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The most aggressive drivers are between the ages of 16 and 30

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Riding Your Brakes for No Apparent Reason

Impatience may lead to erratic driving, as vehicle operators prioritize speed over safety

I frequently weave in and out of traffic to get ahead

Portable bars came in several styles in the 1960s, but most had a padded leather or patent leather design on the front and matching stools. Lava lamps were a huge part of the decor in the 1960s, and you didn’t have to be a strung-out teenager to own one. They occur when there’s heavy rainfall in a relatively quick time period or if a dam or levee breaks. Hydroplaning is more likely to happen if your vehicle has narrow tires. GoinGreen advertises the G-Wiz as the greenest vehicle available for purchase in England — its Web site claims the G-Wiz’s electric engine produces zero direct emissions, and a full, eight-hour charge costs about $1 (50 pence), the equivalent of nearly 600 miles per gallon. It acts as a warning to pedestrians because it’s doubtful that people in cars will hear anything. By the time “Weird Science” was released in 1985, his presence on the screen became a delight for audiences, and he began getting more significant roles. After raging success, the Ford Motor Company released the Escort to North American markets. Watch as people who merged early rage in your general direction. But, if you were a child of that iconic decade, you know there was so much more to love. That’s why wiping down equipment before and after you use it is not only a cornerstone of gym etiquette, it’s also an essential step in keeping yourself in peak physical condition. Essential an off-road bike, a mountain bike can tackle rough terrain with ease. What bike is this? More and more powerful locomotives aided by computers that track everything from the adhesion of the wheels on the rail to the performance of the motors will be pulling trains in the near future. As a result, an Amtrak passenger train that once required four crews to complete the trip from Washington, D.C., to Atlanta, Georgia, now operates with only two. Despite a frantic response involving emergency crews and the National Guard, you become one of many people stuck, in freezing temperatures, in their cars, for more than 20 hours. A chair in Italy stands at the world’s tallest at 60 feet; just don’t tell the fine people of Anniston., is the “Artichoke Center of the World,” thanks to its famous Green Globe ‘chokes and a $50 million local industry. Here’s one easy way to remember when to put on your indicator: if you see a sign that tells you’re approaching an intersection, that’s usually about 100 feet away. Artichoke Queen in 1947. The artichoke, born from the mind of builder Ray Bei, was built from concrete and rebar as a centerpiece for a restaurant and vegetable stand complex. Spectators mocked it for looking like a tin car and “Tin Lizzie” was born. Is your anger born from fear? In the study, researchers analyzed facial expressions, coding them for fear and anger. The 1980s rap group Whodini was clearly onto something in titling one hit song, “The Freaks Come Out at Night.” So if you must be out and about after dark, how do you avoid being victimized by vehicular freaks and other things that go bump in the night? If researchers tried to look too closely at photon A without entanglement, they’d bump it, and thereby change it. Instead, you’ll want to look for furniture that is manufactured nearby, using local materials when possible. For example, they might provide keys that work on lockboxes, which store the ignition key for each particular car. CNN. These classes are often referred to as “traffic school,” a program drivers use to erase points from their license after they get a speeding ticket, but they can also be useful for drivers who just want to brush up on their skills and learn how to prevent accidents. In other words, the person can’t make up their mind on a decision. If he sits down with the perp and has a productive conversation about how to solve the problem, then anger is doing its job. Since the engine sits flat, the weight sits lower, which is a big advantage for handling on a road or track. One of a handful of cars to hit 250 mph, the Veyron was introduced by Bugatti in 2005. It features an 8.0-liter W16 quad-turbo engine. This site provides one of the largest and most accurate lists of online coupon codes, which can help you net free shipping or big discounts on your next purchase. They began adding a specific type of substance … Some sites target specific areas, like metropolitan hubs, and others focus on one-time, long-distance ridesharing opportunities. The focus on reliability even led the company to paint its buzz phrase-“Conrail Quality”-in huge letters on all of its locomotives. Because more mass production is being sourced to Asian countries, that chair might have already racked up quite the carbon footprint in its journey to the mall. 15. In September 2021, an Asian New Yorker was the victim of a road rage attack. Chinoiserie is based on Western interpretations of traditional Chinese and Asian designs. Southern and Norfolk & Western merge to create Norfolk Southern. At the end of 1995, Union Pacific sought to bring Southern Pacific-itself a combination of the SP and Rio Grande-under its control to counterbalance the BN-Santa Fe combination.

The three-track Union Pacific mainline across Nebraska, a venerable funnel of American commerce connecting the West, Midwest, and East, is so packed that the line plans to add a fourth track. It was in production all the way until 2019 when it was discontinued for the North American market, though it does live on internationally. Toward the end of production in 1977, four-door models shared the same platform as the Ford Falcon of the ’60s. Why does a flooded house need to be torn down? His life would be swell if it were not for one miserable cat. Sylvester the Cat clearly has a deep homicidal rage like, well, all cats. Dramatic footage shows a strange and terrifying road rage incident in which a shirtless Australian man smashes a car mirror and window before berating the occupants over vaccines. Even what you eat has as influence. Perhaps even more remarkable, these were mainline models with relatively mainstream $30,000-$40,000 prices, plus Mercedes engineering influence and all-American big-car room and comfort. DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence. Rally racing is one of the toughest driving sports out there. So with all those drivers out there, safety as a new driver is of utmost importance. You can’t help but want the hero to win but at the same time, if it’s a good villain, you’ll see yourself in there, too. We’ve all done this one: You’re driving along and suddenly see a parking spot you want or that the “Hot Doughnuts Now” sign is lit up at Krispy Kreme. The lighter weight of these vehicles makes them more susceptible to damage in an accident, and automakers need to be creative if they want to build a strong, protective body. Taking any controlled substance could slow your reflexes and mar your judgment enough to cause an accident, so avoid drugs and alcohol when you know you have to drive. After you’re involved in an accident, there are steps you must take to ensure your own safety, the safety of the other driver or anyone else involved in the wreck and that everything has been properly documented for law enforcement and insurance reasons. Take this quiz and find out! Americans started claiming that their Audis would accelerate out of control, causing a number of accidents. How you turn your wheels can make the difference between your car rolling into traffic or out of the way should something happen. If a fire truck, police car or ambulance is stopped, whether it’s on the side of the road or the middle of the road, give them room. Sip your coffee until the ambulance passes. But research shows that drinking the equivalent of two cups of coffee can stave off a “sleep attack” for up to an hour. They didn’t make coffee. If you’re not just someone who drives the drive but someone who talks the talk, then you’ll make short work of these common phrases. These use cameras and infrared sensors, usually mounted on the cars side view mirrors, to keep an eye on the cars you can’t see. And what about those drivers in vehicles with headlights at or near your eye level — the ones that make your retinas feel as if they’ve caught fire? Ewing doing everything in his power to make big bucks as a Texas oil tycoon. Through a series of mergers, several super-railroads have been created. Toyota produced the popular Hilux pickup starting in 1968. While the model had been discontinued in North America in the ’90s, the Hilux did have one major claim to fame – it appeared in the classic ’85 flick Back to the Future. The 1968 Dodge Dart GTS 440 defined “hot car” with a 375-bhp V-8 in a lightweight, compact-model body. Dodge muscle cars were among the fastest and wildest. It was a very long time coming, but the redesigned 2005 Mustang was arguably the best Ford pony car ever and made ’60s-style muscle affordable once again. Debuting for 2007, the new Shelby GT500 coupe and convertible boasted a whopping 500 horses from a supercharged version of the twincam 330-cid “mod” V8, plus a heavy-duty 6-speed manual transmission, more-aggressive styling, and many special touches throughout.

Driven by these sobering statistics, the National Weather Service initiated its “Turn Around Don’t Drown” campaign, with the goal of educating the public about the dangers of venturing out — on foot or in a car — in flood conditions. Sticker shock at the gas pumps has many people trying to cut down on the amount of fuel they use — joining a carpool is a great way to share the energy burden. They take their car to the shop when there’s a problem, try to remember to check the oil once in a while, and pretty much hope everything will be okay. As you go through this quiz, try to hold back the laughter at your desk. Available as both a wagon and a sedan, the Mercury Tracer allowed drivers and passengers plenty of space to stretch their legs or to carry around the kids’ sporting gear. DJs use the term hydroplaning to describe a technique of applying slight pressure to a spinning record to slow it down without stopping it. A quick internet search reveals lists of rules for all kinds of situations you could encounter with businesses, gyms, airports, email, funerals, golf games, internet comments – and the list goes on. The former road racing cyclist, who represented Ireland at the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games, was identified by The Daily Mail as the man behind a furious outburst towards a motorist. In such games, the player earns cards as rewards in the game, often following similar rarity systems for distribution, and can customize some type of deck which influences other areas of the game’s mechanics. Someone there can probably answer The Simpsons Road Rage game, cheat, or strategy questions and pretty much everything else related to gaming. Lawn darts were a popular, yet dangerous game, through the ’70s and into the ’80s. After years of strangling the industry with regulation, Congress took the action partly because deregulation was popular, but also because Conrail had by this time already gone through approximately $3 billion in federal assistance, with no end in sight. The game has a lot of various winks and nudges to the Simpsons universe, such as various sight gags and the vehicles the playable characters drive (including the unlockable Mr. Plow truck). It’s a testament to Nolimit City’s success that we’ve grown accustomed to receiving outstanding releases with dramatic regularity, so when a game comes along from the studio, which isn’t a slot of the year contender, it feels oddly off. Sharknado” also won 11 Oscars, which is completely true as long as you don’t look it up.” There’s karate, and the hero might be partially inspired by Daredevil. I don’t know if Carlos Tavares’ salary would be getting as much scrutiny if it was any other company he was running. Sanger, David E. “Tokyo Tries to Find Out if ‘Salarymen’ Are Working Themselves to Death.” New York Times. For between $25 and $40, you can pop into your local auto supply store or discount warehouse store and purchase a pre-assembled kit. This is an adult bike with very small wheels, usually 20 inches or less. If the report requires you to list the distance in inches only, what distance should you write down? The incident report has a few errors that need revision. Kohlar, Phillip (January 13, 2017). “Could we finally get a real Hearthstone competitor from Magic: The Gathering?”. Drivers’ average travel time to get to their destinations decreased by 25 percent, and they spent 40 percent less time idling in traffic jams, as detailed in this 2017 article. Opposed piston-opposed cylinder (OPOC) engines may not sound as bleeding edge as, say, flying cars or 1981 DeLoreans with flux capacitors to help them travel through time, but by the time I finished researching this article I realized that they were every bit as exciting. The option we’ll discuss in this article is carpooling. The goal is to keep that lane’s traffic moving and allow people the option to use the lane if they’re willing to pay. Calling the police like the OP did might be an option in such a situation, but only if the situation is such that it can be done safely and without provoking the other driver. But in some circumstances it’s best to limit your intake for the sake of your personal and professional relationships – and that can be good news for your health. Both are compact SUVs that seat five and are almost mechanically identical. More than 15,000 Lexus RX 400h hybrid SUVs were sold in 2008 — almost twice the number of the Nissan Altima Hybrid, the next most-bought hybrid in America. But for buyers who want a little more performance from their family sedan, the Nissan Altima has long been the car of choice. The very state of getting angry is telling you that something is wrong in the relationship, and that you’d better address the situation if you want to maintain the relationship. BroDozer was made in conjunction with the Discovery Channel show “Diesel Brothers.” BroDozer was advertised as being the only diesel-powered truck in Monster Jam, even though another driver had built a diesel truck for the competition in 2007 but was shut out. So it stands to reason that if you grew up in Texas, you like things big. They grew up with the nation in the 1830s and spearheaded the drive West. As the nation continues to wrestle with environmental problems, the railroads will continue to be an important resource, moving the same amount of freight with only a tenth of the pollution.

Car sharing decreases air pollution and energy dependency. Leaving the car at home once in a while helps to decrease levels of air pollution. Elvis Presley died suddenly in 1977, leaving many fans devastated as he was only 42. He left behind his wife, Priscilla, and their young daughter, Lisa Marie. Jailbird is owned by Darren Migues and his daughter, Kaylyn Migues. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, a two-time WWF Tag Team Champion with Bret Hart, also appeared on the reality television show “Total Divas” with his daughter, Natalya Neidhart. Davey Boy Smith, best known for wrestling with the World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling under the ring name “British Bulldog.” He was married to Diana Hart, sister of wrestler Bret Hart. The Barbarian, real name Sione Havea Vailahi, who, as part of the team The Powers of Pain, famously feuded with several other tag teams, including The Hart Foundation, The Bushwhackers and The Rockers. Big Boss Man, real name Ray Washington Traylor Jr., had a career as an actual prison guard prior to wrestling. It also increases the chance of being involved in a car crash due to increased exposure. Let’s find out what motivates people to start a carpool and what the benefits are. Perhaps one of the most important benefits to commuters is that carpooling saves money. People who live in cities with these controversial HOT lanes seem to cough up the money, and in return, these commuters get a more reliable trip time. By accessing various carpooling and ridesharing Web sites, commuters can easily find their perfect carpools. The Web site can send e-mail and cell phone reminders to keep parents in touch with the status of the carpool. GoinGreen offers only this explanation on their Web site: “Whilst larger, heavier cars in general perform better in crash tests, statistics show they tend to be driven less defensively and at higher speeds and so they are also more likely to injure other road users.” Reva no longer manufactures the models used in the tests, but they still offer used versions of the G-Wiz dc and G-Wiz ac on their Web site. How much longer than his scheduled 8 hours did Officer James work? If you’re old enough to drive, you’re old enough to have some thoughts about the best way to merge into highway traffic when your lane is ending or closing due to a wreck or road work. The water droplets in fog diffuse the light of your regular headlamps so that they have a difficult time illuminating obstacles and making your car more visible. The new service bypassed the Burlington, whose lines were packed with coal trains bound from the Powder River Basin in Wyoming to utility plants in the South, in favor of the higher-speed Santa Fe lines across the West. We’re only human, as the saying goes, and people are bound to make mistakes when driving. Gyms are usually the places people go to get healthy, but with all that sweat and heavy breathing, they’re also places where germs can thrive. First rolled out in 1995, the Pontiac Sunfire was created to replace the Pontiac Sunbird. And road-rage shootings aren’t slowing down this year, according to Everytown. The gore area, located between fast-moving traffic and slowing traffic, creates a safety buffer between the two. It would be nice if fellow travelers could slow to allow you to safely merge into traffic, but that would cause a dangerous traffic situation. What might be effective, though, is working with the local police department to acquire better signage or a traffic light at the dangerous spot. Approximately 2/3rds of car accidents in the US derive from aggressive driving, according to the US Department of Transportation. Some of these goals and expectations are personal — we expect to get ahead with hard work, and we expect our significant others not to forget our birthdays. G.I. Joe was a household staple for all boys who had any kind of toys. But like history repeating itself, it didn’t take long for folks to deduce the real identity of Joe Hill. Joe figures. What do you call these interlocking toys? Greek key, also known as fret pattern, features interlocking geometric lines arranged at right angles. They consist of bold interlocking lines forming a wide variety of geometric shapes and designs. Gingham patterns are made from overlapping lines of various colors. Bob Backlund, who sustained a stage injury in 1983 when The Iron Sheik assaulted him with a Persian club.

The American Auto Club (AAA), The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) and a variety of other organizations offer defensive driving courses. Push the limits of combat racing, exploring a huge open world and playing over 90 missions that will offer the opportunity to progress to Club President. Over the years, numerous hospital visits happened as a result of accidents while playing this game which led to lawn darts being banned in the U.S. Cell phones with exotic ringtones are constantly playing. Drivers get distracted by cell phones and text messages, take their eyes off the road or simply don’t pay attention. Vlasic, Bill. “High-tech invitations to take your mind off the road.” New York Times. Frings-Dresen. “The effect of office concepts on worker health and performance: a systematic review of the literature.” Ergonomics. Perhaps looking at how etiquette can benefit your personal health reintroduces self-interest into the equation, but hey, as least the end goal is the same! People gather up and preserve old cars for many reasons. Or watch on a sunny Sunday afternoon as a giant CSX coal train rolls through Marietta, Georgia, on its way from a Kentucky coal mine to a Florida power plant. In snowmobile watercross, competitors ride snowmobiles across race courses on ponds and lakes. After you tell us all about your southern charms or your northern niceties, we’ll know which of the 50 states is the right state for you. Well, consumer interest and demand may be one reason why the big guys haven’t gone green yet. The retro styling of the 2008 edition, as well as a powerful V8 engine and oversized wheels make this car a true collector’s item and a worthy edition to the Mustang canon. Anyone who ever experienced deja vu or who ate broccoli knows this well. By now, everybody knows how badly alcohol impairs driving ability, so we’ll spare you the sermon. Nobody really knows when those will be ready to hit the road, but it’ll probably be a good while yet before you can refuel your car using a bicycle pump. But in the meantime what we really need is something that can realistically be ready for practical use within the next few years: a better internal combustion engine. Double-checking allows you to make sure everyone else is following the rules of the road and that it’s safe for you to travel on. This applies not only to when the vehicle is in motion, but when parked as well. Nitrous oxide by itself isn’t explosive, but it does contain high levels of oxygen that would feed a fire. In the early 1900s these bikes were used to get firefighters to the scene of a fire quickly. The other driver leaves the scene. In the next few pages, we’ll offer five potentially life-saving tips. In this article, you’ll learn some tips to help you drive more defensively. The office layout that may help workers get the job done is an open bullpen setup, in which several desks are clustered together in a semi-enclosed area. A man allegedly murdered in a violent road rage attack armed himself with a samurai sword during a heated argument earlier that day, a defence lawyer has claimed in court. You may also want to get in touch with a lawyer if you think you’re facing big medical bills. On the next page, we’ll consider why you might want to snag a few toilet liners for your desk. Why? The act of scanning disrupts the original such that the copy becomes the only surviving original. Experts predict the trend to continue, especially with gas prices, pollution, traffic congestion and a lack of convenient, cheap parking all on the rise. It doesn’t take much to avoid congestion. Another big reason folks are starting to carpool more is traffic congestion. Since then, Smith’s company, Rapid Flow Technologies, has installed its Surtrac smart traffic management technology in 22 North American cities. And then there are others, like the first air conditioning unit in a car, the first radio, the first Bluetooth system and much more! Actually, you’re not. Regardless of whether a wreck looks serious, you always have to stop, check on the other person involved, exchange insurance information and report it to law enforcement. In the “Nicomachean Ethics,” he wrote, “The man who is angry at the right things and with the right people, and further, as he ought, when he ought, and as long as he ought, is praised.” But Aristotle didn’t have to live in a world where newspapers linked anger to heart disease. Also, remember you have the right to send your car to any repair shop of your choosing. Best practice is to always take a moment when you first get into your car to adjust all the mirrors to the right position.

Check your mirrors constantly and always try to look as far as you can down the road ahead. Freight cars once tracked by human clerks as trains entered yards now respond to radio signals that can beam their codes directly into a computer. A study of the marmoset’s environment showed that when these primates are in a stressful environment, their brain cells retreat, and they stop producing new cells. Current work in the field of neurogenesis, or the process by which the brain creates new cells, bears this out. As for “paying top dollar,” keep in mind that prices for all collector cars vary widely depending on condition, available supply, and current market demand. Being stuck in slow-moving or standstill traffic may be what prompted this person’s road rage, in which case, you may be unable to distance yourself from them. When you see the dotted middle line appear in the opposite lane of traffic, you should be cautious of oncoming traffic trying to pass. High beams can both blind drivers in oncoming cars and distract drivers ahead of you. Can you choose the correct name? In addition, if someone is injured, you are required to provide assistance to an injured person, including transporting him or her to a hospital if necessary. Do not speed or weave in-and-out of traffic to get away from this person, but try to steer clear, if possible. It consists of checks woven in a twill pattern, with squares broken by alternating patterns of weave. The style is similar to gingham, but has a characteristic visible weave. Fabric printed with this design is characteristic of contemporary mid-century modern decor. This style works in many different designs, but is most closely associated with cottage or shabby chic decor. They came in different colors and patterns to fit whatever decor options you were particular to. Care Bears came in a variety of colors and sizes. Still others are borrowed from nature and include images of birds, flowers and other pictures of Earth’s bounties. They were ugly, creepy and a great way to scare your friends. After all, you have the seat in your car just the way you like it. Also, burnouts will clean rocks and other debris off the tires, which can cause problems on the drag strip. In this scenario, anger’s not good for you, and it’s certainly not good for those dishes. Let’s say you’re angry because you just spent the last hour doing all the dirty dishes by yourself while your spouse sat in front of the television. From 1979 through 1992, the output per hour in the railroad industry rose 8.1 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Sicknesses caught from swimming pool water are known as recreational water illnesses (RWIs). Rain can pool on bridges and cause hydroplaning. Then the unthinkable happens: He goes in for a second dip. Offer small bowls and plates onto which they can spoon dip or simply serve food sized for a single bite. It has a single gear and no brakes! Creating an electric can opener was a genius plan to get more electronic devices into kitchens across America. It was a byproduct, a waste liquid that didn’t really have much practical use. The commercials for Creepy Crawlers were terrifying, but they were a great way to get children to understand how liquid turns into a solid. I couldn’t get a solid number of characters, but was told that there will be more than 10 and less than 20. Each character has different attributes and you have to unlock them. If you just got your driver’s license, you probably know what a broken white line on the road indicates versus a solid double yellow line. Do you know its name? Each use would see the digitalization of your body’s every detail, the creation of a genetic clone complete with all the travelers’ memories, emotions, hopes and dreams. The teams rotate drivers and try to complete the most laps of a race course in 24 hours. Even the superstar 1964 original shared a good many bones with the humble Falcon compact. Fortunately, engineering visionaries have been thinking the same thing for years and have developed an answer: “smart” traffic lights. Anyone used to either a four-speed manual or a automatic transmission might think of pressing the gas pedal flat to the floor as a way to go fast. Aristotle never sat on a highway surrounded by drivers with road rage.

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. There are also health risks associated with binge drinking, which the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism defines as four or more drinks for a woman and five or more for a man in a two-hour period. Not only should you not attempt to outrun a flood, but you shouldn’t try to go out in it, period. Over a period that can range from days to months, the symptoms simply go away, but you mostly just have to wait it out. You’re at a party and a fight breaks out. Time was heavily wasted during this pass of the baton but eventually after a few attempts they managed to pass the baton. This is often acknowledging that the bad times are current, but that they will pass. Two and a half hours will charge the battery 80 percent, while an eight-hour charge will give the car its full charge. When your body is frequently exposed to factors that activate this stress response, the stress creates allostatic load. Load the deal to your phone and show it to the retailer to redeem. After your free registration, you’ll receive a daily e-mail highlighting a new deal available in your city. When Willits was driving through the desert at one point, he was being tailed by two enemies. You can be the safest and most cautious driver around, but that doesn’t save you from the person who careens through a red light and into your car because they were attempting to send a text message while they were driving. The stripes are finer than pinstripes, typically about the width of a human hair. Don’t ignore your gut reactions that a co-worker could be dangerous; potentially violent behavior should be reported to a supervisor or human resources representative. This is why some people decorate their cubicles, but control over this type of workspace is fairly limited, as anyone who’s ever had to listen to a co-worker clip fingernails or chat for hours on the phone can attest. While some people initially preferred the Boss 302, history has pushed the 429 to the top of the heap. It may be that removing cubicle walls destroys the illusion of privacy that some must feel they have when they yap away for hours to their dog sitter. By clicking ‘Register’ you confirm that your data has been entered correctly and you have read and agree to our Terms of use, Cookie policy and Privacy notice. You start getting riled up because your blood is pumping faster, your sudsy hands are clenching into fists and you notice that your jaw is tightened. If you’re a bundle of rage, you might not even notice that she needs help. Rapid braking can drastically upset the balance and handling of a car, turning a bad situation into an even worse one. Although no amount of defensive driving can prevent a crash, this advice should help you stay alert, in control and safer out on the road. This also means that a situation is over, which does not necessarily have to refer to a show. Therefore, officers “were” working overtime. They are. Therefore, the victim said “they’re” staying.m. All the victim give a good recount of the earlier incident.

The victim told ABC13 he was grazed by a bullet on his head. After the boy’s father made a hand gesture at a driver who was trying to merge in front of the family’s car, 34-year-old Gerald Williams allegedly fired a bullet that killed 17-year-old David Castro. Police allege the driver followed the Castro family for several miles on Interstate 10 before shooting at their truck shortly after both vehicles exited the freeway. Authorities say the male passenger in the car on the shoulder exited the vehicle and fired shots at the other car, striking the windshield and the Hua. It became the best-selling vehicle of any type in the U.S. Made by an Italian automaker, the Lancia Stratos was known for its performance and handling on the World Rally circuit. The S/C was a noble effort, but it lacked the classic excitement of true high performance. While responsible ownership of a vehicle and your body is all well and good, sometimes you have to push the limits to bring the thrill back. These cars were both innovative and fun, and everyone wanted to get their hands on one, which hasn’t changed too much even as these cars have aged. The future of the railroad as a free-market industry looked secure. To be fair, the ’90s were a great decade full of good music, groundbreaking films and a greater emphasis on fuel economy in cars. Rowdy” Roddy Piper, who, despite having a prominent career both in and out of the ring, never won a world championship. He starred in the 1988 cult classic film “They Live”, where he had the famous line, “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass… Why not take the quiz and see! The overflow reservoir is a plastic container, not too dissimilar to a plastic orange juice jug, only it can hold hot coolant and not melt. Ford sold millions of Model Ts back in the day and they ended up with the nickname “Tin Lizzie.” The name comes from a car race in 1922 when a man named Noel Bullock entered his hoodless, unpainted Model T named “Old Liz” into the race. Such changes resulted in drastic reductions in employment at the nation’s major railroads, whose work forces dipped from 475,000 at the dawn of the new era to some 191,000 at the end of 1993. The trend is expected to continue, as technology and computers make railroading safer and more efficient with fewer workers. There were so many different kinds of cartridges that children would be entertained for hours. Sure, it’s the ability to haul a heavy load, transport trash to the dump or help a buddy move, but it’s also something more; pickups have an allure that goes well beyond what they can carry – it’s the lyrics to a classic country song, riding high over the open road, a symbol of freedom, strength and power. The 1971 Mustang Mach 1 is the car featured in the original 1974 movie Gone In 60 Seconds and is a classic Mustang that is highly coveted by collectors worldwide. Once you’re sure you know the name of the car, pick your poison. The Buick Riviera has been around since 1963. Although the design has completely changed, the commitment to being a personal luxury car continued until 1999 when the large, stately car was discontinued. Kiplinger Washington Editors. “Best of Everything 2010: Best Money-Saving Websites.” Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. Workers would also be able to use visual cues to judge the best time to interrupt someone with a question. So if I say that my dad only comes around once in a blue moon, I’m saying that it’s rare that he pays a visit. A hilarious green woman pays 3x for five, and you can also earn 2.5x for five of a kind combinations of the person in purple. Traffic is a very political and sensitive issue since almost every proposed method of addressing it carries a hefty price tag, raising the question of who pays the bill. It was a sitcom, yes, but the show also tackled sensitive issues such as homosexuality, racism and a lot more during its nine-season run. Giving Conrail-and the rest of the nation’s railroads-the freedom to run their businesses without cumbersome government agencies second-guessing them breathed new life into America’s iron horse. Also, keep in mind that high beams can cause reduced visibility when used in certain weather conditions, notably fog and snow. Part of the reason may be cost. This is the main reason why many people are looking toward fuel cells, which are charged quickly and don’t need replacing.

They are literally the thing that ignites the fuel in the cylinders, with oxygen in the air feeding that instant explosion, which makes the wheels turn. Making a left-hand turn is a little more complicated than a right-hand turn. The Purr-Tenders wore little plastic masks and fake ears to pretend to be different animals. It is an station wagon? The Ford Fairlane was sold from 1955 until 1970 as a convertible, a hardtop and even a station wagon. The company even partners with retailers to provide GoldenThred boxes, which are full of new clothes for a few lucky site users. As a pensioner, he is entitled to a weekly UK state pension of up to £185.15 – but he would only get the full amount if he had made 30 years of National Insurance contributions. It wasn’t until the summer of 2007 that UK car magazine Top Gear performed its own series of crash tests with the G-Wiz. Sure, gas prices are low now, but in the summer of 2008, when gas prices hit upwards of $4 a gallon, it scared a lot of drivers. Low beams are more powerful than you give them credit for! I began work on this on 12/07/01, even though the release date for the game is late December here in North America. LUV is an acronym for “light utility vehicle.” This rebadged version of the Isuzu Faster was sold in North America between 1972 and 1982 and offered a surprisingly strong payload for its size. Few could have foreseen the thousands of changes that would take place as railroads exercised their freedom to operate as a free-market business instead of a regulated utility. With more mergers and technological breakthroughs on the horizon, railroads seem poised to become the nation’s arteries of commerce. In 2008, 980 people purchased the Lexus LS600h, the largest and most luxurious hybrid car produced by Toyota Motor Corp., Lexus’ parent company. Or it’s a ridiculous, poorly made movie about people getting attacked (every now and then) by computer animated birds. The friction produced by a burnout heats up the tires, so they stick to the drag strip better, which helps with acceleration. Despite automatic transmission and two-ton heft, the 340-bhp jobs could turn 0-60s in the mid-5s and quarter-miles in the low-14s at just over 100 mph. They turned ever more complex and, by the turn of the century, became the province of wealthy speculators. What does it take to work in law enforcement? Double-stack trains have necessitated the rebuilding of many routes on the nation’s mainline railroads to accommodate these ultra-high loads. Thanks to deregulation, gains in productivity, and the use of cutting-edge technology, the nation’s railroads are moving more goods than ever before. This is often used to attach containers of some kind, so the bike is able to carry goods. A true classic, a porteur bicycle is simply one that has a metal frame attached to the front forks where baskets or goods can be carried. For half the decade, the Vietnam War raged on with the Cold War in the backdrop WHILE the Second-Wave Feminist Movement carried over from the ’60s. The full name of the ’70s Fiat Spider is the Fiat 124 Sport Spider. Trust us, the added visibility and safety the nightlights provide is worth it. Putting on polarized sunglasses when it rains during the day helps with visibility. Only in poor weather conditions, when visibility is poor or road conditions are dangerous, can the limits be ignored. If your car has an anti-lock braking system (ABS), you should maintain a steady pressure on the brake pedal; your car’s ABS will handle the braking for you and adapt to the road conditions. The close quarters also put drivers and passengers at an increased risk of being hurt by poorly designed crumple zones or broken windshields.

Texas doesn’t take this lightly. It’s best if the materials are locally sourced, but there are some other things to look for. We here at Goliath, of course, have our own opinions and offer the following list of the 10 best Mustangs of all time. But what exactly is an OPOC engine and how does it differ from the internal combustion engines that all of us love and hate? Internal combustion engines pollute the air. In the first, called the intake stroke, the intake valve opens and the piston moves downward. First, make sure both of them work. You’d cover holes with a black piece of paper and insert colored pegs into it to make an image. Aside from the plot of the movie, it will always be difficult for me to root against a Black woman who has risen professionally the way Berry has. Ford sought to honor the movie and its legacy in 2008 by issuing a signature Mustang, complete with the same dark green paint and black wheels as the one featured in the movie. Not only is it an economical choice for green drivers, but the Civic Hybrid retains a lot of the fun-to-drive characteristics of the conventional Civic. Though it might resemble an oblong bubble on wheels, the Ford Taurus offered drivers plenty of space and their choice of a four-cylinder or six-cylinder engine. Those seeking an even bigger bed are shelling out an average of $46,601 to splurge on a full-size truck. It’s best to know what your own insurance covers ahead of time — you don’t want to find out you’ll be paying for a rental car out of pocket. Rollover bars protect the car’s occupants from injury if the vehicle rolls over during an accident. Smith admitted he was not allowed to have the guns in the vehicle as a convicted felon – there were three at the time of the shooting – but Smith insisted they were brought on the road trip by the third buddy in the group Antoine Smith (no relation). Otherwise, they can help you to get any other winning payout via substitution. But just as a genuine smile can brighten someone’s day, nice behaviors can elicit happiness in others as well, whether in neurotic New York, extroverted Georgia or anywhere in between. Otherwise, accidents both small and large can occur. From egg-shaped miniature station wagons to boxy sedans, ’90s cars came in all different styles and colors you could imagine. The Mercury Cougar was one of the decade’s best sellers. They were smaller than the previous decade’s offerings, but they offered just as much power and speed. The redesign increased overall size but added little weight, and that was more than offset by extra standard power. December 14, 1977, and earned $237.1 million at the box office. The Aston Martin V8 Vantage has only been made in 1977, 2005, and 2019. Since the original, the car has always had a flashy exterior. From 1964 to 1977, the Chevrolet Chevelle turned a lot of heads. A tapered front end and a squared off rear made this sporty little number turned plenty of heads back in the ’90s. Heading down to the opposite end of the country, perhaps they might enjoy a heaping helping of traditional southern hospitality. Ice racing is one of those sports that proves great things can happen when people who go ice fishing get bored. Now that’s a real treat. They’re controversial modifications, with some claiming they’re nothing more than snake oil, while other enthusiasts swearing by them.

While there may be hundreds of different sites claiming to offer these codes, many are out-of-date or require fees or registration. Some companies have annual fees, while others start with a base rate and add fees for every kilometer or mile driven past the specified distance. When you add a hybrid power train that give drivers a 37 percent improvement in city fuel economy, you get a machine that really earns its spot as the 5th best selling hybrid in America. We’re not sure how you could see anything with those tiny headlights, but they add to the overall ugliness of the Multipla’s appearance. The night vision looked beyond the headlights, displaying images on a dashboard screen for the driver. The California Special looked sportier and drove faster than previous Mustangs. Latterday critics haven’t really given the 1961 Fury a fair shot. Then on the 1961 Plymouth Fury, the fins vanished entirely, replaced by a rounded shape with a swoopy front end that Motor Trend once retrospectively compared with “a generation of Japanese sci-fi monsters.” The public remained unimpressed, and was now also confused: Plymouth sales dropped by 100,000 and Rambler replaced Plymouth as the number three best-seller. From 1989-1997, the Geo factory released a number of small vehicles as a collaboration between Japanese companies and General Motors. Koko B. Ware had the first televised Monday Night Raw match, fighting against Japanese sumo wrestler Yokozuna. Monday morning before running off, all while two young children sat in the back seat of the suspect’s car, police say. 2021, according to statistics compiled by the advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety and released Monday. Both parties were released at the scene. But the worst part about it was that it was almost impossible to draw circles. It may feature shapes like diamonds, circles or squares, but any pattern made from lines forming repeating shapes generally falls within this category. Any design in which a repeating pattern drops down by an increment from column to column falls within this category. Ogee patterns feature repeating rows of onion-shaped designs, which may resemble a diamond that is rounded on two sides rather than pointed. With only two seats and a 94 horsepower engine, the tiny truck-like X90 was popular with enthusiasts and unmistakable while rolling down the road blasting some grunge music. Usually, you’ll need your high beams on when driving in darker situations such as in rural areas or at least outside of the city. These tires provide extra traction in slippery situations. In most instances, hydroplaning means just what you think it does — sliding on a thin layer of water that’s between your tires and the pavement. And it can lead to the most common (and probably the subtlest) type of driving injury: whiplash. Starting in 1969, the Plymouth Road Runner was one of the first mid-sized cars to cross over with features from both types of vehicles. All drivers should remember that the lanes to the right are for slower moving vehicles and the lanes on the left are for faster driving cars. Road rage was responsible for 218 murders and 12,610 injuries according to a 6-year AAA study. These incidents have increased steadily as well in recent years. How about eating breakfast — can passengers or the driver eat in the car? Mr. Can you name it? There are children present, proceed with extreme caution. You want them to be more aware of the children that walk and ride their bikes there.

New also was the first of Plymouth’s now-famous 383 V-8s, packing 330 bhp in similar tune and an impressive 460 pounds/feet of torque. Horsepower was 300 advertised, 276 actual, matched by prodigious torque. How Horsepower Works answers that question. He was seen arguing with the sedan driver and appeared to lean into the window before being fatally shot and stumbling backwards. The lighter engine in the SVO provided better handling and a superior powertrain. Think you can identify classic trucks like the Chevy C/K or the Ford Model TT? Pontiac’s Trans Am had a long life span. As the song goes, life is a highway, and most of us are in our cars for a big chunk of our lives. Fortunately, Bugs and the gang are usually able to thwart his dark goals. High beams should be reserved for dark and relatively vacant roadways. In other words, when Captain Kirk beams down to an alien planet, an analysis of his atomic structure passes through the transporter room to his desired location, where it builds a Kirk replica. Traction is the friction that builds up between the tires on a car and the pavement. Riding your brakes means the pads and rotors are rubbing together so much, a tremendous amount of heat is generated through friction. Or worse, taking a sick day means you don’t get paid. But you might actually be your own worst enemy. Then, all that remains is to settle procedural basics, like creating a backup plan in case that day’s car breaks down. When is it appropriate to send a quick text message while driving? Though lacking the brash brawn of the old big-blocks, this new H/O looked purposeful, handled well, and was decently quick at around 8 seconds 0-60, 16 in the quarter. A quick Internet search can tell you if car sharing is available near you. Can you choose the correct name of this flashy ’70s muscle car? Big John Stud was known for bringing a stretcher to the ring and beating his opponents so badly they’d have to be taken out on it. The voids and lugs combine to create the tread pattern on a tire. Tire size and tread patterns are also important. The tire was built to withstand hurricane force winds, so you should pay no mind to the rumor that it was dislodged at one point and rolled across the highway. Rather than wasting money on brand new toys that your kids will soon tire of, spring for a full box of used games and toys for just $5. From economy cars to pony cars, the ’70s were full of experimentation on the road. Daylights were not always common in cars, but they are standard in every car today and that has led to many of us taking them for granted and assuming (wrongly) that we can leave them running at night. You want to drive safely to make it back to these people, pets, or places. Registration is free, and the site can also help you evaluate credit card rates, find great rewards cards, or search for low gas prices in your area. Wh­en Santonio Holmes won the MVP Award for Super Bowl XLIII, he clearly had green driving on his mind. Not every actor can take on the role of Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein in which film? Experts say it seeped into popular culture by the 1950s and was entrenched by the 1960s, after extensive use by the film and television industries. You can use one, two or even three of them joined together with a gear arrangement that’s scalable, from a one-cylinder engine (which in normal engine terms is really a two cylinder engine) up to a three cylinder (equivalent to a six stroke engine) and beyond. Until recently, there was no way to really know how sustainable your furniture was, or what sustainability might mean in relation to furniture. People were finally able to see the destruction a wall — or better yet, a simple table — could deliver to the popular electric vehicle. 80s, and also ranks as the top-selling vehicle in Canada. There’s the Smart Car, but that name refers to the buyer’s decision to choose a fuel-efficient, low-emissions car rather than any digital aspect. The “jam” refers to too many cars and trucks “jamming” into a road without enough space, not a sweet quince-based substrate containing traffic. In the next section, find out what cities have the worst traffic. I always mess them up. With more and more families enjoying TV time during dinner time, TV trays became a great way to avoid a mess while enjoying your favorite show.

Shag rugs and shag carpeting were great to welcome friends into your home. Right in front of our hero a closet sprang open and a dummy monster popped out. Young drivers ages 16 to 20 are most likely not to wear a seat belt and are also most likely to be involved in a fatal car crash where occupants were not belted in. I don’t even have one. Stutts, Jane C., Vaughn, Bradley V. and Wilkins, Jean W. “Why Do People Have Drowsy Driving Crashes? Input from People Who Just Did.” AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Everything from music to Broadway plays found a distinctly ‘70s tilt – in our daunting “Me Decade” quiz, what do you remember about the pop culture of the 1970s? In response, The Exterminator methodically works to track down and eliminate Hans. The card reader works like the credit card machines that use blink technology instead of swiping. To understand how hydroplaning works, you need to know how traction works. Made by the famous calculator company, Speak & Spell would ask you to spell item and then let you know if you spelled it right or wrong. Take this quiz to see if you can identify the toys that made you who you are today. However, we think it’s quite possible that all the fuss about function left a few important things like design out. The styling of the 1960 Plymouth Fury didn’t. Continue to the next page to find specifications for the 1960-1961 Plymouth Fury. Read the next page to find out. Which was the first car to achieve this feat, however? Abuse of the left lane may result in a $200 fine. The railroad industry’s robust health has come as a result of an improving U.S. This often results in road rage, which can pose a significant threat to health and safety for everyone on the road. Despite that physical detachment, the youngest child, Anna, carried on the Freudian torch, later conducting groundbreaking work in child psychoanalysis. The eventual father of psychoanalysis also fathered six children: Mathilde, Jean Martin, Oliver, Ernst, Sophie and Anna. An apparent road-rage incident in Polk County, Oregon, turned deadly last week when a driver fatally shot 45-year-old father Dennis Anderson. How exactly they’ll catch you is a mystery. This film is the mystery and intrigue you’d expect from the franchise. However, RDJ is up for the challenge in “That’s Adequate,” a faux-documentary-style film that includes Bruce Willis and Jerry Stiller. Beard, David. “We’re a red state (in carbon emissions).” The Boston Globe. Before his days as a Laker, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was a star center for the Milwaukee Bucks, and he led the team to the Finals against Boston. Led by legendary coach John Wooden, 1970s UCLA basketball hit a stretch of success that will never, ever be equaled. Research published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology found that having a gun in the car is linked to an increase in aggressive driving, and permitless carry laws are linked to an increase in violent crimes. Murray, B. “There’s nothing good about working in a cubicle, study finds.” Monitor on Psychology. DeAngelis, Tori. “When anger’s a plus.” Monitor on Psychology. Pandi, George. “On the trail of J.S. Bach.” The Christian Science Monitor. They monitor incoming traffic and continuously adjust their timing to keep vehicles flowing as smoothly as possible, communicating with other lights along routes and working together to keep logjams from developing. Traffic jams are common all over the world, but don’t be confused about the meaning of the expression. One of the main ways that respiratory illnesses like the common cold, flu, whooping cough, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and coronavirus are spread is through coughing and sneezing. One button attacks to the left; one to the right. Whether that’s true or not, the sixty-eight-year-old former private-equity executive is now facing the toughest challenge any Fed chair can confront: trying to change policy direction and engineer a soft landing for the economy without precipitating a financial crash or a recession. Stunts include the can can, where riders put both legs on the same side of the bike (extra points for landing in the position), and the lazy boy, where riders put their feet up beyond the handle bars and lay back on the bike with their hands extended behind their head (that doesn’t sound very lazy at all, actually). Prone bike. Any idea as to what its called? Early motorized bikes were the forerunners of motorbikes, although they are again popular. Some patterns borrow from traditional cultures from the Far East or Europe, conveying nostalgic scenes of fishermen or cottage life. Brazen thieves rammed a car into an SUV and stole $20,000 from its disoriented driver during a brazen Upper East Side robbery Saturday.

If someone has used force and caused serious injury, this would be considered to be a 1st Degree Robbery. The man has an outstanding felony warrant for a first-degree robbery outside of King County and was also wanted for felony hate crime, felony eluding, and theft, according to the outlet. Isn’t Orange County the same as L.A.? More Madison County madness? But when your time at work is more productive and you’re not wasting time dealing with stress, then you might have an extra five minutes to wipe down your desk and adjust your chair. Often prized by street racers, the Nissan Pulsar took the hatchback to a new level. Nissan named its full-size Titan pickup after a group of divine beings from Greek mythology known as the Titans. It’s no secret that men (and women) love their trucks – and many are willing to pay a massive premium for the privilege of a pickup bed. Many classic muscle fans prefer cars that are most “factory-original,” paint flaws, misaligned trim, and all the rest. It was originally conceived as a simple compact car, but by the mid-’60s when muscle cars were all the rage Chevy began offering it with some serious power like a 324 cu in, V8 engine. Double-stacks rely on a flatcar with a sunken floor that allows two intermodal containers to rest one atop the other, doubling the capacity of a flatcar. The other, less concrete concern is the potential for privatization. Commuting to work, honking at each other, gassing up, or just looking pretty in a garage. That honking you’re hearing is telling you to move over to the right lane. You’re comfortable when driving, and that’s all that matters, right? At one point he changed his image by cutting his moppish hair into a crewcut, wearing amateur wrestling singlets, and losing muscle mass and definition. Used for both BMX racing as well as for free styling (with loads of tricks), BMXs are instantly recognizable. I’m totally a free spirit. Still, they conjured up some of their spirit. SRT8s were predictably faster still, doing 0-60 lunges in 5 seconds or less, sub-14 quarter miles, and 0-100 and back to 0 in no more than 17 seconds. Still, some drivers prefer the level of control and engagement a manual transmission provides. When someone is engaging with you in an aggressive and/or disrespectful way, it can be easy to stoop to their level and match their behavior. With streets and highways returning to normal traffic density and gasoline costs soaring, this year’s numbers are likely to be much higher. It also helps resolve any last-minute cancellations and eases the adjustment process if someone must quit the carpool. Renfrow, Peter J.; Gosling, Samuel D.; and Potter, Jeff. As a gold star member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, RDJ has created career momentum that just won’t quit. In all, the reborn Shelby GT500 was a modern marvel with thrilling ’60s soul. Similarly, as a pioneer and figurehead of his respective field, Dr. Benjamin Spock could be considered the father of modern parenting. On the home front, however, the parenting guru who urged moms and dads to trust their instincts wasn’t quite so footloose and fancy-free with his own two sons, Mike and John. The phrase “two ships passing in the night” is an analogy for two people who have met by chance. Knowing what you’re about to collide with before you even see it is definitely digital. If all else fails and you do find yourself in a confrontation, pull over and take a moment to calm down. Since drivers in those states have less experience and preparation for winter driving, they find themselves at a high risk of getting in an accident whenever winter weather affects the roads. If you do start to skid, remain calm and steer gently into the skid until your tires regain traction, and make sure not to press the brake until you’ve re-established control. If your car doesn’t have ABS, you’ll likely need to pump your brakes to avoid sending your car into a skid. Pump your brakes to gradually slow the car. When the needle is on E and the car is still going, you’re running on fumes.

But it was styling that sold cars in 1960, and styling, in the public’s judgment, was not the Fury’s strong point. Thus, while Ford and Chevrolet increased their combined production by about a quarter-million units in 1960, Plymouth barely maintained its 1959 volume level. In production since 1955, the Ford Thunderbird was a car that set standards. In 2019, Chevy introduced the Chevy Corvette ZR1 which is the fastest production Corvette ever made with a top speed of 212 miles per hour. With snow chains, however, you won’t be able to drive faster than around 30 miles per hour (48 kilometers per hour). Snow tires are made of softer rubber than all-weather tires, which gives them a better grip on the road. The snow intensifies, icing over to turn road surfaces into a skating rink. Proper driver etiquette dictates that people use their turn signals whenever they are turning or changing lanes. Show how they differ in terms of the focus. You’re cruising down the interstate, listening to the morning radio show and thinking about everything you have to do when you arrive at work. While that series may have failed, interest in cars that are smarter than their drivers didn’t wane. Hasek, Glenn. “Interest in Sustainable Furniture on the Rise.” Green Lodging News. The Tahoe Hybrid was named the 2008 Green Car of the Year by the Green Car Journal, giving it some green street-cred. Wait at the red light and when it turns green again, proceed on your way. If she got off the 10th floor, then went down two (to floor eight) and up eight floors again, that would place Ana on the 16th floor. They gave us something to come back to again and again, but they were ultimately just really long movies that left us hanging each week. Unfortunately, this scenario is common during the rush hours of most major cities in the United States at least five days a week. The Pifco Princess was a woman’s way of getting the hairstyle she wanted without having to go to the salon several times a week. So if the other driver jumps the gun, just give them the right of way. Such a thing could never really happen in the United States, right? It’s one thing to know the difference between a C4 and C5 Corvette, and yet another to remember the firing order of the engines. Unless you’re trying to score points in a demolition derby, attempt insurance fraud, or raise your national profile as a NASCAR driver, odds are, you don’t ever want to be in a car wreck. As a driver, you’re in control of a large, deadly object therefore you must be especially alert in areas where pedestrians may surprise you. Increase your following distance to allow more reaction time should something surprise you. They were soft and floppy, not stiff like a lot of stuffed animals of the time. If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could stand to calm your inner provocateur, at least on the road. What does GDL stand for? The GDL is a system being implemented in more states across the U.S., which has helped to reduce teen-driver accidents up to 30 percent. In the eastern and southern U.S., stagecoaches largely traveled along established routes dotted with inns and taverns, making passenger travel relatively easy. So how did “riding shotgun” get transferred from stagecoaches to motor vehicles? This design eliminates the turbo lag you get in a traditional twin turbo setup. Even the digital dashboard added to the car’s futurist styling. This toy became really cool when pens with different colored inks came out. Gen. George S. Patton penned a letter to his only son, George S. Patton III, who was then studying at West Point. Taylor III, Alex. “Solving the highway death epidemic.” CNN Money. National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). The Wall Street Journal.