9 Questions and Answers to Road Rage

As in World War I, when analysis showed that ships sailing in convoy had much better chances of reaching safety, the Admiralty introduced a complex convoy system. As a driver, you know the road ahead isn’t always paved in gold, nor is it smooth sailing. Komando, Kim. “5 things to know before cutting cable.” USA Today. Nazi Germany attacks the Allied base on the Arctic whaling island of Spitsbergen, causing considerable damage. It’s unclear what’s causing the rise in violence on the road, but gun-safety advocates suggest pandemic-related stressors and record increases in gun purchases may be factors. Wyatt’s entrance music is so completely different from what one would expect out of a wrestling theme, a low-key, laid-back tune that wouldn’t seem to imply incipient violence. “Although guns don’t directly cause violence, they dramatically increase the likelihood that any situation involving conflict will be lethal,” said Brad Bushman, a professor of communications at The Ohio State University, who researches aggression and violence. For those players, you probably don’t need to change anything. Further testing revealed the presence of an acidic substance similar to vinegar and, after replicas were produced and filled with a vinegar-like liquid, it was found that they could produce a current between 0.8 and 2 volts. Significantly, most people with IED have been treated for emotional or substance problems at some point, but only 28.8 percent have ever received treatment for their anger. At this point, there’s no limit to the possibilities that the Internet will bring in the future. In 1943 General Douglas MacArthur complained, stating, “This will be a long war if for every division I have facing the enemy, I must count on a second division in the hospital with malaria and a third division convalescing from this debilitating disease.” MacArthur enforced anti-malarial measures, including mosquito netting, repellent, and the unpleasant quinine substitute, Atabrine. Allied supreme commander General Douglas MacArthur criticized: General Douglas MacArthur was supreme commander of Allied forces in the South West Pacific Area during World War II. Though sometimes ridiculed as “Molasses in January” for his cautious approach to battle, Krueger was the general whom Douglas MacArthur singled out to lead the ground assault on Kyushu, Japan, before the atomic bomb made the operation unnecessary. Marx, Matt. “Taking A Wait-And-See Approach With Disruptive Innovations.” Techcrunch. The rest of the speech should be positive and give ways to avoid these situations. The more traditional ways to find a carpool — through clubs, PTAs and other social networks — still exist for those who prefer a more personalized search method. You may have better luck keeping your slices firm and intact because the serrated edge won’t have any trouble piercing the tomato’s skin. Germany had trouble taking Norway due to bad weather, strong fortifications, and tenacious Norwegian resistance. April 14: Allied troops arrive in Norway to counter the German invasion force. These or similar innovations could disrupt personal training and other fitness related jobs, although there are some things a wearable device or app are not going to be able to do, like make sure you’re using good form — at least for now. Dust off your credit card, jump on the light rail, and begin your treasure troving at East Evans Avenue, working your way north to East Ellsworth Avenue. Unclench your jaw and relax your fists: Your muscles and joints can contribute to feelings of stress and anger. Japan also admonishes authorities in French Indochina to stop assisting the Nationalist Chinese. Authorities are asking anyone who had interactions involving a gun with a white Volkswagen Golf SportWagen, model year 2018 to 2019, on the 55 Freeway in Orange County or the 91 Freeway in Orange and Riverside counties to come forward. Iacocca, then executive vice president in charge of Ford’s North American Vehicle Operations, argued that between the Volkswagen from Germany and the rising tide of Japanese compacts, these imports would soon capture the entire subcompact market in the United States, and Ford should produce a car to meet these foreign challengers head-on. Purposely slammed your vehicle into another car?

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Most of us learned to tie our shoes using what’s called a granny knot, but all these years it turns out we’re doing it wrong, or at least we’re doing it inefficiently. Vichy’s minister of defense balances opposing interests: French General Maxime Weygand served as Vichy defense minister from June to September 1940. In that burdensome role, he juggled Japanese demands for freedom of movement in northern Indochina against strong U.S. To solve her rage issues that were manifesting on the road, Louise committed to getting to the root of her general anger. Just getting to work and back, I guess. Put extra space between your car and the one in front of you to give other drivers enough room to make unexpected moves. Because bigger meant better in the Fabulous ’50s, Detroit cars put on pounds and inches most every year, requiring ever-larger engines just to maintain existing levels of acceleration. To keep the side of the car as clean as possible, the designers integrated the identifying “Thunderbird” script into the rear marker-light bezel and assigned the front light double duty as an optional cornering beacon. Ford, of course, had fired the first round in the sedan-pickup battle with its Ranchero, built from 1957 to 1959 on the full-size Ford platform. Italy sinks the British submarines Grampus and Orpheus in the first Mediterranean naval conflict of the war. The Norwegian conflict included the first paratrooper attack (by Germany) in history, and Britain’s first major amphibious landing of the war (at Narvik). The real problem with the title is that it is no longer available on the App Store and the Play Store, due to the conflict between its publisher as well as Apple and Google. Other choices include the Boxee box and Apple TV, and small flash drive sized HDMI sticks such as the Google Chromecast and the Roku Streaming Stick. You may already be using an online e-mail service like Gmail or Hotmail, online office software like Google Docs, or storing your photos, videos or documents on storage sites like DropBox, and you just didn’t know to call it the cloud. Robot designers will need advanced skills in mechanical engineering, electrical systems and computer software in order to create their machines, which in turn will save lives. Corporate transformation — Adopting sustainable and efficient practices can bring companies competitive advantage and increased financial success. What is it, exactly, that Beijing fears? The answer is brutally simple: what the Chinese Government fears most; and certainly much more than global public opinion; is losing control. Public transportation: Denver is still playing catch-up when it comes to contemporary methods of public transportation, but the Regional Transportation District or RTD operates numerous bus routes and a limited light rail system. The fridge knows that your kids drank the last of the orange juice and that all of produce is gone or half rotten, so it passes along that information to your phone. The Riviera snuck past the Thunderbird in 1969, only to be slammed back in its place in 1970. Even as late as 1971, neither the fabulous boattail Riviera nor the new and outlandishly gothic Toronado could out-gun a five-year-old Thunderbird body shell wearing a year-old face lift. Even better, the L78 solid-lifter 375-bhp engine became a midyear addition. Britain uncovers the German Knickebein system when it locates a radio beam targeting the Rolls-Royce airplane engine factory and leading back to a transmitter in Germany. Bushman says there’s a body of research dating back more than 80 years showing that aggression is fueled by frustration. Special shore parties under the command of a beachmaster were responsible for unloading the ships, gathering supplies in organized dumps, and ensuring a smooth logistics flow as the battle developed. U.S. sinks Japanese merchant ships in the Pacific: Its seagoing days at an end, the 7,000-ton Japanese transport Kinugawa Maru lies stranded on the Guadalcanal shore. Their salaries were less than half of their male coworkers’, and at war’s end, female workers were expected to give up their jobs and return to domestic life. Illustrators often depicted the constructions as compact, but they were actually spread out and connected with tunnels through which trolleys carried troops and weapons.

Ford’s Bronco carried over virtually unchanged for 1989. It offered a number of powertrain choices, including a 4.9-liter six, 5.0 V-8, and 5.8 V-8 (all fuel injected), along with four- and five-speed manual transmissions, and three- or four-speed automatics. The multinational forces, operating under German officers, included French, Danish, Flemish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, and others. The RAF suffers its greatest defeat to date in this conflict, losing 45 of 109 airplanes while attacking German troop positions in France. On June 17, 1940, the loaded ship was struck by German Junker 88 airplanes near the port of St. Nazaire. The logistics of ship loading explained: Crammed with everything from stretchers to Jeeps, an LST (landing ship tank) brings in materiel for the invasion of New Britain, a Pacific island. Mortar combat used in New Britain: Swampy terrain and thick rain forest severely hampered mobility at Cape Gloucester, New Britain. 3 days: Begin your morning with prime rib hash and eggs at the Rialto Cafe (934 16th St), one of Denver’s original silent movie houses, then make your way to Four Mile Historic Park (715 S. Forest St), a former stagecoach stop that now marks the site of Denver’s oldest log home. On May 10, Adolf Hitler had his forces in the West — after months of patient preparation — launch the attack on France through the Low Countries and the Ardennes Forest farther to the south, which the Allies had thought impassable by a modern army. Estimates of children kidnapped from Eastern countries run as high as 250,000. Only about 25,000 were returned to their families after the war. The Japanese occupation of South Pacific islands had cut off Allied sources of the anti-malarial drug. MVE works toward vehicle efficiency rather than alternative energy sources. For example, MVE works with companies such as Alcoa and FiberForge on the development and adoption of lightweight materials for vehicles — a lighter weight vehicle equals less mass to move, which equals better fuel efficiency. It used almost every trick in the speed-shop book: stripped interior, lightweight fiberglass body panels, and a dual-carb version of the year-old “Thunderbird 427 Super High Performance” V-8, a big-block that shoehorned in only with considerable bending of front-chassis metal. These new materials would be lightweight and aerodynamic, reducing drag and increasing fuel efficiency. Smartphones, too, might share some of the blame for reducing in person communication. Veteran Ford designer Gale Halderman, who worked on every generation of Thunderbird from 1958 to 1989, recalled a general feeling that the Thunderbird had to grow larger, too, to maintain its position in the sales race. Cabs were a bit bigger, too, and four-wheel-drive versions got independent front suspension in the form of Ford’s Twin Traction Beam setup. The new Thunderbird borrowed nearly all of the big Ford’s running gear, including its all-coil suspension and even the front and rear sections of its frame. An upscale rendition of Ford’s wildly successful Mustang ponycar concept, it premiered for 1967 as a two-door hardtop in three basic permutations. Meanwhile, Ford was busy transforming the Ranchero into a much smaller offering based on its new-for-1960 Falcon compact. Ford spared no expense, whipping up rally-winning Falcon compacts, a sleek maddening Ford GT40 for international endurance racing, and big Ford Galaxies that claimed the 1964 NASCAR Grand National championship. The Ford Falcon was in production from 1959 until 1970. It’s notable for using the Peanuts gang like Snoopy and Charlie Brown in its marketing which doesn’t sound significant at first but it was actually the first animated appearance of the cartoons ever. British, Canadian, and (beginning in September 1941) United States escorts, at first pitifully few, faced aggressive and persistent U-boat activity. With colorful new styling on the basic 1952-54 shell, Mercury’s first wheelbase increase since 1941 — to 119 inches except on wagons, which remained at 118 — and a more-potent V-8, the ’55s couldn’t miss. And though not marketed on muscle at first, Mustangs could be pretty hot with an available small-block V-8, including a new 289-cid version with up to 271 bhp. The V-8 was a 330 pumped up to 310 bhp. Big-brother Bronco got some new dress-up packages for 1985, along with the optional fuel-injected 5.0-liter V-8 offered in the Ford F-Series pickups.

The FT-800 and FT-900 were tandem-axle vehicles with gasoline engines; the FT-8000 (pictured above) was a tandem with a diesel engine. Both gas and diesel engines were offered. These days, gas is a critical but controversial fuel, one that contributes to the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. The driver cutting us off in traffic becomes the jerk keeping us from getting where we want to go, which leads to frustration. Retailers are charged a percentage per transaction, a monthly fee or both, along with the cost of the hardware, which is much cheaper than traditional registers and card readers. Their efforts literally pay off – the cheaper it is to transport your new washing machine, the less you pay for it at the store. As a fun fact, a popular belief at the time was that the original theme was actually performed by Rage Against The Machine, but that was never actually true. September 25: American intelligence agents crack Japan’s diplomatic code, known as “Purple.” Along with Britain’s deciphering of the German Enigma machine, this is a significant victory for Allied intelligence. Winston Churchill becomes Britain’s prime minister when Neville Chamberlain, who was losing support in Parliament, resigns. British Fairey Swordfish torpedo bombers antiquated but deadly: The Fairey Swordfish torpedo bomber entered service with the British Royal Fleet’s Air Arm in 1936. Although limited by a slow speed of 138 mph and armed with just two machine guns, the carrier-launched biplane had much to offer. Incredibly, the bigger, body-on-frame Thunderbird still weighed 138 pounds less (in two-door form) than its unit-bodied predecessor. The procedure, which was called a forehead flap rhinoplasty, was kept secret for centuries and generally used to fashion new ears and noses for people who had lost them in battle or as a form of punishment. Mr. Potato Head had quite a few accessories, and people liked to put them in areas they didn’t belong, because it was funny the first three times you did it. GVA’s more recent data shows us that gun deaths and injuries in road rage incidents increased 98 percent between 2017, when 263 people were shot, and 2021, when 522 people were shot. Well, the Press Association reported last year that between 2007 and 2017, the number of traffic police on British roads fell from 3,766 to 2,643 – more than a third. Like ’49 Fords, Mercurys were treated to a new chassis with fully independent front suspension, weight-saving Hotchkiss drive (replacing torque-tube), and a live axle on parallel longitudinal leaf springs, ousting at last old Henry’s cherished single transverse leaf. One day Bordinat brought Lee Iacocca (then general manager of Ford Division) in to see it. He clashed bitterly with Lee Iacocca, who no doubt believed that he deserved Knudsen’s job. “The pandemic is in still in the driver’s seat,” said Daniel Zhao, senior economist at the job site Glassdoor. Stalin had to be persuaded by Georgi Zhukov and the General Staff that a posture of embedded defense was better strategy than seeking open battle against a powerful mobile enemy. Pontiac thought it might sell 5,000 the first year and ended up moving over 32,000. General Motors’ “Wide-Track” division was well known for performance, but it was clearly on to something new here. October 19: Some 5,000 seriously wounded German POWs and about the same number of British captives are heading home after the first British-German prisoner exchange of the war. After a little trial and error, Pascal managed to indeed build the world’s first mechanical calculator, which later became known as the Pascaline. November 8: Adolf Hitler’s annual observance of his 1923 coup attempt is interrupted by an RAF air raid on Munich. December 5: Some 350 die in a Japanese raid on the Indian port city of Calcutta. October 4: More than 500 die on the ground when the U.S. September 17: Seventy-seven British children, en route to Canada to escape the destruction of war, die when a U-boat sinks their ship, City of Benares. June 17: About 2,500 British troops perish when five Luftwaffe bombers attack the Lancastria, a Cunard luxury liner being used to transport troops. August 17: Germany blockades Britain, heavily mining its waters and vowing to attack all approaching ships, whether belligerent or neutral. However, though they sank hundreds of ships, the submarines were too few in number to achieve real victory. U.S. Marines shot down by the hundreds on Tarawa Atoll: Dead Marines litter the beach following the 76-hour battle for Betio (at the southwest corner of Tarawa Atoll) and its strategically important airstrip. Their war plants were bombed, their number of workers decreased, and their supply lines were gradually strangled shut. If the car in front of you has to stop short and you rear-end it, the accident would be considered your fault.

This program involved the kidnapping of “Germanic- looking” children and taking them to Lebensborn (source of life) institutions. Eighth Air Force had begun around-the-clock bombing — the British by night, the Americans by day — from the winter of 1942-43. The offensive was aimed at the enemy’s military-economic complex — the source of German airpower and the morale of the urban workforce. The Korean war limited 1952 production throughout Detroit, so Mercury built only 172,087 cars to finish eighth in the annual race. Business picked up with the end of Korean war restrictions, and Mercury moved nearly 305,000 cars, though it once again ran eighth. Testers even ran the air conditioning. El Camino payload capacity ran up to 1,200 pounds when equipped with a six-cylinder engine, or 1,100 pounds with V-8 power. The only items carried over from its previous incarnation were its standard 315-horsepower, 390-cubic-inch V-8 and optional 345-horsepower 428-cubic-inch engine. The ’57s were all-new, trumpeted as “a dramatic expression of dream car design.” They were previewed in 1956 by the XM-Turnpike Cruiser show car, which also had direct showroom counterparts in new top-line Turnpike Cruiser two- and four-door hardtops. July 10: Berlin’s Jewish Affairs Office proposes an emigration plan that would move as many as four million European Jews to Madagascar. Coasting at full speed is super weird and does not feel right at all, forcing the player to speed up to full blast only to jam on the breaks at most turns. A memorable highlight was Cale Yarborough’s win in the ’68 Daytona 500 at an average speed of 143.25 mph. Churchill confessed his fear that the U-boats might win. Its aircraft also sank 750,000 tons of Allied shipping in 1939 and more than four million tons in 1940. During the Battle of Britain, the Germans attempted to use the Luftwaffe to win a campaign on its own, as a strategic force. CNAV aircraft made some 35,000 journeys over the Hump, carrying 71,000 tons in July 1945 alone. On the first day of the 1941 German invasion of Russia, the Luftwaffe destroyed more than 1,000 largely outmoded Russian military aircraft — about 800 of them still on the ground. July 13: Hitler orders the annihilation of the RAF, which he sees as a necessary first step to any invasion of the British mainland. October 29: Dockworkers on England’s Thames River go on strike, forcing soldiers to pick up the slack. September 13: The Allies’ position at Salerno, Italy, is in serious jeopardy, as several German divisions come within a few miles of completely repelling the Americans and British from their beachhead. They have also observed, in the EU countries and Britain, the dangerous socio-political pressures produced by mass immigration, along with the divisive multicultural policies it generates. Yes, all these policies put China off-side with the rest of the world. Louis Mountbatten named Allied commander of SEAC: A great-grandson of Queen Victoria, the aristocratic Louis Mountbatten rose to military prominence during World War II as captain of the HMS Kelly and commander of the Fifth Destroyer Flotilla. It is believed that he asphyxiated on his own vomit following an overdose of sleeping pills. The British sink parts of France’s fleet in Algeria and commandeer French ships in British ports. December 28: Resource-pinched Japan begins an alternate-fuel program by which private automobiles will be powered by charcoal. These groups work with governments, private citizens, entire communities, corporations and more to help them combine environmental responsibility with competitive advantage.

But even if the other driver seems on the level, how do you know their insurance is up to date? We are not affiliated with any one insurance provider and cannot guarantee quotes from any single provider. Eggerton, John. “Biggest Subscription Video Provider is Netflix, Not Cable.” Broadcasting & Cable. Possible drawbacks to moving things off of a local hard drive are the security of personal information, loss of data if something goes wrong (say your cloud provider goes under) and loss of access when you have connectivity issues. These experts ward off data loss caused by malfunction and also try to prevent or mitigate purposeful attacks by hackers with malice on their minds. Nolan explains. “We released that sequence in IMAX theaters six months before the film came out just to give people a taste of what we were trying to do. I wanted to shoot as much of the main of the film in IMAX as I could. I love the idea of creating cinema on the grandest possible scale. We didn’t want it to restrict us,” says Nathan Crowley. The study, two years and one million dollars in the making, presents a detailed plan for switching our entire transportation system to biofuels. The museum’s IMAX Theater, located in the recently renovated Charles Gates Planetarium, presents surround-sound nature, science, travel, and adventure films on a 41/2-story-tall screen. The middle part of the screen displays the game grid on a three-lane road, while above and below are things like grass, signs, and miscellaneous roadside objects. But even before Tennis for Two, there was something called the Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device that was Patented in 1948. This incredibly large, closet-mounted CRT computer used knobs to adjust the speed and trajectory of an artillery shell that the player aimed at a predestined point on the screen. 1When you are not passing someone on a multi-lane highway stay to the right as far as possible whether you are traveling below the posted speed limit or not. The United States power grid is a tangled web of aging equipment, much of which dates back to the early 1900s. In many areas, it’s inefficient, unreliable and expensive to operate. Stroll through Larimer Square (1400 block of Larimer St), the site of Denver’s original community and commerce. But the very first vending machines were actually religious contraptions designed to dispense holy water in the temples of Egypt. It is as if the pandemic and the nation’s sour mood have left people forgetting how to act in public at the same time as they were buying millions more weapons. You’ll spend your time driving from point A to point B, occasionally picking up packages, assassinating other riders, picking up on circuit races, and performing style challenges. Now that you know how to get around Denver, we’ll tell you what to do, starting on the next page with special events and attractions. We can get to all our data online. Heeding U.S. warnings, Weygand opposed German bases in Africa, though he had equipment delivered to Rommel’s Afrika Korps. Some, including Slade, were ferry pilots, transporting military aircraft from factories to embarkation ports and training bases. B-17s bombers pound factories in Nazi Germany: Beginning in January 1943, Allied bombing runs focused on German wartime industries. Given the close proximity to the mountains and the acreage of parks and open spaces, there’s always time to reflect, rejuvenate, and simply take it easy. The Gustav Line was a series of concrete bunkers and artillery positions on the rocky faces of mountains fronted by a no-man’s-land of barbed wire and land mines. The U.S. Navy heavily mines the waters off French territory in Indochina. Thousands of troops of the Ninth and 16th Armies assembled and trained in the coastal region, horses were conditioned to travel on barges, and hundreds of troop-carrying vessels were collected in French and Belgian ports. American troops in Africa and the South Pacific battle malaria: Civilian quinine stocks are prepared in Washington, D.C., for shipment to troops in the Pacific. Africa and the South Pacific. May 7: President Franklin Roosevelt directs the Navy’s Pacific Fleet to remain at the ready off the coast of Hawaii.

In March 1964, Chevrolet announced that the most powerful carbureted Corvette engine, the 365-bhp L76 version of the 327, would be available in Chevelle and El Camino. 2016). Reality is Spiritual. We considered using their original “Iron Man” theme here, but we’re not sure how litigious Black Sabbath might be feeling these days, and we didn’t want to take a chance. “Iron Man” is definitely better, but thanks to licensing fees, when history is written, this will be the theme of one of the greatest tag teams in history. Thanks to high-speed service providers, ubiquitous WiFi and rainbows of sensors, our world is awash in Internet-connected technologies. However, after that opening, there actually isn’t a lot of depth to Austin’s theme, and while the harsh tones fit perfectly with his character, it really is just a repetitive beat for most of the song. Instead, they are only there in certain situations thanks to the scatters and feature set. Two-door models rode even lower now — 1.4 inches lower — thanks to a cut-down windshield and a fluid, semi-fastback roofline that did sacrifice a bit of headroom. With the Chevelle two-door wagon dropped for 1966, the El Camino rear quarters were now unique, though the new vertical taillamp design was shared with Chevelle wagon models. Totally fresh exterior styling gave the 1966 Chevelle and El Camino a new look, although they utilized the same basic substructures as the 1964-1965 models. There were 12 exterior color choices, 10 of them new. Kindle also makes its own multi-use color tablet, the Kindle Fire, that makes it easy to buy and read books, but also to do anything else you can on just about any other tablet. All buses leave the airport from Level 5, Island 5, outside Door 506 on the west side of the terminal and Door 511 on the east side of the terminal. Then a hoist lifted the frames, turned them over, and fed them to a suspended conveyor that transported them to final assembly, where they were lowered to floor level and mixed with Lincoln unit-bodies riding on special fixtures. In six-cylinder models — for the approximately 12 percent of El Camino customers who were buying them — the 230-cid job became the new base powerplant. But you don’t need to use a special tool for this job. Companies simply pay a host for whatever type of access and services they need. All engines now boasted fuel injection, but otherwise, the F-Series was little-changed after its 1987 facelift. Each of these cylinders would only take up half the length of the cylinder, so that it would only have to move half the distance of a cylinder in a standard engine, thus saving fuel yet still providing the same rotating effect on the crankshaft. November 7: The British Royal Air Force (RAF) bombs the Krupp munitions factory in Essen, Germany. June 11-12: The British Royal Air Force (RAF) bombs Italy, losing one plane while scoring 10 hits on Turin and two on Genoa. The first weeks of Churchill’s premiership proved disastrous for the Allies. As usual, there’s superb pretty absolutely only one bonus per household/IP intensively hurriedly address and the bonus has unusually little to be wagered 30x if you automatically demonstratively wish get let down to end point amazing a hot speech volume. People often have the misconception that if you blow less than the .08 that the police will just let you go, but they are wrong. When road rage poses a danger to you or other drivers call 911 or dial 411 and ask to be connected to the local police department dispatch. Buyers responded by taking over 301,000 of the ’49s — more than three times the volume of Mercury’s previous best year and good for sixth in the industry, another all-time high. Siffleet and two comrades were beheaded on October 24, 1943, at Aitape after natives betrayed them to the Japanese. Dont brake suddenly or stubbornly maintain your position in the overtaking lane. Stay in your car. Walnut oil penetrates the wood and can be used just as linseed or tung oil to keep wooden furniture and floors from drying out — and as it turns out, if you coat a scratch with it, the scratch will blend back in to the surrounding wood color.

As far as the writers of the TV series “MacGyver” were concerned in the late ’80s, a bar of chocolate could stop a sulfuric acid leak — and as it turns out, they were right. Denver boasts an extremely walkable downtown, coupled with free shuttles that transport visitors from the far west end of the 16th Street Mall to the east end, which sits just steps away from Civic Center Park and the Colorado State Capitol. Price increases for the option reflected the additional equipment. Quicker than you can say elapsed time, these smaller Dodges and Plymouths were the cars to beat in NHRA’s new Super/Stock class. By early 1961, the team had begun to focus on the 1964 Chevrolet “intermediate” then under development. It’s better to focus on the road. It’s a well-known fact that Denver is better known for its houses of steer than its temples of pho. It also makes it easy for people to travel light, or to share data with others. And while we might take much of it for granted, if you examine history closely, you’ll see that a lot of the current technology that we consider to be ultra modern, was actually first conceived long ago. Not surprisingly, perhaps, the GTO’s first challenger came from Oldsmobile, home of the Rocket, which announced its 4-4-2 package at almost the same time. Its 250-bhp companion utilized new cylinder heads and a larger-diameter singe exhaust system (with a dual system as an option). A heavy-duty fully synchronized Warner floorshift three-speed manual available with the 396s was extended as an option with other El Camino engines in mid ’66. In 1967, Ford and Shelby decided to add another Mustang variant alongside the company’s Trans-Am ready GT 350. Called the GT 500, the new Shelby Mustang featured a 428-cubic inch V8 engine and multiple upgrades to the exterior, as well as a few mechanical enhancements. Both were powered by Chevrolet’s brand-new 396-cid Mark IV engine otherwise found in full-size cars, the Cor­vette, and a mere 201 Chevelle Z16s. The former were the 120-bhp Hi-Thrift of 194 cubic inches and a special version of the 230-cube six with a relatively aggressive camshaft that boosted horsepower to 155, compared to 140 when used in the full-size Chevrolet. This amalgamation of the former 250- and 300-bhp engines was rated at 275 horsepower. Hitler faced a critical dilemma in the summer of 1940. Successful beyond his expectations, he wanted to subordinate Britain in order to prepare for conflicts with the Soviet Union and the United States. While there are some amazing newer vehicles on the road, there is nothing that compares to the elegance and style of a classic car. Though not a brand-new idea, it tapped into the spirit of mid-’60s America and would be the standard for every muscle car imitator that followed. And the muscle car scene was shaken up with the arrival of the budget-priced Plymouth Road Runner. GloriousBomb. The fact that it hasn’t become a theme for any number of professional sports teams is baffling, but trust us, that day is coming. December 11: Britain recaptures the Egyptian city of Sidi Barrani from Italy following a surprise offensive of 30,000 British soldiers against a larger Italian contingent. As early as 1967, there had been some consideration of an 85-inch-wheelbase car powered by something with less than six cylinders. These printers can make bobblehead toys, prosthetic body parts or even firearms. Dont engage with road rage behaviour by looking at the aggressive driver or returning rude gestures. Aggressively argumentative, and sometimes violent, behaviour indulged in by drivers when annoyed by other road users’ actions. The devices and apps can use the gathered data to cue you to increase or decrease your workout intensity, let you share data with other users for accountability and motivation and, in the cast of at least one company (GOQii), get you in touch with an experienced fitness coach who monitors your data, sends advice and responds to questions (for a recurring fee). Users access cloud services remotely via their own web browsers.

McNabb, Chris. “How To Reach For Cloud Without Disrupting Business.” Informationweek. Netflix actually began as a DVD-by-mail service, then moved to streaming and still provides both services. NCR and other cash register manufacturers may not have to worry about extinction, however, due to the rising popularity of the next item. They later recorded the song “Woodstock” to commemorate the festival, and for a while they rivaled The Beatles in terms of popularity. McDonald’s solo set included “I Find Myself Missing You,” “I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-to-Die Rag,” and the “Fish Cheer,” a song where he usually spelled out the word fish with the audience, but at Woodstock he spelled another four-letter f-word instead. At Woodstock, the band played eight songs, including “Spanish Fly” and “Rock Me Baby.” Hartley recorded until the mid-1970s, and today he occasionally plays with John Mayall. Sebastian wasn’t scheduled to appear at the festival, but he played five songs, including “I Had a Dream” and “Rainbows Over Your Blues.” In 1976, he had a number-one single with the TV theme song Welcome Back, Kotter. The band played seven songs, including “Waiting,” “Jingo,” and the 11-minute instrumental “Soul Sacrifice,” which was considered a highlight of the festival. Models expanded to seven for ’41 with a two/four-passenger coupe, business coupe, and wood-bodied station wagon. Intermediates were waging Mercury’s sporty-car wars, so the bucket-seat S-55 ragtop and hardtop were in their final year — and just a Monterey option package now. It was all about winning hearts, minds, and dollars, which meant having the best stats in car-buff magazine tests, winning races, and wowing buyers. Have we lost many dollars, Delano? Small personal computers have given individuals computing power that only used to be possible via the huge mainframes that crunched numbers exclusively in corporate, academic and government institutions. By selecting a day and month, ancient astronomers could turn a hand crank and discover how the planets would align across the zodiac on any given date in the past, present or future. Operators still selected 20 cars each day for road testing, and five of those were given a “shake-rattle” audit. The Nazis purge the population of the Majdanek death camp, murdering some 17,000 Jews in a single day. April 30: Carnegie Institute president Samuel Harden Church publishes a letter in The New York Times offering a $1 million reward to whomever can capture Adolf Hitler alive. The German cruiser Königsberg is sunk by British warplanes, marking the first time in history that a large warship is sunk by an aerial assault. To start the life cycle analysis of this furniture, look at the different materials that went into these pieces. The first functional 3D printer prototype was developed by a Japanese-based research institute in 1981 and it made use of photopolymers to create solid models that were built in cross-sectional layers. The full-size Bronco remained in a rut, as it once again didn’t see any significant changes — and hadn’t since 1980. It retained its removable rear roof section, which allowed the back seat and cargo area to be uncovered. ThredUP doesn’t provide pictures or exact descriptions of what’s in each box, but you will get info on size, gender, season and colors. Whatever the variation, two things will always remain consistent: the tolling of a funeral bell to get things started, and the fact that no matter which version plays, it will always raise goosebumps on your flesh. In the next section, see a detailed timeline of key World War II events during the first half of July 1943. The following timeline has details of these events and more. October 18-19: German U-boats attack two British convoys, sinking more than 30 ships. The Pascaline looked like a jewelry box with a series of dials on the lid. By turning the dials to input the required figures, the machinery inside the box would twist and turn in just the right way so that the correct answer would be displayed in the lids little answer window. I could breathe properly inside of it. If something goes wrong, the worker will be signaled to come and help so that the transaction can go forward. Some even have heart rate checking capabilities. They do things like track your workout time, steps (like a pedometer), distance and calories burned, as well as measure your heart rate and monitor your sleep patterns. Computers and all the things that have come along with them have wreaked havoc in any number of industries.

Chrysler led the way with its 1955 C-300, an inspired blend of Hemi power and luxury-car trappings that fast became the new star of NASCAR. Monterey’s purpose, as with the Ford Crestliner and Lincoln Lido/Capri of those years, was to stand in for the pillarless “hardtop-convertibles” being offered by GM and Chrysler rivals. So were powertrains, including Ford’s fine new small-block V-8 with 221 cid and 145 bhp or 260 cid and 164 bhp. Performance-orientated buyers were excited to learn that Chevrolet’s “big-block” 396-cid Turbo-Jet V-8 was now available for El Camino in 325- and 360-bhp versions. Both cars still received a single electrostatic primer, followed by a spray primer, then three color coats. Ford entered the compact-SUV arena with the 1984 Bronco II. With that, the F-150 became Ford’s base full-size pickup truck. Concerned about Japan’s activity in the Pacific Theater, Winston Churchill asks President Franklin Roosevelt for ships, planes, ammunition, and an American naval presence in Singapore and Ireland. July 18: Britain acquiesces to Japan’s demand that the Burma Road be closed to shipments of war material for three months, cutting off China’s link to outside aid. When war broke out in September 1939, Roosevelt’s attempts to aid America’s allies in Europe were blocked both by Congress and a majority of American citizens committed to the policy of neutrality and isolationism. Nazi Germany’s Scharnhorst wreaks havoc for the Allies: Commissioned on January 7, 1939, the 31,000-ton German battleship Scharnhorst prowled the North Sea with its sister ship, Gneisenau, through 1939 and 1940. The ships sank the British armed merchant cruiser HMS Rawalpindi in late November 1939, covered the German invasion of Norway in spring 1940, and sank the British aircraft carrier HMS Glorious and two escorting destroyers on June 8, 1940. Repairs kept the Scharnhorst in dock through the rest of 1940, after which the sister ships broke into the Atlantic, where they sank 22 merchant ships. After Britain’s declaration of war in September 1939, its citizens prepared for the anticipated German bombing Blitz (a contraction of Blitzkrieg). From the war’s first hours (when the German sub U-30 sank the liner Athenia) to its final days, Germany tried to cut Britain’s vital seaborne supplies. The Auxiliary Fire Service had existed since 1937, and by September 1939 it had tens of thousands of male and female members. In August 1943, the WFTD merged with the Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron (WAFS) to form the Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASP). Part of the effort to neutralize the Japanese base at Rabaul 220 miles away, the landing was spearheaded by the Third Marine Division on November 1, 1943, at Cape Torokina. I checked the pressure before my last big trip. After the war, Mountbatten became the last British viceroy of India, overseeing the independence of India and Pakistan from colonial rule. They were amateur firefighters recruited to work alongside regular fire brigades fighting fires started by enemy bombing. The full-time firefighters worked shifts of 48 hours on duty followed by 24 hours off, and they were joined during the particularly busy night hours by the part-time auxiliaries. Plus, WWE probably appreciated being able to use public domain music while they worked on modifying it into what would become his trademark theme. Lee was released from custody on electronic monitoring and is prohibited from driving a vehicle, among other conditions of their release, said Kimberly Edds, a spokesperson for the Orange County district attorney’s office. Your office printer automatically orders more paper when the supply closet gets low. Realizing that they would have to fight a war on two fronts thousands of miles from their mainland, America’s military leaders were determined to conquer Axis nations by creating and strengthening their supply lines across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. In late October 1943 and early November 1943, the Soviet Union’s Red Army isolated Nazi troops in Crimea and recaptured Kiev. These news headlines and images describe other important events of 1943, including U.S. It’s betting everything China has achieved since 1949 that liberal democratic excess will undermine the social, political and cultural cohesion of Western Capitalism long before it overturns “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”. Efforts to attack identifiable industrial or military targets could not be achieved with prevailing technology without a high cost to civilians.

The Delhi High Court has quashed an FIR against a man in a road rage case as the parties amicably settled the issue, while directing the accused to deposit a cost of Rs three lakh in the lawyers’ pandemic relief fund. And you probably have at least one in your kitchen right now.S. Take the high road and engage in polite driving. Among the various shirts, shoes, and codpieces were four examples of medieval bras that featured cups and were arguably of a better design than Jacob’s 1914 version. Spotlamps, outside rearview mirrors, and a tool kit are but a few examples. That said, it is nonetheless clear that from 1964 on, the product planners responsible for the Thunderbird were carefully watching the General Motors “E-bodies” in their rearview mirror — and perhaps paying a little less attention to the road ahead. I look in the rearview mirror and see some hag of a police officer throwing up her hands. The father of three pulled over to let the driver pass, at which point the suspect got out of his car and fired multiple shots at the victim, according to Oregon State Police and the GoFundMe description. The robust and proven Chevrolet powertrains to be offered in the new car would contribute the power. Also known as the theme that is played at more than a few high school graduation ceremonies, in wrestling, when you hear the iconic opening, you know that Macho Madness is about to get underway. The victim was taken to the hospital and is expected by okay. Hundreds killed, wounded in Paris by German attacks: A Parisian victim of German bombing raids lies in a hospital bed. Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston found that 40 percent of patients with bipolar had had significant levels of irritability within a one-week period. U.S. General Walter Krueger called a perfectionist: As commander of the Sixth Army during the war, General Walter Krueger directed 21 successful amphibious operations in the southwest Pacific, including the seizures of Leyte and Luzon in the Philippines. From 1989-1997, the Geo factory released a number of small vehicles as a collaboration between Japanese companies and General Motors. Called the GT California Special, the car borrowed heavily from elements of the earlier Shelby Mustangs. However, as U.S. infrastructure grew and improved, more and more people wanted to take their cars on longer road trips that could only be accomplished in a car running on gasoline. The U.S. not only wanted to drive ever closer to the Japanese mainland, but also provide the logistical support (fuel, ammunition, and food) necessary to keep its ships, aircraft, and infantry moving forward. Japan formally voices its objection to the American ban on sales of fuel, scrap metal, and machine tools to Asia. It also was determined that the Soviets would join the fight against Japan after Nazi Germany was defeated. In late September 1940 Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany signed the Tripartite Pact with Italy and Japan. Bulgaria postpones signing the Tripartite Pact. One of the dumbest things WWE did when they finally signed Goldberg (and make no mistake, they did many dumb things after signing Goldberg) was modifying his theme in a way that made it sound darker and even menacing, predisposing the WWE crowds to boo him, which made absolutely no sense since they were portraying him as a good guy!

Nocturnal Bastard ● Guy cuts me off then threatens me. Although the Soviets will lose more tanks than the Germans, they can replace them more quickly. Rushed into production — often at considerable hardship to civilian workers — factories contributed to a surge in the Soviet Union manufacture of tanks and weapons during 1942-43. Stalin had saved Russia’s manufacturing capability, which meant that in 1943 tanks and other equipment made up for the Red Army’s manpower shortage. In the midst of the euphoria of victory, Stalin traveled to the Iranian capital of Tehran for the first summit conference with his Western partners. By 1967, the Comet line started with a pair of very basic “202” sedans. A squarish facelift arrived for 1964, when S-22 was renamed Caliente and any Comet could be ordered with the outstanding 260-cid small-block. Flow-through ventilation, an innovation in 1964, was continued in the new generation. In May 1964, still early in the 1967 program, Boyer’s crew worked up a full-size rendering of “their” Thunderbird as a four-door hardtop, with short rear doors, wide rear roof pillars and “black cherry” paintwork. I worked summer jobs and bought it myself. As these endless combinations of products and sensors appear in our personal and professional lives, older jobs will be transformed into high-tech gigs, and altogether new careers will appear, too. Thibodeau, Patrick. “Walmart, jobs and the rise of self-service checkout tech.” Computerworld. It takes a special level of interest and expertise to truly rise above pretty much everyone else, knowing things about cars no regular human would even fathom are a possibility. Though military production continued to rise in Nazi Germany during 1943, the increase was much lower than it would have been otherwise. By the end of November 1943, the Allies had conquered Tarawa. By the end of 1943, the central Solomons had been occupied and progress had been made on New Guinea. John F. Kennedy. White Australian, New Zealander, American, and Solomons Islands civilians provided most personnel, but they relied on natives as spies, guards, messengers, and laborers. Meanwhile, the population everywhere was on the alert for spies, subversive agents, and enemy paratroopers. Pacific island coastwatchers help Allies: Working on remote Pacific island locations, “coastwatchers” reported enemy activity and guided Allied attacks and guerrilla operations. Iwo Jima: Navajo Indians radio a message during fighting in the Pacific. These preparations gave the French military a false sense of security. Norway forced into war through Nazi German invasion: Norwegian houses burn in Narvik during the spring 1940 German invasion. It will have to in order to recoup an estimated $150 million cost, but “The Dark Knight” is expected to open at No. 1 and could take in close to $100 million in its first weekend. The early ’50s also saw the debut of Motor Trend and other car-enthusiast magazines, the first of many. Divide $2.40 in half to calculate five percent. Continue to the next section to learn more about crucial World War II events in the second half of 1943. A detailed timeline of events from late June to early July 1943 is included. June 18: The British Royal Air Force (RAF) pulls out of France, and the French military hastily retreats from the Wehrmacht. October 4: With Operation Sealion temporarily delayed, Adolf Hitler meets with Benito Mussolini in an effort to enlist Italy to take on Britain on alternate fronts. U.S. Army General Mark Wayne Clark fights the Nazis in Italy: Capable but overly confident, General Mark Wayne Clark was appointed commander of the U.S. November 26: Pierre Ryckmans, the governor general of the Belgian Congo, declares war on Italy.

Smaller than even the standard 300-cubic-inch six, this engine may have been more marketing hype than fuel-economy help, but it showed Ford’s commitment to increasing gas mileage. Published road tests of the era indicated quarter-mile times of just under 16 seconds with the 325-hp 396. The 375-hp engine would clock about a second faster with stock tires and chassis components. Though that was shy of the Pontiac’s 325 or 348 bhp, critics thought the 4-4-2 handled a bit better, and it proved nearly as fast in the benchmark 0-60 and quarter-mile tests. Among F-Series pickups, only the F-350 was available in a four-door, six-passenger crew-cab body style for 1983. All 350s also came with an eight-foot bed, meaning the truck pictured above stretched more than 237 inches — just shy of 20 feet — bumper-to-bumper. That need only intensified after reports came in that the other U.S. It’s an easygoing, laid-back city that welcomes cowboy boots and stilettos, ball gowns or Birkenstocks, tuxedos or T-shirts. June 3: More than 250 Parisians lose their lives when the city endures an air assault by some 200 Luftwaffe planes. An ´82 F-series differed in appearance from an ´81 courtesy of a Ford blue oval that was placed in the center of a grille with fewer vertical bars. Rental car counters are located in the Jeppesen Terminal, on the fifth level, and all the companies provide courtesy shuttle service to their facilities. There are so many great options, and they’re just so much more versatile than a car. Angry drivers can come out of nowhere. Keeping your attention on the road and minding other drivers can go a long way in keeping you from being a victim of road rage. It lacked romance, but Ford said it eliminated driver judgment and saved time by keeping the cars closer to the repair stations while checking for defects. In keeping with the Thunderbird’s sleeker, sportier appearance, the three-window body style was again shelved. New for the Aerostar minivan was a “midi” version with a longer body. The 1950 models gained a hood-front chrome molding bearing the Mercury name; the ’51s combined this with a large semicircular crest and also sported more-prominent grille bars, larger parking lights (swept back to the front wheel wells), and longer rear fenders with rounded corners and vertical trailing edges. A new thin molding that edged a lower-body sheetmetal crease replaced the rocker moldings of previous Cus­tom models. The ribbed moldings had a black paint fill, à la the Chevelle SS. They must be able to analyze data trends and develop plans of action to protect every kind of digitized asset, whether it’s your online fitness records, smart traffic lights or your power company’s equipment. Hood scoops, spoilers, and stripes flourished, and new cars like the Hemi ‘Cuda, LS6 Chevelle, and Boss 429 Mustang, all introduced in this white-hot period, became destined for the collector’s market. It’s as if most every performance trend of the preceding 15 years had been leading to this one car. This article tells the muscle car story, from the inception of the breed to its near disappearance to its revival in the form of today’s road rockets. Simmons, Dan. “Will the smartphone replace the traditional camera?” BBC. Accordingly, the line was replaced for ’62 by a “Monterey 6,” and the name moved to Mercury’s version of the new intermediate Ford Fairlane.

Dealers pushed hard with two-door sedans, but Medalist sales came to only 45,812 in all. Prices increased only slightly: The pop­ular Custom V-8 model now started at $2,504, compared to $2,461 for the 1965 edition. This customized 1981 Ford truck features a blackout grille and aluminum wheels. F-Series Ford trucks had long received an annual styling update — even if it only amounted to a slight change in the grille — but that practice ceased with the 1981 models, which were virtually identical to 1980’s. By this time, the Ford F-Series was on a roll as the best-selling truck in the land, so there was little incentive to mess with success. The Meteor’s styling was busier than the Fairlane’s and model names were different, but bodies were shared. In this image, bodies of citizens wait to be identified in a Berlin gymnasium decorated for Christmas. More the ’59 Mercurys definitely had, with even bigger bodies on a four-inch longer wheelbase. The 1957 Mercurys did fairly well, but less so than the ’56s. The ’49 Mercurys bowed with flush-fender “inverted bathtub” styling like that of the 1948-49 Packards and Hudsons. Styling improved for ’54 via wraparound taillights and a clean but more-aggressive grille with larger bullet guards. The El Camino’s unique attributes were designed in a special GM Styling studio that handled station wagon development. Corporate Projects Studio under Dave Ash. The Internet began in 1969 as ARPANET, a method to link computers together for data sharing developed by the Department of Defense’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). Data security experts need to understand the convolutions of the Internet and protect connected devices from attack. For that, you can thank cloud computing specialists. Frankly, the Milion Dollar Man’s entrance theme could have just been a loop of his infamous laugh and we probably would have ranked it nearly this high. Norwegians refuse to surrender to Nazi Germany: When the Germans occupied Norway in April 1940, they showed off these three experimental tanks (never put into production) in the streets of Oslo. Ellsworth Avenue runs east-west and serves as the dividing line between streets running north and south. Performance was mind-boggling: 0-60 blasts of 4 seconds flat, quarter-mile runs of 12.5 at 116 mph. Bombing raids devastate Hamburg, Germany: The residents of Hamburg, Germany, had suffered through many British and American air raids since British planes began bombing runs in mid-November 1940. They were not prepared, however, for the payload that the Allies dropped on July 27-29, 1943. High-explosive and incendiary bombs dropped on those two nights unleashed firestorms that consumed nine square miles of the city in fire. As many as 30 British citizens and about five Americans joined. Although the Nazis made listening to the BBC punishable by death, even German officials were among the millions of European fans. The Nazis running the Theresienstadt death camp torture some 47,000 Jews, forcing them to stand exposed for eight hours in a bitterly cold November rain. November 16: Hamburg, Germany, is blasted by RAF bombers. When the air strikes came in August 1940, German bombers attacked London by day and night. Of the estimated 4,000 to 9,000 on board, fewer than 2,500 survived. About 10,000 were built, including versions that carried rockets, lugged up to 4,000 pounds of bombs, and acted as ambulances and photographic aircraft. Proponents of the performing arts get their fill of pop and classical music, ballet, opera, and Broadway plays at the Denver Performing Arts Complex (14th and Curtis Sts), the second largest in the nation with 10 theatres seating 10,000 people. 3 days: Hopefully, you’ve packed light, because you’ll want to spend a day shopping on Antique Row (400 S. Broadway), a cluster of 400 antique shops and dealers hawking everything old and vogue. Road Rage is a five reel, three row slot. Spin the reels at Fortune Valley Casino (321 Gregory St), the town’s newest gaming facility featuring blackjack and poker tables, video poker, and more than 900 slot machines. The Scatter symbol appears on all the reels. The Lovins built it as a bioshelter and home, and the structure itself appears in dozens of publications and television programs.

More fine shopping can be found at the Denver Pavilions (500 16th St), a modern three-tiered outdoor structure encompassing popular retail shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Opened in 1881, the original Italian Romanesque structure was destroyed by fire in 1894 and later rebuilt in Beaux-arts style, complete with a red marquee, three-story arched windows and 64-foot-high ceilings. Now, I say “port” despite there never actually being a Road Rage cabinet because it’s like they were working off an original project that never came to fruition. They’ve all enjoyed success as solo artists and have reunited in various configurations to record and tour over the years. Discover how it both reflected and influenced American society in the 1960s and early ’70s. The Incredible String Band was a Scottish acoustic band that formed in the early 1960s and later switched to psychedelic folk music. Lincoln also switched over to unit construction for 1958, hoping that a technological edge over Cadillac might boost languishing sales. Construction began in 1928 and the road, together with Chiswick and Twickenham Bridges, was opened in 1933. The section between Hanworth and Sunbury is part of an older route; before being widened and renamed Country Way in the 1970s, this section had the names Twickenham Road (between Apex Corner and Bear Road) and Sunbury Road (between Bear Road and Kempton Park). To best do their jobs, these workers need data, and lots of it. After a rain delay lasting several hours, Country Joe returned, this time with his band The Fish, taking the stage around 6:00 p.m. Fox, Susannah and Lee Rainie. Zickuhr, Kathryn, and Lee Rainie. Dozens of accounts have been written to commemorate Lee Iacocca’s foresight in pushing for production of the Mustang, the sporty compact that started the ponycar craze in the mid Sixties. Rainie, Lee. “7 surprises about libraries in our surveys.” Pew Research Center. The Hypercar is still not available today, but research continues through the spin-off company Fiberforge. In September, they attacked the whole military and urban infrastructure within range of German fighters. After you’ve purchased some of Denver’s best duds — Western or otherwise — you can put on your finest and head out to enjoy the city’s nightlife. The dash housed more conventional instruments but still swept into a massive center console, and the rear seats continued to wrap around at the outboard edges. Ask yourself, “How might he or she be feeling?” and “What if that were my Grandma (kid, spouse, pastor)?” If you approach it positively, this can shift your perspective and increase motivation to stop a negative behavior. We just might want to put in some in-person face time with some of them, too. They might cause disruption by being cheap or simple enough for mass adoption, and then, as is the case with most computing devices, they grow faster, more powerful and better over time. Libraries are even offering e-book checkout in some cases. By 1943 the United States led all other countries in the production of military supplies. Targeted attacks could take down the Internet of entire countries (see: North Korea) or, on a smaller scale, simply interrupt the functionality of a personal medical device, putting someone’s health at risk. Assuming a computer has to be a programmable device, rather than a device that merely helps you perform calculations, like an abacus, the history of the computer dates back well before the electromechanical inventions of the 1930s to about 150 B.C. Almost everyone associates the advent of video games with the release of Pong in 1972, but the very first digital games were actually created by Dr. William Higinbotham back in 1958. At the time, Higinbotham was designing simulations to calculate the trajectories of missiles and bouncing balls at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. Like the Mustang, this car was a marketing success in a new field. This period delivered to the automotive world such hallowed names as the Mustang, 4-4-2, Barracuda, and Chevelle Super Sport. Invesco Field at Mile High is home turf to the Super Bowl-winning Denver Broncos and pro soccer’s Colorado Rapids, while the Pepsi Center plays center court to basketball’s Denver Nuggets. Pontiac, having gone from staid to sassy in the late ’50s, kept spinning out variations of its 389-cid V-8 and then issued a “Super Duty” 421 for favored drag racers. A GT option delivered a firmer suspension for more-capable roadholding and a standard 320-bhp 390 V-8 for extra go. The mighty Street Hemi in intermediate Dodges and Plymouths was the recipe at its most potent. The name was diluted for 1977, when it replaced Montego as the sole intermediate line (including a wagon), with the XR-7 label reserved for a single top-shelf coupe.