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As an HSF member, your organization is eligible for a FREE 1.5 hour presentation from one of our training experts.  This is an excellent training for a new board, but can also serve as a great 'refresher' for other boards. This training is also available to agencies who are not HSF members for a fee.
For more information about this training, contact the director or call 402.441.4399.

Articles & Resources

3 duties for board members
The common purpose for every nonprofit board, no matter the goal of the organization, is to build and maintain a successful enterprise. The goal is met by board members adhering to a set of operational duties and responsibilities.

7 ways to set bold goals
It’s all about the mission, and the mission statement is important in articulating that goal. But a nonprofit must go beyond just the mission statement.

8 elements of building the best board
Board members come and go, and it is the responsibility of the governance committee to take the lead in identifying the skills the board needs to continue to effectively do its job. Once these needs are established, it's time for the hard part -- actually finding the right candidates.

8 ways to structure committees (Nonprofit Times)
It goes without saying that board members have many responsibilities. To ensure that work gets done efficiently, many use committees to manage their work. These recommend actions to the board, but do not act on behalf of the board unless otherwise noticed.

10 Ways for Board Members to Improve Their Nonprofit
If you’re a nonprofit board member, it’s time to think about ways you can revitalize your commitment in 2013. There are two ways to become a better contributor. #1: Better the board. #2: Better yourself.

10 ways to recognize board members 
Nonprofits often recognize the outstanding work done by their volunteers -- and for good reason. Yet many organizations forget to include their board members in these recognitions.

25 governance policies you need (The Nonprofit Times)
With all the regulations, requirements and reverberations, it can be near impossible to keep track of everything that needs to be done to effectively run a nonprofit.
Increasing the effectiveness of nonprofit boards of directors through governance consulting practices, articles, tools, and membership opportunities.

Board Basics
(Idealist) Multiple articles on the basics of a strong nonprofit board of directors.

Building an Energized Board
Building an energized board is about creating net positive energy for the board member, for board members’ interactions with each other, and for the organization

Board Governance: Molding an Effective Board of Directors 
How big should a board of directors be? Olive Grove Consulting's article, Is Bigger Really Better What It Comes to Your Board of Directors?, offers tips for finding the ideal board size to meet your organization's unique needs. Another crucial best practice for effective and well governing board is deciding on term limits for board members.

Board and Staff Responsibilities
(Free management Library) A table defining board and staff roles and responsibilities for specific activities.

Keeping Your Board in Good Shape 
A recent survey and report by BoardSource provides insights into the current practices and performances of nonprofit boards. This sampling increases the relevance of the report for nonprofit leaders around the country. The resulting benchmarks may be used by any nonprofit as “workout tips” to keep your board in shape.

Nonprofit Good Practice Guide: Governance
Issues such as board recruitment, ethical board governance, and types of governance models addressed through hands-on tips, articles, a glossary, and links to other useful nonprofit resources.

Nonprofit Indicator Guides
(Governance Matters) A reference table which poses and answers questions aimed at improving board performance.

Resources on board development
(National Council of Nonprofits)

Resources about diversity on boards
(National Council of Nonprofits)

Working with Boards of Directors
(Energize Inc.) Articles and book excerpts on the topics ofboard of directors and committees

"Youth Board Members: Can minors serve on nonprofit boards?"
by Emily Chan, co-author of the Nonprofit Law Blog, gives an excellent overview of the legal issues raised when young people serve on boards.


Free Complete Toolkit for Boards
(Free Management Library) Comprehensive advice and materials pertaining to Board Operations and Board Governance.


Board Café - eNewsletter
(CompassPoint) Free resources online, including articles for nonprofit techies and a very comprehensive list of nonprofit FAQs grouped in the nonprofit Genie section. Also numerous reports and research articles as well as publications geared towards the nonprofit sector.

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