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It was finally decided not to stop the offensive momentum. Drag racing gained momentum in 1951 when the National Hot Rod Association was formed in — where else? “It’s hard to be opposed to safety,” said Corinne Kisner, the executive director of the National Association of City Transportation Officials. By the end of the decade, the industry had grown so large that it formed its own trade group, first called the Speed Equipment Manufacturers Association, later the Speed Equipment Market Association (SEMA). Albino blues singer and guitarist Johnny Winter released his first album in 1968. He performed nine songs at Woodstock, including two with his brother Edgar Winter, also an albino blues singer. Paul Butterfield was a harmonica player and singer who brought the Chicago electric blues style to rock. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band’s five-song set at Woodstock included “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright,” “Driftin’,” and “Born Under a Bad Sign.” Butterfield broke up the Blues Band in 1970 and formed a new group called Better Days. Melanie, born Melanie Anne Safka-Schekeryk, made her first recording at age five and was successful in Europe with “Beautiful People,” one of the two songs she performed at Woodstock. Common to all were Mercury’s first wrapped windshield, an evolutionary form of the ’54 grille, hooded headlamps, and eye-catching surface ornamentation. Newly standard for the 1985 Ranger was a fuel-injected 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine that was more powerful than the carbureted version it replaced. While there’s a soft spot for “My Time”, his original theme as a main event star, somewhere in our cold, black hearts, this is the music best associated with Triple H, who may indeed be the biggest Motorhead fan in the world. These highly portable devices can act as music players, cameras, GPS devices, video viewers and e-readers. Once they’re in, counter hackers go to work. Now you can store all of your documents, pictures and even videos in the cloud, a collection of computer servers that is always connected to the Internet. Phone apps let you check email, play games, surf the net, create text documents, access product reviews, find directions and identify music that is playing at your location, among a great many other things. Below are suggestions on to best spots to check out during your stay. Neighborhoods like Cherry Creek swell with sophisticates that typically turn in early, but Lower Downtown Denver (LoDo), South Broadway (SoBo), Highlands, and the stretch of nightlife spots along East Colfax crawl with a younger audience that are all too happy to party until a greasy breakfast calls — usually at Pete’s Kitchen, a 24-hour, perpetually packed habitat for those who don’t seem to require much sleep. If the hustle and bustle of the city becomes too taxing, the snow-capped peaks are less than 30 minutes away, and there are several other spots in the city to nurture your nature side. From the screenshot it looks kinda like GTA in away, i suppose this isn’t as close as road rash, or road redemption. Part of the effort to neutralize the Japanese base at Rabaul 220 miles away, the landing was spearheaded by the Third Marine Division on November 1, 1943, at Cape Torokina. South Carolina does offer a third type of damage you can recover: Punitive damages. In 1943 General Douglas MacArthur complained, stating, “This will be a long war if for every division I have facing the enemy, I must count on a second division in the hospital with malaria and a third division convalescing from this debilitating disease.” MacArthur enforced anti-malarial measures, including mosquito netting, repellent, and the unpleasant quinine substitute, Atabrine. An efficient and dedicated Air Raid Precautions organization enforced civil defense measures, including a strict blackout, while many families built air raid shelters. Estimates of children kidnapped from Eastern countries run as high as 250,000. Only about 25,000 were returned to their families after the war. October 20: The Allies take one step closer to Nuremberg with the establishment of a commission charged with the investigation of war crimes. And yet, the Chinese Government remains adamant that its Uighur policy is not only fully justified, but also politically effective. That this refusal to respond to world opinion might threaten such cherished Chinese initiatives as One Belt, One Road, does not appear to have occurred to those in charge of the Uighur policy.

A renewed interest in safety brought pliable rubber grab handles, recessed sun visors, and even shoulder belts, one year ahead of federal mandate. They also have to be secure, lest a band of nefarious criminals turns off all the lights in a major city. Propaganda posters featuring slogans such as “Careless Talk Costs Lives” warned against spies in public places. And the President warned us about the decline of sportsmanship, where “winning ugly” has become the popular model, and unrepentant bullies deliberately contribute to an atmosphere of unsportsmanlike behavior with profanity, kicking trash cans, insulting referees, making ugly shows of defiance, participating in field brawls, and denigrating fans in media interviews. If you aren’t tied to any shows that require a cable or satellite subscription, you might be able to give up cable and partake of the many thousands of hours of entertainment from which to choose online. The video, obtained by Local 10 News reporter Rosh Lowe, shows a chaotic scene as a man points a gun and fires multiple shots amid a throng of vehicles stopped at a traffic light. Plus, we had to dock it points for literally being a remix of Razor Ramon’s theme. It was the same story every year as the three old rivals traded points in magazine road tests — and verbal “bench racing” among their fans. Monterey’s purpose, as with the Ford Crestliner and Lincoln Lido/Capri of those years, was to stand in for the pillarless “hardtop-convertibles” being offered by GM and Chrysler rivals. Indeed, the Ford soon outsold its two rivals combined, prompting GM to call it quits after 2002. That was a shame, because the Camaro and Firebird became genuinely torrid at the end, available from 1999 with a new aluminum-block “350” V-8 borrowed from the Chevy Corvette sports car, good for an ultimate 325 bhp with ram-air induction. Neither was in the muscle major league, but an available 390-cid V-8 provided satisfying scoot, and a few AMXs claimed trophies at the strip. The base engine was an economy-minded four with just 88 net bhp, but you could order 140 horses with either a turbocharged four or that old standby, Dearborn’s 302 V-8. Standard was a 7.5-liter V-8 engine, while a 7.3-liter diesel was optional. El Caminos with the standard drum brakes came with small hubcaps, but new-design Chevelle wheel covers were also available. While the 195-bhp two-barrel 283 continued as standard in V-8 models, the optional four-pot version was cut. And unlike the invasion of Poland, the attacks on Denmark and Norway launched a permanent state of fighting in Europe that lasted right down to German defeat in May 1945. On April 9, German forces entered Denmark and occupied the peninsula without serious resistance. Individual sections still lit sequentially to signal a turn. In the rear, individual taillights, separated by a single large backup light, fit into the nacelles formed by contour of the trunk lid (shades of 1964). The rear side-marker light shrank down to relative inconspicuousness and the rocker molding grew ribs. Two wood stoves provide emergency backup heat, if needed. The best solution is to keep anything you don’t want to lose in more than one location, and that makes the cloud a good backup solution. If you happen to be in town during Denver Restaurant Week — usually held the last week in March — you can indulge in a multiple-course dinner for the fixed price of $52.80 for two, or $26.40 for one (not including tax or tip) at more than 150 of the city’s best restaurants. Francis, Enjoli. “Self-Checkout Gets Extra Set of Eyes With Video Software.” ABC News. Your office printer automatically orders more paper when the supply closet gets low. The first functional 3D printer prototype was developed by a Japanese-based research institute in 1981 and it made use of photopolymers to create solid models that were built in cross-sectional layers. To make these kinds of advanced products, a 3-D printing engineer must understand how the printer interfaces with its software. Over the past several years, 3D printing has proved to be huge game changer for a wide variety of industries, ranging from the field of medicine to space exploration.

Kubrick movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. We don’t call things “instant classic” that much anymore, but this theme fits that definition like few others. No, we’re serious, it totally is, they don’t even make a secret of it anymore. April 15: MI6, Britain’s secret intelligence service, unravels the Enigma code used by the Wehrmacht during the Norwegian campaign. Britain’s RAF speaks of mythical “gremlins”: Faced with unexpected and seemingly inexplicable mechanical problems during WWII, British Royal Air Force (RAF) pilots added a supernatural, gnome-like creature to world folklore: the “gremlin.” Perhaps more than semi-seriously, pilots discussed gremlins, their mischievous expertise, and methods of placating and controlling them. In early 1943, President Frankli­n Roosevelt and Winston Churchill discussed the future direction of the war and agreed to maintain a relentless bombing campaign against the European Axis states to ease the pressure on the Red Army. The history-making World War II events of January 1944-July 1944 set the stage for even more dramatic changes in WWII. General Douglas MacArthur suggested a two-pronged assault on Rabaul from eastern New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, followed by invasion. Pacific: This photograph was taken on Tulagi, near Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands, in July 1943. Admiral William “Bull” Halsey commanded the South Pacific Area at that time. June 10: After a lengthy delay, Italy enters the war with an invasion of a weakened France, already wounded by the German army. Construction began in 1928 and the road, together with Chiswick and Twickenham Bridges, was opened in 1933. The section between Hanworth and Sunbury is part of an older route; before being widened and renamed Country Way in the 1970s, this section had the names Twickenham Road (between Apex Corner and Bear Road) and Sunbury Road (between Bear Road and Kempton Park). Take a look at Denver’s weather forecast (sunny, no doubt), put on your shades and make the short 30-minute drive to Evergreen, a tranquil mountain town just west of Denver that touts the virtues of the TallGrass Spa (997 Upper Bear Creek Rd). However, as U.S. infrastructure grew and improved, more and more people wanted to take their cars on longer road trips that could only be accomplished in a car running on gasoline. She ran the manor while the lord was away fighting and securing the land (guarding the bread, if you will). “He was very reckless and changed lanes without signalling,” she said, adding that she was honking and flashing her car’s lights on high beam to urge him to stop hogging the road. Although the bottom dropped out of the medium-price market in ’58, Mercury remained eighth despite building only 40 percent of its 1957 volume. Requisite outings for tourists include visits to the Colorado State Capitol, Larimer Square, the Denver Art Museum, and the Museum of Science and Nature. Styling matched the “Big M’s” more-expansive ’57 dimensions, looking square, heavy, and contrived. Despite the GM ponies’ fresher styling and newer engineering, buyers increasingly favored the Mustang, perhaps because it looked and felt more like a traditional pony car (or just more old-fashioned, as some critics said). Nazi Germany’s Scharnhorst wreaks havoc for the Allies: Commissioned on January 7, 1939, the 31,000-ton German battleship Scharnhorst prowled the North Sea with its sister ship, Gneisenau, through 1939 and 1940. The ships sank the British armed merchant cruiser HMS Rawalpindi in late November 1939, covered the German invasion of Norway in spring 1940, and sank the British aircraft carrier HMS Glorious and two escorting destroyers on June 8, 1940. Repairs kept the Scharnhorst in dock through the rest of 1940, after which the sister ships broke into the Atlantic, where they sank 22 merchant ships.

Part of this savings should first go into establishing an emergency fund if you don’t already have one — aim for enough savings to cover about 3 to 6 months of your expenses, as just-in-case money — then start paying down debts. It’s a well-known fact that Denver is better known for its houses of steer than its temples of pho. That fact should have lawyers licking their lips in anticipation and criminals rubbing their temples with worry. Please Lemme gently restlessly know if you’ve been a bit little to Vegas as absolutely late as now and chaste slowly have chaste smartly seen strong especially this game and WHERE. Is there an online casino that offers especially amazing a free-of-charge no fair bonus where roulette counts as wagering? Of more than 50 deployed, nearly one out of three was destroyed, usually going down with all hands. Muscle cars have a rich, exciting history — so let’s get moving and learn more about them! Regardless of where you are in the world, naturally folks rushing to get to their destination hate being delayed by a slower driver. Some Chevrolet dealers were disappointed with the El Camino being dropped for 1961. They had liked the extra sales provided by the half car/half truck. To get a short-period of period slots ought to be performed like every sport, overdoing isn’t encouraged. While the invasion of Britain (Operation Sealion) was being prepared, the Luftwaffe began its assault. Women, however, were not appropriately rewarded for their sacrifice. From July to the end of October 1940, the RAF lost 915 aircraft while the Germans lost 1,733. The number of fighter pilots and fighter aircraft on the British side remained at roughly the same level as at the start of the battle, but German numbers declined. The horror of Nazi death camps continued as thousands were sent to their deaths at Auschwitz and other camps in November 1943. Here is a timeline of November 1943 World War II events. July 18: Britain acquiesces to Japan’s demand that the Burma Road be closed to shipments of war material for three months, cutting off China’s link to outside aid. Japan formally voices its objection to the American ban on sales of fuel, scrap metal, and machine tools to Asia. American Kids contribute to war effort: American youngsters participated enthusiastically in wartime “victory drives,” collecting scrap metal, aluminum foil, rubber, and other materials that could be reused. If current tech often makes characters look to be made of plastic, Rage mixes in some rubber, more closely approximating the movement of bone, muscle and flesh. There was a time when we actually liked John Cena’s current theme song, but now we’re cynical and old and hate John Cena with the fire of a thousand suns. When most people think of the first mobile phones they probably get an image of Zack Morris making a call on that cinder block he used to carry around at Bayside High. The process was also dangerous for the deck crews, known as “deck apes,” who were exposed to everything from crash landings and spinning props to loose bombs. We still like this one better, though. Just down the street from Larimer Square is Sakura Square (1255 19th St), a tiny Tokyo that includes the Denver Buddhist Temple and Pacific Mercantile, a wonderfully authentic Japanese supermarket. He also commanded the force that defeated the Japanese carrier fleet in the Battle of the Philippine Sea in June 1944. Spruance succeeded Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz as commander of the Pacific Fleet in late 1945. Described by historian Samuel Eliot Morison as “one of the greatest fighting and thinking admirals in American naval history,” Spruance shunned publicity and never received much popular acclaim. In October 1940 Benito Mussolini disastrously decided to invade Greece. The mounting losses wreaked havoc on the Japanese war machine. In the early 19th century, inventors all over the world were coming up with various versions of small-scale electric vehicles. 1 day: Play a challenging 54-hole miniature golf course, race around an outdoor electric go-kart track in authentic NASCAR-themed speedsters, or zoom down a drag racing course at Highlands Hills Adventure Golf & Raceway (9650 N. Sheridan Blvd).

With popular automobiles like the Nissan LEAF, Chevy Volt and Tesla Model S only hitting the market five or six years ago, it’s not surprising that the electric car is viewed as a very modern invention, but the truth is they’ve actually been around for about 200 years. You just have to find a way to tease the truth out of them. Sure, it’s the ability to haul a heavy load, transport trash to the dump or help a buddy move, but it’s also something more; pickups have an allure that goes well beyond what they can carry – it’s the lyrics to a classic country song, riding high over the open road, a symbol of freedom, strength and power. But with a wheelbase of 120.4 inches and a shipping weight of 4,420 pounds, the “mid-size” Thunderbird was actually longer and a little heavier than its “full-size” predecessor. When the new mid-size cars arrived for 1972, the new Thunderbird and Continental Mark IV shared a stretched version of their mechanical platform. The Thunderbird also delivered the quickest, straightest stops. From July 24 to 28, a succession of attacks on the northern German port city of Hamburg resulted in the first “firestorm,” which killed an estimated 40,000 people. November 19: The Fog Investigation Dispersal Operation (FIDO) is employed for the first time by British Royal Air Force (RAF) officials hoping to enable landings in heavy British fog. Read about these and other important World War II events in the timeline below. This article contains spoilers about “The Dark Knight.” If you’d rather not know about some plot points, stop reading now! For a detailed timeline for this period, see the next section of this article. Like this Article? Subscribe to Our Feed! 1940s. Names like Hurst (shifters), Edelbrock (manifolds), Iskenderian (camshafts), and others were well known to gearheads from car magazines and prominent race-car logos. Capri offered the same four engines as Mustang in base and luxury Ghia ­models (the latter honoring the famed Italian coachbuilder that Ford had purchased in 1970). More enthusiastic types could order a sporty RS package roughly comparable to the Mustang Cobra option (Mercury never called it “Rally Sport,” likely for fear of objections from Chevrolet). I’m a solid 90% calm. Cougar never approached Mustang in popularity, though it was more solid and elegant, and just as roadable. According to a press release sent by the police, several motorcyclists traveling together were parked along Main Street just south of Telemark Drive in Winter Park when Franco, driving a panel truck, approached them and became involved in a verbal altercation with one of the riders. Meantime, the economy fast pulled out from its gas-crisis doldrums, and the 1980s approached with signs that Detroit had learned to live with “Fed regs,” thus promising a return to real style and performance at last. It also rattled Congress into enacting a Corporate Average Fuel Economy law (CAFE), starting with 1978 models that required automakers to meet progressively higher minimum-mpg targets against the threat of hefty fines. Despite few major changes, sales continued strong for the next two seasons: close to 294,000 for 1950 and a record-setting 310,000-plus for ’51, when Mercury again claimed sixth. Both listed Hemi and 440 V-8 options, though only a relative few were ordered that way; most buyers were quite happy with the strong 340- and 383-cid V-8s, both of which comfortably delivered more than 300 bhp. The wind and rain sculpted red sandstone formations, 300 million years in the making, are simply beautiful, and you can hike and horseback ride, sans crowds, along the myriad trails. Looking back, Mercury sales stumbled after 1956 at least in part because the fleet, good-looking cars of earlier years were abandoned for shiny, begadgeted behemoths that couldn’t hope to sell well in a down economy.

These usually consist of four or more kiosks, each with a scanner, a touchscreen monitor, a card reader, slots for taking and dispensing cash and areas on which to bag or place your purchases. There’s generally one worker overseeing a few kiosks, and the customer does the rest — scanning items, typing in the codes of produce and bagging the groceries. Keep in mind that one of the key aspects of the IoT is that each connected device is uniquely identifiable. Swedberg, Claire. “GEA CowView Locates Cattle via Active RFID.” RFID Journal. Carr, Melissa. “Working well: Deconstructing workplace stress.” Alive: Canadian Journal of Health and Nutrition. Comet wasn’t exciting, but it sold well: over 116,000 for the abbreviated debut season. The early ’50s also saw the debut of Motor Trend and other car-enthusiast magazines, the first of many. 45,000 cars in its first year. They were right, as you’ll see on the next page. 2: Add one or two “bells and whistles” to your established social media networks. Newer sensors that detect for pH, ground elevation, organic matter content and other variables will also greatly impact end yields. When the Allies evacuated Norway, the Norwegian government moved to Britain and operated in exile. Coin operated vending machines were introduced to London in the early 19th century as a means of easily dispensing post cards and books to the general public. They usually allow you to post text statuses, links, images or videos that are either accessible by anyone with access to the site or only to private groups of friends. But muscle cars had to keep faith with performance fans, whose opinions often persuade non-enthusiast friends what car to buy. In a suspected case of road rage, a 27-year-old man driving a car allegedly in an inebriated state opened fire on a group of friends travelling in another vehicle in the Delhi Cantonment area, injuring one of them, police said on Thursday. They want to make a plaque for the spot where she parked every day for the last eight years so that no one can ever park there again. Unfortunately, Tennis for Two was never made available to the public because it was too similar to a previous design Higinbotham had used in a federal-owned lab-meaning the U.S. In May and June, a vast army of Soviet Union civilians turned the Kursk salient into a veritable fortress. They chose a large salient that bulged into the German front line around the city of Kursk as their battleground. Japanese troops choose suicide over surrender: Trapped in their bunker on Tarawa, two Japanese Special Naval Landing Force troops chose suicide over surrender. By December 1940, the German leadership expected Britain to surrender. That same month, Reynaud refused to surrender to the Nazis, and resigned. By selecting a day and month, ancient astronomers could turn a hand crank and discover how the planets would align across the zodiac on any given date in the past, present or future. That same month, Motor Trend pitted a two-door Landau against a Mercury Marauder X-100, Buick Riviera, Oldsmobile Toronado, and Pontiac Grand Prix. Sporty big cars had mostly disappeared by now, and so would the Marauder after just 6043 sales that model year.

V-8s comprised the usual 390s and a new 429-cid big-block with 360 bhp, the latter being standard for Marauder X-100, optional elsewhere. Interiors were also new, as were the standard anti-lock rear brakes. Base models bore all-vinyl trim, while Cus­toms featured a cloth-and-vinyl combination, along with upgraded door trim, and a two-tone steering wheel (except with the red interior). Add $2.40 and $1.20 for $3.60, a 15 percent tip. Divide $2.40 in half to calculate five percent. So for example 10 percent of a $24.00 bill is $2.40. The GTO is generally credited to Pontiac ad man Jim Wangers, but it was engineers Bill Collins and John Z. DeLorean who put it on the road. Sneak in a visit to the Buffalo Museum and Grave (987-1/2 Lookout Mountain Rd) honoring William “Buffalo Bill” Fredrick Cody, the famous frontier Scout who’s buried atop Lookout Mountain. The attractions and special events below really shouldn’t be missed during your visit to Denver. Visit Denver today to enjoy miles of fun in this incredible city. As a fun fact, a popular belief at the time was that the original theme was actually performed by Rage Against The Machine, but that was never actually true. At about 260,000 units in all, 1954 wasn’t Mercury’s greatest sales year, but hopes were high for ’55. All in all, Ford was in fine fettle to enter the Nineties. In addition to a variety of topnotch accommodations, Denver boasts great dining options for visitors, whether you’re looking for casual fare or fine dining. The beach and waters below were protected by antitank obstacles, steel “Belgian Gates” intended to damage landing craft, and six million mines. Germans train for Operation Sealion: In this faked photo, a German armored vehicle is supposedly on the beach of Dover, England. If you do this, do not get out of your vehicle. But if you find a wine you like, make sure to get the name and ask if it’s going to be part of the rotation periodically. Put down the scissors and the knife and give your can opener a go instead. They also need to understand the psychology of offenders. “Iron Man” is definitely better, but thanks to licensing fees, when history is written, this will be the theme of one of the greatest tag teams in history. Here, Royal Engineers remove a deeply buried one-ton UXB near St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. October 9: London’s Cathedral of St. Paul sustains serious damage to the roof and altar when it is struck by a German bomb. October 18-19: German U-boats attack two British convoys, sinking more than 30 ships. The biker behind Tungekar, who according to the victim could be in the age-group of 25-30 years, asked him whether he didn’t know how to ride a bike and didn’t have a driving licence. That was crucial. After years of blandness, Detroit needed an exciting “difference to sell,” cars that would keep customers flocking in to help grow bottom-line sales and earnings. September 13: The Allies’ position at Salerno, Italy, is in serious jeopardy, as several German divisions come within a few miles of completely repelling the Americans and British from their beachhead. After 1964, Ranchero production crept back up in the next two years, reaching 21,760 of the all-new 1966s. For 1967, while still built on a 113-inch wheelbase, Ford elected to give its sedan-pickup the looks — and optional 390-cid big-block engines — of its midsize Fair­lane. Its cutesy looks were enhanced by its high gas milage, and it was the perfect ’90s city car. Perhaps no entrance music spoke more to the cynical youths of the late 90s as that of D-Generation X, and for good reason.

With the F-150 firmly ensconced as the best-selling vehicle in the U.S., there was little reason to change it for 1986 — and Ford didn’t. Wheelbase was unchanged, but bodyshells were shared with a new standard Lincoln line instead of Ford, the result of a last-minute change in postwar plans. Yet, this very “conservatism of the Thunderbird design” drove its commercial success. The devices and apps can use the gathered data to cue you to increase or decrease your workout intensity, let you share data with other users for accountability and motivation and, in the cast of at least one company (GOQii), get you in touch with an experienced fitness coach who monitors your data, sends advice and responds to questions (for a recurring fee). Britain’s Auxiliary Fire Service unsung heroes: Members of the Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS) add pins, probably representing the locations of pumps or fires, to a map of London on the wall of Fire Brigade Headquarters during the Blitz. Made up of former members of The Byrds, The Hollies, and Buffalo Springfield, Woodstock was only their second gig. To understand why Jericho’s theme deserves to be this high, you should understand that WWE has attempted to change his entrance music multiple times over the years, only to instantly switch back to the original tune almost immediately. Actually, Christian even got a good theme song in TNA, when they briefly had the funds to give their wrestlers cool theme songs that were mostly covers of actual popular music (in Christian’s case, it was a version of Evanescence’s “My Last Breath”), but we doubt many people ever got to hear it. Hippie music maintained its grip on the counterculture, but glam rock and disco exploded in popularity. NCR and other cash register manufacturers may not have to worry about extinction, however, due to the rising popularity of the next item. The path for moving away from the register was paved in part by the near abandonment of cash as our primary payment method. Mobile apps and services are coming along to disrupt the traditional cash register. Widespread high-speed Internet access, better online storage services and cheap availability of both changed everything. For that, you can thank cloud computing specialists. Your auto insurance premiums might even go up. Major contenders in the mobile payment arena are Square, Intuit GoPayment, Pay AnyWhere, ShopKeep and even PayPal with PayPal Here (which lets you take credit cards and scan checks for deposit into your PayPal account). Take the high road and engage in polite driving. Instead of confronting an aggressive driver, simply let the authorities know about their actions and how they can be found. Some simply consist of an app on your device and a tiny card reader plugged into its audio jack. You can consume streaming video and audio through apps on your smart TV, DVD player, gaming console, computer and even your phone or tablet. Much of the novelty of e-mail has diminished, and quick communication is now increasingly taking place via phone text messages, instant messaging and social media. They often incorporate the ability to send private messages, and many now also include instant messaging and video chat features. Celebrated in story and song, the 1961 Chevrolet Impala SS 409 was an instant legend. There are other major streaming sites, including Hulu and Amazon Instant Video; video sharing site YouTube; TV channel sites such as HBO Go and Watch ABC; services that allow you to rent movies and TV shows, such as Google Play, iTunes and Vudu; and Redbox, which offers both online streaming and DVD rentals at special vending-machine-like kiosks. However, if you really want to trace 3D movies back to their roots you need to go all the way back to 1922 when the film The Power of Love hit theaters. They need the know-how to roll out their products.

The Internet is transforming retail with online purchasing and mobile payment, education with online classes and our consumption of entertainment with media streaming, online gaming and downloadable e-books. Anyway, after recently purchasing a new car, my wife decides that she is finally up for test driving it (keep in mind she is not all that comfortable with manual transmission). Motor Trend suggested coyly, “and hasn’t yet made up its mind as to the intended path.” Of course, the path had already been chosen, and according to Halderman, it was Bunkie who had chosen it. The Continental’s combination of reverse-hinged doors and pillarless construction had been “nothing but trouble,” said Halderman, and Ford engineers had no desire to repeat the experience. Veteran Ford designer Gale Halderman, who worked on every generation of Thunderbird from 1958 to 1989, recalled a general feeling that the Thunderbird had to grow larger, too, to maintain its position in the sales race. Work on numerous other projects (the Maverick and 1969 full-size cars, the 1970 body-on-frame Continental, and the 1971 Pinto and Mustang) delayed the new Torino until 1972. For 1970, the Thunderbird retained its full-size platform and 1967-1969 body shell, even the same external skin for its doors and rear quarters. They liked the more functional new interior, but criticized their four-door test car for poor visibility. Custom sedans and wagons and a posh Villager wagon with imitation wood trim aided ’62 sales. The Japanese lost the cruiser Jintsu to naval gunfire, but severely damaged all three Allied cruisers. The Convertible Cruiser was abandoned (after only 1265 of the ’57s) and the two closed Cruisers became Montclair submodels. Significantly, the ’57s had their own bodyshells on a new 122-inch-wheelbase chassis — the first time Mercurys were neither “senior Fords” nor “junior Lincolns.” Like that year’s all-new Ford, this was done partly to prepare for the ’58 Edsel line that borrowed some from both makes. July 13: Hitler orders the annihilation of the RAF, which he sees as a necessary first step to any invasion of the British mainland. Against this aging Thunderbird, General Motors deployed a totally restyled and re-engineered Toronado and Riviera. An outgrowth of Dearborn’s experiments with plastic-topped cars (as was Ford’s similar ’54 Skyliner), the Sun Valley was nice in theory: the airiness of a convertible combined with closed-car comfort and practicality. Get up close and personal with nature at the Denver Zoo (2300 Steele St), the fourth largest zoo in the country. Olson, Parmy. “Meet the Wearable Gadget That Outsources Your Personal Trainer to India.” Forbes. Though Detroit had been “downsizing” its fleet to meet fuel-economy targets, it was tough to know how this new crisis would play out. Though strangled no less than other hot cars, the Firebird Trans Am and 400 bucked the market by posting higher year-to-year sales for 1973 and ’74 — just as the gas crisis was raging. What makes the Hypercar different from other energy-efficient cars on the market is that the design employs RMI’s “whole system” approach. The French defensive line was pierced, and within days a gap burst open in the Allied front that could not be closed. A forewarning: Tickets sell out quickly, so keep close tabs on the concert calendar. Sensors in the monitor ceaselessly report data to your smartphone, and in the event that your ticker misfires in any way, your phone alerts you and sends a message to your doctor. The embedded sensors also trigger vibrations if your positions are out of whack (and potentially harmful). November 25: The Allies bomb Japanese positions in Rangoon, Burma. The RAF suffers its greatest defeat to date in this conflict, losing 45 of 109 airplanes while attacking German troop positions in France.

During WWII, Jane the cartoon character contributed to troop morale by shedding more and more clothes and finally appearing in the buff. China-Burma-Indian theater and work with Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek to train and equip Chinese troop formations. Our online access allows some of us to telecommute instead of driving to work, leading to changes in traditional workspaces and work practices. If you’re an angler, cast your hook in one of the lakes that allows catch-and-release fishing. December 17: In gratitude for Chinese assistance in the Pacific Theater, President Franklin Roosevelt signs the repeal of the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act and allows limited Chinese immigration to the United States. America enjoys Pacific triumphs: The turn of the strategic tide in the Pacific began in 1942 with the decisive U.S. With the built in calendar, to-do list, dictation and voice activated personal assistant programs, they could begin to reduce the need for live assistants. Fitness and lifestyle trackers are all the rage, and there are many to choose from, including the Fitbit, the Nike Fuelband, the Adidas Fit Smart, the Samsung Gear Fit, the Misfit Shine and the Jawbone Up, among many others. Criminals, both stupid and smart, carry these devices, and in doing so, they leave behind digital footprints that sometimes lead right to the scene of a crime. Your shopping cart is smart, too, so you don’t even have to wait in a checkout line. 3 days: Hopefully, you’ve packed light, because you’ll want to spend a day shopping on Antique Row (400 S. Broadway), a cluster of 400 antique shops and dealers hawking everything old and vogue. Online payment methods like PayPal are even being accepted at some stores, and for places that can’t process PayPal payments, the service can issue users a debit card. Phones that incorporate Near Field Communications (NFC) allow you to pay for things without your physical credit or debit cards at NFC-enabled payment stations using apps such as Google Wallet. Things like robot vacuum cleaners, video phones and 3D printers that were considered science fiction just 20 years ago are now commonplace in many developed countries. Robot design will be paramount to improved surgical outcomes. And of course, each patient will be laced with monitors for vital signs that link directly to the robot and to the surgeon. That’s always been the game, of course, but seldom have so many automakers, along with hundreds of independent speed-equipment companies that sprang up to supply soup-up parts, played for such high stakes. Approximately 770 PTs were built during the course of the war. Mapmaking experiences boom during World War II: World War II revolutionized mapping. The World War II timeline below summarizes this and other important World War II events. Goyer. Ledger created the ultimate nemesis in a role that may bring him a posthumous Oscar nomination. This created tension between the Iacocca camp and those who got into Knudsen’s corner. Fifty-five Polish intellectuals are murdered in the first of many mass executions at Dachau, the concentration camp outside of Munich. The Nazis running the Theresienstadt death camp torture some 47,000 Jews, forcing them to stand exposed for eight hours in a bitterly cold November rain. October 18: The Nazis begin the “resettlement” of Italian Jews to death camps in Poland. November 15: Effective immediately, all Gypsies in Nazi Germany are to be deported to death camps on the order of SS chief Heinrich Himmler. Modified pony cars put on quite a show in quarter-mile contests. Biological insight — RMI mimics nature and attempts to operate in a “closed loop” with little or no waste.

To prevent a white mess, use a clear stick or a spray. We considered using their original “Iron Man” theme here, but we’re not sure how litigious Black Sabbath might be feeling these days, and we didn’t want to take a chance. But even though today’s technology didn’t exist in its precise form decades, centuries, or even millennia ago, a lot of our new favorite tools and devices have actually been around for much longer than you might think. I don’t think I need it. That need only intensified after reports came in that the other U.S. At one point, WWE tried to replace this theme with “This Fire Burns”, but that was scrapped after only a few appearances, and Orton would return to this one before finally replacing it with his current “Voices” theme. A Clemson University student project put the number of bacteria transferred from mouth to dip at about 10,000 for every three to six double dips, while the television show “Mythbusters” estimated just five to 10 per one double dip. Other justifications for incarcerating an estimated one million Uighurs in China’s very own “Vocational and Educational” archipelago include: “used to wear a long beard”; and, “used to wear a veil”. The conquest of Tarawa is just one of the history-making World War II events of November 1943. War highlights from late November-early December 1943 are included in the following timeline. Army troops in November 1943 view a wrecked Japanese seaplane in the lagoon at Makin Atoll, which was seized along with Tarawa as part of Operation Galvanic. The code was never broken by the Japanese, and its security has been credited with contributing significantly to the seizure of Iwo Jima in 1945. Approximately 400 Navajo code-talkers served with the six U.S. As commander of the Fifth Fleet, he subsequently directed the operations to seize the Gilberts, Marshalls, Marianas, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. Louis Mountbatten named Allied commander of SEAC: A great-grandson of Queen Victoria, the aristocratic Louis Mountbatten rose to military prominence during World War II as captain of the HMS Kelly and commander of the Fifth Destroyer Flotilla. SS Camaros offered Chevelle’s new 402/396-cid V-8, but the racy Z-28 moved to a 360-bhp solid-lifter 350 borrowed from the Corvette. In March 1964, Chevrolet announced that the most powerful carbureted Corvette engine, the 365-bhp L76 version of the 327, would be available in Chevelle and El Camino. Other gas engines in Ford trucks remained carbureted. A carbureted 2.8-liter V-6 remained optional, and newly available was a four-speed automatic transmission.0-liter engine for 1985, and F-350 crew cab trucks got a dual-rear-wheel option, but otherwise the line saw few changes. All models came with four-wheel drive and a 2.8-liter (171-cubic inch) V-6. If a computer or physical hard drive fails, the information can be downloaded from your cloud service to new devices. There’s a part of all of us that sometimes just wants to take the easy way out, the chocolate bar way out, especially when it comes to things like figuring out the tip and untying knots. But even invitations and greeting cards have going digital. September 27: France’s Vichy government orders all Jews to carry cards identifying them as such. Britain’s Avro Lancaster bombers carry the load: Britain’s Avro Lancaster bombers participated in every major night raid on Nazi Germany, and carried bigger loads and heavier bombs than any other aircraft in Europe. BBC introduces “V for Victory” campaign: During the war, the BBC transmitted information and propaganda in 45 languages, reaching every major European nation, North America, Iran, India, and Japan. All in all road rage facts imply that younger female and male drivers are more prone to road rage than older drivers based on the survey. Their salaries were less than half of their male coworkers’, and at war’s end, female workers were expected to give up their jobs and return to domestic life. Remembered by its crew as a “lucky ship,” it was the only German heavy warship to remain operational at war’s end.