco Franco, Spain’s Fascist leader, is unmoved by a nine-hour meeting with Adolf Hitler, and refuses to ally Spain with the Axis. September 12: Benito Mussolini, under arrest at Abruzzi’s Hotel Campo Imperatore, is freed in a dramatic raid by German troops, on Adolf Hitler’s order. The German cruiser Königsberg is sunk by British warplanes, marking the first time in history that a large warship is sunk by an aerial assault. In early 1943, President Frankli­n Roosevelt and Winston Churchill discussed the future direction of the war and agreed to maintain a relentless bombing campaign against the European Axis states to ease the pressure on the Red Army. That’s why automakers worked hard to make sure their muscle cars not only looked cool but also had a winning reputation. Production averaged about 80,000 per year in the early ’40s, good for 12th or 13th in the industry, thus winning important new business for Dearborn by filling the huge price gap between Ford and the Lincoln Zephyr. But in the OPOC engine, these “valves” are simply holes in the side of the cylinder, which are covered and uncovered by the sliding of the pistons themselves, thus removing the need for a complicated mechanism to make them open and shut. Mercury debuted the Cougar, a luxury Mustang that also offered big-inch testosterone. You may have an excellent reputation of yourself as a driver, but it may not be objective or accurate. During his career, he gained a reputation in the public mind as a military genius — a stature now in dispute among historians. Keep in mind that one of the key aspects of the IoT is that each connected device is uniquely identifiable. One useful technique for modifying unwanted behavior is mentally switching roles with the other driver or empathizing.