Join Suzanne Tyrrell for one, some, or all of a series of 4 lunch and learn trainings on various human resource topics. These trainings take place the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of August and September over the lunch hour.  

Each of these will be great for Executive Directors or any management staff.  We'll have the coffee and water - feel free to bring you own lunch. 
Read below for more information about each training:
6 Common HR Mistakes Made by Small Organizations
August 10th, 12 - 1   | Region V Systems - 1645 N St.
In a one-hour "lunch and learn" session, you will learn what are the six most common Human Resources mistakes made by small organizations. You will also learn how to handle them if your organization lacks the resources and expertise needed to deal with employee issues. You will receive materials to take back with you that can be helpful reference tools.

How to Use Positive Discipline
August 24th, 12 - 1   |  Region V Systems - 1645 N St.
One of the hardest tasks for supervisors and managers is when they have to discipline an employee, either for performance or for behavioral issues. In this one hour "lunch and learn" session, you will learn a three-step process that makes this task easier for everyone involved, treats the employee in a fair and respectful manner, and provides a positive approach rather than a negative one.

Finding, Interviewing, Hiring, and On-Boarding Employees
September 14th, 12 - 1   |  Nebraska Extension in Lancaster
The task of finding and hiring new employees can seem overwhelming, especially for organizations that have no separate human resources department to handle this challenging and time-consuming task. In this one hour "lunch and learn" session, you will receive ideas to make this entire process go more smoothly. You will receive ideas of what to do to make this task easier, and what NOT to do as well.

Employee Evaluations - They ARE Important!
September 28th, 12 - 1   |  Nebraska Extension in Lancaster
It really is important that each person in your organization receive an actual formal, written evaluation at least once each year. The process can seem overwhelming to tackle and keep it going. In this "lunch and learn" hour, you will learn what you need to do to make this task simple and efficient. You will also receive instructions and forms you can use to handle this process starting tomorrow!


If paying by check, you can send in one check for all the trainings you register for.  Credit Card/PayPal payments will be taken as you register for each training.
Suzanne Tyrrell is the owner of Tyrrell Consulting, L.L.C. She is a consultant specializing in helping businesses and nonprofit organizations solve problems and run more efficiently. For 22 years, Suzanne had a business that did customized HR projects for clients and had operations in 5 different states. Prior to that, she was involved in the management of businesses for other people. This included serving as the administrator of a law firm with operations in 7 different states and managing the HR and administrative functions of the firm. Now Suzanne has turned that knowledge and experience into her own consulting business where she spends her time helping businesses and nonprofit organizations in all areas of their operations. She feels it is important that organizations maximize the use of all their resources, including their most important human resources, and that they must tackle their problems head-on and work to find good solutions. Suzanne has been a member of many professional and civic organizations, both locally and nationally, and has served on a number of nonprofit Boards. 


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