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Local Grant Opportunities

A grant program to help businesses hire interns

Foundation Resource Directory
A Guide to Grants for Nebraska Children, Youth, Families, and Communities

Lincoln Community Foundation 
Applications are currently being accepted for Competitive Grants and Quick Response Grants. The Lincoln Community Foundation awards competitive grants to organizations that contribute to the quality of life and welfare of the people of Lincoln and Lancaster County.

Woods Charitable Fund 
Grants available for pilot projects and innovative programs, as well as sustained growth for organizations whose work coincides with the purposes of the foundation. The foundation funds both direct services and policy programs. Woods Charitable Fund only accepts applications from nonprofit organizations that have communicated with them and have been asked to complete an application form. 

Cooper Foundation


Communty Health Endowment


Grant Opportunity Databases

Foundation Center
Through data, analysis, and training, the Foundation Center connects people who want to change the world to the resources they need to succeed. The Center maintains a comprehensive database on U.S. and, increasingly, global grantmakers and their grants — a robust, accessible knowledge bank for the sector.

Grant Funding Alerts
(Washington D.C. Office of Partnerships & Grant Services) The Funding Alert is a weekly publication that highlights grants and funding opportunities
A unified site for interaction between grant applicants and the US Federal agencies that manage grant funds. Potential applicants can create email alerts 

Grant Resources 
(Nebraska Library Commission) List of Grant Resources and Websites

Grant Station
An interactive website that allows grant seekers to identify potential funding sources for their programs or projects, and mentors them through the grant seeking process.


Articles & Resources

3 people, 9 ideas for snaring funding
Obtaining grant funding is as much about making a connection as it is about submitting a request. During the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) 49th International Conference on Fundraising, Gail Vertz of Grant Professionals Assoc., Dara Westling of TechSoup Global and Ritu Sharma of Social Media for Nonprofits, in a panel discussion moderated by Heather Burton of Sage, looked at important considerations for securing grant funding.

4 asking styles to consider (Nonprofit Times)
Socrates said to “Know thyself.” Being aware of your own personality quirks and natural proclivities can help you do your job better, especially if your job is fundraising. Andrea Kihlstedt put together a matrix of personality types specifically for fundraisers to know themselves in her book Asking Styles.

4 considerations for developing an annual plan
When you’re responsible for developing grant proposals, you might feel like a piñata being pummeled by requests from colleagues who want the candy. How do you decide what funding needs to tackle first?

4 Tips for Writing Great Web Content  (Network for Good)
To engage and convert more donors, fundraisers need to write for how people read online. Get straight to the point, organize your information in bite-sized chunks, and write clear, keyword-rich headlines.

5 coping mechanisms for grant stress (The Nonprofit Times)
Stop me if this sounds familiar: You’re in the final stages of your grant application, the deadline is looming, and you have an overwhelming feeling of dread that you won’t get all the work done in time.

5 elements of learning and planning
Raising money once is tough. Raising money more than once can be tougher. In his book “The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising” Larry C. Johnson compares fundraising to both surgery and panning for gold: surgery because it requires specific knowledge and skill and panning for gold because it’s laborious to sift through the gravel for nuggets.

5 fundraising tips for smaller nonprofits
All fundraising isn't created equal. Unlike their larger counterparts, small and medium-sized nonprofit can't just raise money off of their brand. They need to do a little more work to get money from donors.

5 steps to approaching grantmakers (Nonprofit Times)
As most experienced grantmakers probably realize by now, there is a lot more to applying for grants than just filling out a form. It’s important that all organizations seeking funding understand the grantmaker’s expectations and priorities before seeking out an application.

6 Grant Writing Tips from an Experienced Grant Writer
(The Hubcap)
It’s time to get away from the idea of “annual support” when you think about grant writing. With that mindset, you’ll never land the grant you’re after.

6 items to include in an executive summary
The executive summary of a grant proposal often sounds an awful lot like a cover letter. It's true that they have their similarities but if you think writing a great cover letter will send you on your way to a grant, you'd be wrong.

8 steps to keeping fundraising sustainable
What's the reward for a successful fundraising project? The chance to embark on another one. It would be so nice to take a long breather after any fundraising effort, but that is not how the nonprofit world operates.

8 steps to winning funding
To win grant funding -- or more of it -- your organization needs a strategy. Here’s an 8-point plan from Barbara Floersch, director of The Grantsmanship Center in Los Angeles, Calif.

9 Fundraising Ideas for When the Clock is Ticking
Fundraising is critical to your nonprofit and you can’t afford to have unsuccessful fundraising campaigns. The clock is ticking and you need donations—and fast.

9 questions to ask when editing your proposal
Just as you wouldn't publish a scholarly article without review, you should never send out a grant proposal without first checking it for spelling errors and clarity.

10 rules to fundraise by
Many nonprofit managers have to wear a variety of hats. Executive directors often have to do double-duty as fundraisers, and development directors might find themselves working with volunteers.

Compelling Nonprofit Grant Proposals that Blow Competitors Out of the Water
Writing competitive nonprofit grant proposals comes down to how much time you put into grant writing. Creating a grant proposal tailored to the funder’s submission guidelines is an obvious necessity.

Developing a Convincing Needs Statement
What makes the needs statement such a crucial and interesting part of a grants proposal? This is the section that provides the grant writer the chance to not only spark the grant maker’s interest but also to prove without a shadow of doubt that you’ve identified a critical need and that your organization has the programmatic response that seems to be a natural solution.

Digital Download: How Does the Single Audit Affect Your Organization?
Organizations that receive more than $500,000 in federal funds annually must undergo a rigorous financial and compliance review called a Single Audit. This 14-page article explains the practical and legal aspects of a Single Audit and provides a variety of resources to help your organization go into the process well-prepared. $10.

Digital Download: How to Prepare a Grants Policy for Your Organization
Good management skills alone won't ensure excellent grant administration. An organization-wide policsy is essential. You must establish clear expectations and responsibilities, and articulate them in concise and unambiguous language. This 17-page article shows you how, and includes two sample policies. $10.

Digital Download: What the Executive Director Must Know about Grant Administration
Securing and managing grants is a vital part of the Executive Director's responsibility. But how can an ED assess the effectiveness of the grants effort, evaluate proposal writing, evaluate grant management, and effectively cope with the strings attached to grant awards? This 18-page article covers all the bases and provides 5 helpful electronic forms to help the ED keep the process on track. $15.

Eliminate the Headache—3 Grant Funding Sources to Help Your Org Succeed (The Hubcap)
With a little help we can achieve our greatest goals. At our nonprofit organizations we need a solid board of directors, enthusiastic volunteers and generous funders to help us achieve our missions. 

Enterprise Solutions: Grant Proposals
A business or organization needs to understand the formal process of writing a grant proposal if it requires funding to start an enterprise or research program. A grant proposal simply illustrates or describes the intended goal and what good it will bring to an institution or community. Therefore, grant writers need to clearly describe the individuals or organizations mission and strengths of the goal to ensure that it receives the appropriated funds.

Four Quick Tips for Board Fundraising (400 Words for Mission Impact/John Fulwider)
Your board can help raise friends and funds for your nonprofit four ways that take little time but can produce big results. Read on for four quick tips about using LinkedIn, thank you notes, your community’s service club speaking circuit, and badges—stinking badges!

How America Gives
A free resource that spotlights giving statistics across a variety of income levels and allows users to compare and share data about charitable contributions. It is an exciting new interactive tool developed to help nonprofit leaders and fundraisers get information about giving patterns in every state, county, city, and ZIP code in the United States.

How America Gives Special Report
Explore charitable giving in your state. Includes rankings and analysis

How to Fundraise in Unexpected Ways 
When a professor made a personal statement about his distaste for seeing a movie, he had no idea it would turn into a fundraising campaign. The professor, John Kessel, made the statement that people couldn’t pay him to see a particular movie.

How Your Nonprofit Can Earn 7 Times More from Online Donations
We know that we harp on the importance of your nonprofit web design. (But hey, this stuff is important!). Your nonprofit’s donation page isn’t an opportunity to be lazy. Using a generic e-commerce page can seriously cut down the amount of online donations your nonprofit collects.

Philanthropy Journal
Free fundraising techniques, tips and strategies for nonprofits

Pulling a grant proposal together
When racing to meet application deadlines, don't get stalled by the attachments. “Grant applications typically require a number of standard organizational documents,” according to Barbara Floersch, director of The Grantsmanship Center in Los Angeles, Calif.

Ten Ways to Make Your Grantwriter's Time Count (Foundation Center)
Allison Shirk, Freelance Grantwriter
The decision to use a freelance grantwriter can be a smart investment for a nonprofit organization, especially if it knows how to use that freelancer effectively. With that in mind, here are ten tips (plus a bonus tip) to help you make the most of your freelance grantwriter's time.

Tips and Tricks from the Foundation Side
The existence of a Program Officer within a charitable foundation's staff structure and the role that they play in grant making varies from foundation to foundation. While some foundations actively allow their Program Officer staff to provide technical assistance to potential grantees, others have their Program Officer(s) focus on technical assistance for grantees. While some foundations are happy to discuss potential projects via phone, others do not engage in any communication with potential grantees.


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