An HSF Hosted Training:


Cyber Security 103: What To Do When A Breach Happens

In Cybersecurity 102, we discussed the two predominant approaches to cybersecurity - preventing a breach and preparing for one.
In the final Cybersecurity training, Kris and Joe will recap the user and organization best practices that can help prevent a breach. Then, they will answer questions about how to respond to a breach.

Since Sirkdot's primary experience is with companies that deal with HIPAA, Kris and Joe will bring a few case studies of HIPAA breaches that have happened recently and use those as a launching point for discussing how those breaches could have been prevented and the different ways organizations can respond if or when a breach occurs.

Thursday, April 27th
1:00 pm- 2:30 pm
Location: Region V Services - 1645 N St.


Trainer Bios:

Joe Willard
Joe Willard joined Sirkdot in June of 2016 to handle sales and marketing. He is an Ambassador for the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and a volunteer with the Lincoln chapter of the American Marketing Association.
Kris Roath
Kris Roath founded Sirkdot in 2010 after graduating from Southeast Community College. He has a passion for finding common sense solutions that are secure and affordable for small business owners.
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